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We are in the process of forming a Tesla Motors enthusiasts club for full or part-time Florida residents. This will be an independent club not officially affiliated with or sanctioned by Tesla Motors, Inc. Currently the active members live in Sarasota or the Tampa area, so initial meetings will be in Sarasota. This is subject to change depending on the location of the majority of members. Although starting out as a Southwest Florida club, we are considering forming a Florida club with local chapters. If interested please email me at I will forward a survey to you to collect information from potential members to aid in determining the desired scope, activities and objectives of the club.



Could I ask that Jeremy, who wrote a message on January 4 provide an email address? He wrote about having installed solar at his house and I would be interested in hearing about his experience, but don't know how to connect and he is not listed on the Florida members list.

Bill Gwire

I live in Coral Springs res#4271 60Kw but without active suspension I might not see my car until May or Jun. Would like to be in the club. Mark Levin

e-mail Larry Chanin above and he'll give you all the details. Also check with the TMC site Look under community/groups for the Florida club.

Bill on Singer Island... Took delivery of Silver P85 yesterday. My car and I are available for anyone in the area needing a Model S fix as they wait for thier car :) b i l l at l o l a c h a m p c a r dot c o m

I got my Model S two days ago. I love it.

Hi Arni,


I posted your delivery photo of you and your Model S in our private gallery and our club's private delivery thread on the Tesla Motors Club (TMC) forum.



My Model S to be delivered here in Apalachicola this Wednesday.

Smwill97, congratulations! What did you order?

Just was notified my car will deliver between Mar 15 and Mar 30 Ready for it!!!!!

Getting Performance 85 Black/Black 21" wheels loaded.

Swysechoice, congratulations!

I am a reservation holder in Naples FL. Looks like delivery will be delayed due to red paint choice. Love to hear from other owners in the area.


If you are interested in joining our Florida Tesla Motors Club, please send me an email at Please provide your full name your email address and the city in which you reside. I will send you some club materials and a survey.


Larry Chanin
Founder,Florida Tesla Motors Club


I took delivery on my 85kwh in Feb. (I was 11,773).

The good: Love the pano roof; leather seats; acceleration; style.

Tampa service was excellent on minor stuff..they picked it up and returned it quickly. Mark--ex-Mercedes guy is very customer oriented.

Not so good: seats adjust according to pre-sets but mirrors don't adjust .. so they must be reset each time drivers change. Didn't realize auto mirror settings were part of the Tech package.

Don't love the suspension option. It goes to "Low" at speed and can't be adjusted unless speed slows. This may be good for aerodynamics, but seems to ride a bit rough. I probably would have eliminated this option.

Can't imagine why Homelink isn't standard when Yugo's probably had it standard.

Put me in for the "Club". Bob & Patsy Cooper Osprey, FL (contiguous to Sarasota).

Hi Bob,

I received your email and have sent you some club materials.

Welcome to the club!


My P85 blue,black leather,CF,21's,pano,tech was delivered to my house in Boynton Beach 3/13. I haven't stopped smiling yet.

Hi I am interested. I am in Jupiter, FL

Almost embarrassed to post this question, but has anyone had a problem with the positioning of the Florida SunPass to the windshield of the S. Got my S a few weeks ago and affixed the SunPass to it, but it doesn't seem to be read going through tolls. Anyone had a similar experience? Is it possible something about the S's shading at the top of the windshield is causing problems. No, this is not a belated April Fool's Day prank.

Bill Gwire


No problem. This was discussed at length on TMC. So far the best solution is to buy the movable SunPass and Velcro it to the back of the rear view mirror stalk. I've done it and it worked on my last occasion.

Larry - SunPass device doesn't seem to be read going through tolls . .
Bill, Larry seems to have found a solution. I enlisted "Plan B". I roll the window down and hold my SunPass device out the window, just above the rear view mirror. Pain in the butt, but works every time. I haven't dropped it yet :)

I have the original Sunpass (the large battery operated unit with the LCD and buttons). I have had no problem with it just to the right of the rear view mirror


"I have the original Sunpass (the large battery operated unit with the LCD and buttons). I have had no problem with it just to the right of the rear view mirror"

From my experience neither of the newer SunPasses, neither the sticker nor the portable, consistently work in that location.


@wgwire: The other solution is to purchase an external mount Sunpass (meant to be mounted to a front license plate bracket) and put it behind the nosecone. It's not available in stores, you have to order direct from Sunpass and have it mailed to you, if I remember right it cost about $25. Tampa Service Center put mine in for me and it has worked perfectly. If you're in South Florida I understand there are some tolls that EVs don't have to pay so you need to be able to turn your sunpass off, cover it with the special bag or whatever, so you don't get charged. This solution obviously prevents you from being able to do that, but that's not an issue in my area.

I just added the Plano roof to my silver 60kwh, air suspension and tech. I hope this roof is not a mistake in FL. I'm also concerned about roof window noise problems.

To. Bill on Singer Island,
Do you have pano roof? If so how do you feel about it. Have you driven in hot sun?

NancyD in Sarasota with a blue Model S, panoramic roof. Had it for 3 months and love it more every day. Am joining the club today. Great to meet some of you in Tampa for the opening.

I've changed my silver 60 to an 85, and added air suspension and a pano roof. I already had the tech package and leather with lacewood. I have been told that I should be receiving my car June 6 - 19. My number is 3613. I am psyched!

Received my standard 85, pano roof, silver, air suspension, Greg leather with lacewood interior. on Friday June 7th. It came two weeks early. I love it but it takes some getting used to coming from a Hyundai Elantra.

Jim, congratulations! I know your having fun.

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