First song

Now that I have received my email to build my Model S, I am imagining that first ride and need to decide what music will suit such an occasion. Radar Love maybe? What will be your first driving tune in your new Model S?

William Tell Overture

"Ride of the Valkyries" by Richard Wagner

dubaty, just so I can have some idea when I might be recieving my e-mail, what is your reservation number?

And by the way, mine will be Ride The Lightning by Metallica.


Yeah, I suggested that as the b/g music for a drive to the course with your full foursome, all bags and carts neatly stashed.

I'll see your Lone Ranger Intro, and raise with the 1812 Overture! ;p
;) (Good workout for your sub-wumpers, emulating the cannon.)

My res# is P2198. I thought I would sign the paperwork right away, but I agonized for a couple of days before making that final mouse click. Now it's time to start prepping the garage.

Good stuff people, yeah its tuff. Being a tad older:

Drive my Car
what was that song in First Contact? i think thats it.
Or maybe Thus Sprach Zarathustra
Radar Love - definitely
Need a full play list, not like I am not getting out of the car too soon.
Thats it, I will make a full play list of the whole thread (maybe not William Tell...;)

What's your problem, Kemo Sabe? >:/

Tried to post yesterday and it wasn't taking it. Here are my songs in order of importance:

[1] Electricity - OMD
[2] Electric Avenue - Eddie Grant
[3] Electric Blue - Icehouse

Any other 80s fans out there?

One other I forgot - Heavy Metal by Don Felder (Heavy Metal Soundtrack) - still 80s!

@dubaty, thanks for the info, still another 1700 before my # comes up but they are farther along then I thought.

If you have kids in the car might want to play Watchin' All The Cars Go By by Keith Munslow. Great children's song (I think I actually like it better than my kids). Has a great ending where the kid dreams about growing up to drive an electric car.

You're probably never heard of it (but props to you if you have)...It's called The Great Escape by an English band called The Rifles. Give it a listen, if you're so inclined:

"Today could be the day you might make a change..."

Gary Numan - Are Friends Electric?

I don't have any E-specific songs, and I probably won't have any specific songs until that first road trip. I probably won't use the audio on my first local drives until I get tired of the quiet.

Once I hit the open road the "Tesla road trip" playlist comes out. Songs like

Fun, fun, fun
Little old lady from Pasadena
Rockin' down the highway
Little deuce coupe
My 409
I'm in love with my car
Surfin USA
California girls
Bohemian rhapsody
Flash Gordon

Good traveling music with a heavy dose of irony!

@Teoatawki I'm in love with my car, Bohemian rhapsody and I think Flash Gordon is actually "Flash" from Queen.

If you like Queen, then I think "A Kind of Magic" would be somehow appropriate to Tesla Model S. Not sure if I like the song itself that much for road trips. "We are the Champions" definitely would go to my playlist because that would be my state of mind in the car. And immediately switch to "Another One Bites the Dust" when I pass Yet Another slow driver.

Still, my favorite of all driver songs is Race from Flag-album by Yello.

At Last!
by Etta James

Dynamite by Rokstarr

Excellent choice! Not a typical driving song, but certainly one of my favorites and it would take advantage of the quiet in the car.

How 'bout we make this more challenging for a bit, and limit suggestions to jazz? From Satchmo to Miles to Bird to Ella to ...

How about not. You can challenge yourself as much as you want, but I will not limit myself to jazz.

As I said, "for a bit". Means "for a while", a short-term experiment.

But in fact it might be fun to set up 3 or 4 categories, and offer a suggestion for each.

Popular (even hip-hop/Rap allowed);

What about folk?

No longer a separate category! Have to squeeze in with the "Popular" genre, I'm afraid. Are there any current folk artists on the charts? I don't follow such things all that closely.

If it's in the charts, it's "pop" by definition. Are there any current classical artists on the charts? I don't follow such things all that closely. >:P

Actually there are long-standing and extensive classical "charts", with their own stars and superstars. The thing about classical is that it endures (almost by definition). But it seems the time for folk has pretty much passed. It was a Boomer-generation thing.

I guess Arlo and Leonard are still doing concerts, etc. Who else?

"Damn this traffic jam" by James Taylor would likely qualify as folk/pop,

I used to program to classical music. Besides the fact that I enjoyed it, I never got distracted by the words. The problem with classical music in the car is the dynamic range, which makes the soft passages drowned out by road noise, and your eardrums ruptured if you boosted it to hear the soft passages when the loud sections hit.

But this car is so quiet, maybe I could really enjoy some classical music in my Model S.

A few more:

Tesla Girls and Electricity by OMD
Anything by Tesla (the rock band from Sacramento)
Built for Speed by the Stray Cats
Rhythm from a Red Car by Hardline
Rockin' down the Highway by the Doobie Brothers
Oh Yeah by Chickenfoot
Blue Highway by Billy Idol
Baby You Can Drive My Car by the Beatles
Driver's Seat by Sniff 'N the Tears

This has been a fun discussion--I now have a whole playlist!

No Sammy Hagar fans?!!! I can't drive 55... all time favorite song.

my play list will probably start with "At Last" by Etta James!

Up tempo love song. Perfect candidate here for the exhilaration of Model S.

You and Me by COSMO; CD: Alone Tonight.

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