First Model S speeding ticket?

35 in a 45
pretty tame and lucky! ;>

"gotta love government's ability to move at the speed of snail"

A short story regarding this: while I was into military I was in an accident driving an APC (a taxicab crushed itself to the side of my APC: I was slowly turning left to a forest road and it decided to pass vehicle behind me at that moment).

About two years later I got a message that I was not being prosecuted about that incident.

@Timo, LOL, we laugh to keep from crying!

Just want to add one more piece of advice. Don't get a speeding ticket... OK, obvious, but I'm posting this as an additional warming. I absolutely love my Model S and love to take her out, but since getting the speeding ticket, my fun level has been pulled back dramatically. Don't let your fun level get reigned back dramatically, it's super sad! :(

This feel's like a DirecTV commercial??

So is the world now safe from BYT?

Just got my 1st speeding ticket 1 month after taking ownership of my P85
Haven't had one in 15yrs or so.
Just Like BYT, 83 in a 65.
I was moving with many cars going the same speed on 480 north and he (CHP) admitted to picking me out of the group.

Hmmmm.... all the speeding tickets. The increased revenue should offset the loss in Gas taxes.

Fifth day of ownership upon exiting my front gate teleported to the stop light 1/2 mile down the street. Officer immediately pull me over but let me go with a warning after checking my papers. This incident has definitely tone down my fun factor. When ever I drive this car I still feel like a kid who just got the last cookie from the cookie jar.

That's what you get for travelling in bad/fast company!

I suppose I will just have to consider these fines as part of the TCO of the car

Has nasty downstream effects on your insurance premiums.

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