"Free" Model S: thanks Telsa!

Because I owned a roadster and had an order in for the Model S, Telsa let me buy 1,000 shares on the IPO. To be honest, I figured it was a crap shot and i had no idea where the stock would go, but I figured it would be fun to have some (more?) money in the game. After the IPO, I picked up another 4,000 shares after at around $19. Again, I didn't expect to make a lot of money on this.
Ha! Wrong. Now I'm sitting with a $300,000 per-tax gain and I'm thinking wow! That paid for BOTH of my Teslas! So, thanks Tesla!

Tesla stock paid for my Model S today also.


Was telling my wife today, our investements covered our purchase.

Thanks, Elon!

My stock was paid for at a higher rate, but I am looking forward to paying mine off, too!

We know that Elon is so confident that he personally guarantees the resale value of MS but I think that many MS owners (me included) got an even better deal: we have got a free MS by investing in Elon and his TM. Thank you, Elon!


We did much the same. When we ordered our
Sig P85 we bought 2500 shares long. Short time ago we sold our stock and paid off the IRA loan we used to buy the stock and the money we borrowed to pay Tesla in full at delivery. We had enough left to buy eight 19 inch rims and sets of winter and summer tires. All at no cost to us. Thanks, Elon. Life is good....

Tomas - good for you. So far I am up $130k pre tax... a little more and I can buy the second S for my wife or do I wait until I can also buy a X for the father-in-law? The shorts really help to fill TMs order books.

There was no point in thanking "Telsa", as there is no such company.


I think you'd find that Tesla paid for many of the early investors cars due to stock gains. I'm one of the lucky ones too.

Thank you Tesla - Waiting for your next vehicle.

Congrats to everybody here. Just be sure to sell and realize those profits, as they may go up in smoke as fast or even faster than they came!

During the last few months I have cashed in in excess of $120k from TSLA options. I am still exposed to about $63k in options that I micro-manage in those stormy times. Unfortunately I live in France so I need at least $200k pre-tax (33% tax + 20% VAT + 10% import tax) to buy a MS (waiting for the AWD sport version - yes, greeedy), without counting that I have to buy a $50k garage in Paris.

Yeah, wishing I had taken more advantage of my 1.7% rate on the car loan for my Model S and kept my shares too. Oh well!

Tesla is going down right now, but boy oh boy will they go up to $100 soon.

I "only" made 10k on my trade, because I only bought 200 shares in my brokerage account, everything else was already invested in something. If my 401k had been SDBA I would have certainly bought TSLA in that too, which would have been significant. But hey, I'm happy. Thanks Tesla!

bought at 94 today, what a tool !, hopefully it goes back up because im not selling no matter how low it goes

Soon it will be a good entry point for us who are longs on TSLA to accumulate more shares.

Just sold my options around 90 this morning. Ordered a P+ so the wife can drive the P. :D Thank you TSLA! Wonder when I should jump back in...

I too am up enough to cover the price of the car. Its only on paper however as I did not cash in and plan to stay in for long term - at least post gen 3 as I believe they will get there and this will be a multi-bagger.
thanks Elon and Tesla team!

My TSLA gains are large enough to pay for P85+ (stock and options) I am holding out with reservation until the SC are deployed - want to travel with my family to pick the car up at the factory and drive across the country back home using SC.

The coolest thing to me is that large chunk of my future Model S is going to be paid by short sellers :-)

So far I have made over 200k trading TSLA. I would have made more I had about 6k shares but sold 3300 to pay for my Perf S back in late December when it was 34/share, had I deferred I'd have over 600k. Oh well, having a 2012 and 1/2 Model S has been priceless. Thank you Tesla and all the great people who work there. Thank you Elon, George and the rest. Oh and I am not done yet! I will continue to trade the stock. Tesla has been great for me and my family!

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