Forum Troubles?

Is anybody else experiencing trouble when posting to the forum? I've tried to put in a reply on a topic for a few days now, but I keep getting a maintenance message and a reference to a spam filter. Any ideas what is going on? Thanks in advance!

Yes, I'm experiencing the same

I used to have that happen. It's some kind of problem with the account settings. An email to Telsa will eventually get it fixed.

Can you provide the appropriate Tesla email address? I didn't see a general / website email address listed on the contact page.

Odd as it seems, sending it to will get it to the right person eventually.

If you have someone in Tesla that you already communicate with, send it to them.

had the same problem and TM fixed it after several tries-
just send an email to the general adress and be patient

Quick fix: copy your message (or use the Lazarus FF add-on, which saves every entry you type), then go back up one level, and reselect the thread. Paste the message back in, and submit.

That might not work. Problem described at beginning is different than validation error, it acts to posts like they are spam. I had this problem some time ago and it could prevent posting completely to some threads or even to any thread for days.

Yeah, weird, considering that the actual spam is getting through again.

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