I took delivery of my model s 2/11/13 and while I love the car I am ready to call my attorney out if complete frustration with the organization:

1) the car was delivered with only one key and repeated calls to get a second key have brought nothing but promises and no key.
2) the car was ordered with the super charging system and I was informed that while it was back ordered it would definitely be installed prior to delivery. As of today I still have no super charger and have not been able to get a definitive answer as to when it would be received
3) most important , the windshield has been coming apart and I have been told it will take 4 to 6 weeks to receive a replacement. I am now in the position of not being able to drive my new car for 4 to 6 weeks. I have been told by my Porsche dealer to contact an attorney and make a lemon law claim. I am loathe to do this, but I may have no alternative.

Here are the numbers for customer service. You can also contact your local service center via the web page search.
(877) 79-TESLA or (877) 798-3752

Just my 2 cents here but the windshield is something that's got to get fixed asap but still not sure how bad it really is. You said "coming apart". That sounds like you have giant holes in the windshield and if that is the case then it would be the first time. If you are just talking cracks then you must be venting and that's alright too. Just keep pounding for the 2nd key fob. The HPWC delay/backlog is a known issue for many many months. I also don't believe another automaker is a trusted source of advice. And lawyers, really? that's just bad advice for this situation. Every single person who's had a bad experience posted on these forums get dealt with appropriately that I've seen.

nickniketown: You might try Google Translate to convert your posts to English before you submit them

nickniketowm: I am curious, what is your nationality? What is your 1st language?

Nickniketowm is a 14 year old. Negative to the core. This brother thing was invented 2 - 3 weeks ago. A troll that loves to get attention. Ignore him!

I was told that the delay for the HPWC was due to a delay in getting UL approval. There's really nothing Tesla can do about that.

@aaronw2 | FEBRUARY 22, 2013: I was told that the delay for the HPWC was due to a delay in getting UL approval. There's really nothing Tesla can do about that.

They obviously have UL approval now since they are shipping the HPWC. I was told by a Tesla employee who visited the factory that they were actually waiting for the UL stickers to place on the HPWC and they had hundreds of units ready to go. I don't know what's true any more.

@nickniketown: This best car ever if me even minor issues in there. Happy disappoint you to but you are choices make sense to you and it is good.

Have a day and enjoy!

@nickniketown - I'll take it at face value that you want Tesla and Model S to be successful. So please try to contribute something positive to the cause, beyond the repeated "car bad, not ready, you fool". Those comments, and copy-paste of John Petersen's articles do not help much in making Model S better.

Gary, you have the right to be frustrated and not to be patient when you paid almost $100,000. There are no excuses for not calling you back, the missing second key and the damaged windshield.
The only helpful comments are the ones with Georg's e-mail address and the service phone number

etc... yeah, lemon time for MB and for all of us to acknowledge all the problems that their cars have. What a crock.

And i have to correct GeirT - NN is 12, not 14. He aspires for 14 someday.

Garyschaevitz. Sorry to read about your problems and dissatisfaction. I admit TM has to improve their communications skills and up their level of customer service and follow through. I would ask you to exercise a bit more patience and I am sure all will be rectified (not soon enough for you, I'm sure). I understand it can’t happen soon enough, and it is shame these deficiencies are spoiling your enjoyment of a remarkable car.

I imagine the replacement fob, windshield and HPWC are on back order and should be on your ‘due bill’ that lists what items TM owes you. One question, did you have a DS (delivery specialist) deliver the car to you? If not who delivered the car? If you did have a DS, he/she would be the best person to contact. If no DS, I would e-mail George B. and request some help. I would think the two people that can’t make this unfortunate situation better is an attorney and a Porsche dealer (unless you are trading in your S).

Regarding abuse. Tesla posters are singularly defensive, to the point of being offensive (myself included). I would agree with you, that not hearing from TM in 10 days on the fob is not reasonable. Personally, I can see the 4 weeks on the windshield as it has to be in stock for replacement and has to be trucked to wherever you are located. Also, the HPWCs are being delivered and are being filled in reservation order.

Sorry to be petty, especially with your wounds so raw and unattended. Porsche makes great cars but they have their problems too – I know, I use to work at a Porsche Audi dealer.I can tell some Porsche stories if it will make you feel better. I do understand your points, I grew up in retail sales and service business and treating the customer well is job 1 ! Designing and building an amazing car is job 2, and building a world class organization is job 3.

My best wishes for good luck and for speedy resolution.

I'm calling bs on this whole thread. I'm not convinced the poster even ownes a S. Lets take this to the secure forum to sift out the trolls

The bottom line: small volume car companies like Tesla can not get suppliers to take them seriously, hence production runs are falling behind and quality of suppliers have dropped. Tesla has some quality problems with all the regular car stuff. The software/tech stuff seems to be doing okay.

They just seem to have underestimated the difficulty of managing an automotive supply chain. For example, they still can't find a supplier to do a small run of vanity visors, hence we have the old Roadster ones. They could barely source basic parts. The stamping of the glass is another issue, as the rear and front windshields are all warped and really should be replaced in a nationwide factory recall.

Tesla's done a poor job communicating it's issues and resolutions to customers and deserves the blame.

That being said, we should stop drinking the kool aid and take a reality check. It's a great car. The technology is amazing. Sadly the automobile craftmanship is lacking. These things should have been worked out and the fact that promises are being broken is of concern.

Will that stop me from putting an order for a Model X? probably not. but if these things don't get resolved soon, Tesla's toast.

