finale race:who will be first in EV-Mass-Market? Bluestar or VW's E-Up ?

I want to discuss this topic: VW will build E-Up in China:

Who knows what will happen in China? They have all sorts of projects and plans and initiatives and "cooperative agreements", but they have to face the same tech issues everyone else does. No one but Tesla has broken the 100-mile range mark.

And that little box is not a "bluestar". It might hold 2 adults and 2 kids, but no way is it a "family sedan".

Brian: Nobody knows, what the Bluestar will be!

It will definitely beat Leaf. That's the minimum they have to achieve. That VW is tiny, almost like Smart ForTwo EV.

I'm expecting something closer to sporty version of VW golf than Fiat 600.

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