Elon on Bloomberg TV now...

I hope I can get a link to what appears to be an hour long exclusive with Elin going over everything from his childhood up to SpaceX and the Model S but can't watch it while at a super long and loud lunch meeting... :)

Watched the last 20 minutes...The video was on Bloomberg Risk Takers: Elon Musk... Always fascinating to see him profiled...


Thanks DeDe!!

I watched it live online, very interesting.

I had already heard everything, but it was a great nearly hour long summary of Elon's life.
'Thanks for the link.

That was a great piece. Thanks for the link. Each time I see a segment about Elon or Tesla, I learn something else.

Thanks DeDe for the link. Good luck with your cupholders.

@Froq...Ha ha!! Still holding out hope :)

I finally watched the whole thing, thanks again DeDe for the link! Very good watch and makes me feel better about my Tesla Motors investment knowing that Elon is putting so much of his own into making it work. If successful, and I think he will be, then I see TM becoming an Apple/Google caliber company in the Silicon Valley and I look forward to the future which seems bright! Elon went through a tough time and is stronger for it. When you are down, take a chance and pull out of it which for the most part he has done, then it should seem like much smoother sailing from here on.

Great video, Bloomberg should update it after the Model S is released and after SpaceX launches the Falcon Heavy into orbit.

Found these other links while fiddling around on YouTube, most of this information is not new to folks here but was interesting to watch again and did learn a couple new things

Q&A's with Elon Musk:

Beta Reveal (Pt. 1): Intro & Safety

Beta Reveal (Pt. 2): Performance

Beta Reveal (Pt. 3): Interior & Touchscreen

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