@rwang - I'm don't believe craftsmanship is lacking. Certainly, there have been some issues which have come up on a number of cars. However, over 4000 cars have been shipped at this point, and yet the number of people posting complaints are relatively small. Do you not think that early adopters would not have found their way to this forum to complain about it?

It seems more likely that the relatively small number of people posting complaints reflects the relatively fewer number of cars having problems. For example, my car has had *zero* hardware issues (well, I suppose the limitations of auto climate control might be a hardware issue if it is due to sensor location). True, I have had a couple of software glitches, but they have been minor, in no way affected operation of the car, and required me to rebooted the center console twice in 7 weeks. As a software engineer and with the expectation of the time crunch they have been under, I expected far worse. As an example, my Mac I use at work has had far more glitches over the same time period and we won't even get started about Windows, yet those have been around for far longer.

So, my own experience has been far better than I expected, and I expect that is true as well for the majority of people who are not posting complaints here.

Of course none of that excuses problems that people do have, and Tesla needs to fix them. From what I have seen on other threads, that appears to be the case.

+1 jat

rwang, if you feel the way you do, why are you buying an X?

I don't understand the windshield cracks. There are a handful of companies that make glass for all the auto manufacturers, so I can't see why Tesla would be more likely to crack than any of the other auto manufactures. I hope they are working with the glass company experts to figure out if there is something special about this case.


Tesla does not have the volume to interest manufacturers to make a shift in their line. Hence they are forced to do a lot of in-house production. The suppliers that have agreed to supply Tesla may not all be fully committed as these are really low volume runs.

From fasteners, to carpets, to glass, to accessories, this is the reason for the delays.

@david trushin @jat

I'm an early adopter. I don't think many people would disagree that the car is pretty cool from a technology POV. The interior craftsmanship is not at the level of an Audi A6, BMW 5, or Mercedes E class. A Hyundai Sonata is actually better built.

The gap between the panels, the quality of the interior components, the door seals, and other manufacturing areas all require improvement.

I think we are overlooking these because many of us would like to see Tesla succeed or we are too enamored with the technology. I'm just trying to stay realistic about what it is.

rwang. Sorry to disagree, I am quite satisfied with the fit and finish of my "S." The paint, gaps are spot on, the interior may lack the 'bells and whistles' but the simplicity and elegance has grown on me. I have high regard to the Sonata but i think you are pushing your credibility saying it is better built.
Just my opinion.

@nickniketown and @rwang, if you guys are so worried about MS "craftsmanship", why bother to come to this Forums to bash MS or TM. You should move to places of Forums where you can praise BMW or MB or Audi, or even Toyota for their "craftsmanship" (by the way I did own both BMW and Audi).

I agree with @petero. I took delivery on my S a week ago and I'm quite pleased with the fit and finish of both the interior and exterior, and I'm coming from a 20 year history of new BMW's. Maybe the interior is a tick below a new 5-series, etc., but I'm quite happy with it.

I finalized my order last month and am very much looking forward to delivery.

That said, I'm making the purchase with realistic expectations. Speaking from experience, growing any company comes with a host of challenges--many of them unexpected. I won't be surprised to face less than perfect execution in resolving whatever issues arise; and I do expect a few. I doubt it will be a poor experience, but warranty issues, approach to customer service, and overall communication are no doubt a work in progress. Unfortunately for Gary, his will be a learning experience for Tesla.

The Model S is superior to the various BMW's, the Mercedes and the Maserati I've owned over the years. I'm betting the few bumps along the way are worth being part of what could be an exciting movement towards luxury EV's.

Gary, I hope your issues are given the attention they deserve so you can enjoy the magnificent experience of driving the car you (I assume) once fell in love with. Good luck!

+1 jbunn

@rwang - there are no fit and finish issues on my car (I don't even have the water in the rear light assembly issue that seems to be the most common complaint among early cars), and I am totally happy with the interior as well (though I may buy the CCI or other center console, but that is just a disagreement on style vs function, not a quality issue) -- maybe you have higher expectations there.

@DonS - the windshield is rather different than any other car I have seen -- the curve at the edges (especially top and bottom) is pretty substantial (hence the complaints about distortion at the edges), which I assume is for aerodynamic reasons. So, I am not sure you can just go to any supplier and pick one up. The speculation in other threads, based on what some people who had cracks where told, is that perhaps the fasteners weren't all tightened to the correct level which put extra stress on the windshield.

Not trying to "one-up" your situation but my hood is defected. I am going to have my hood replaced. They are going to ship a primed hood to Boston and paint match to my car locally. I am not happy about it and I know it is going to likely take a while to resolve. There are 2 points I have taken into consideration. First, any early adopter or pioneer will hit a few bumps. Its should be expected. Second, I may be part of "working out the bugs" but then again I am not driving around another Audi, BMW, Porsche or Mercedes or any other every day vehicle that is over abundant and flooding the highways, I am driving something different and game changing.

This whole thread does not ring true. Every owner knows how to contact TM directly and immediately, and they jump all over issues. You cannot take delivery of a Model S without receiving this information. Something smells here.


And we're not even in Denmark.


I think that your feeling is correct. It will be in someone's wild imagination that TM has delivered a MS with the windshield falling apart.

@Pungoteague_Dave: I am a Tesla Fanboy, and I've avoided venting my customer service frustration in the forums, but having experienced a total lack of communication on what is happening with my car along with a lack of follow up on questions I have raised, I think this varies heavily by region. I suspect if I was close to a service center, all my issues would have been resolved by now, but instead since it is not convenient to get to me (300 miles from nearest) or vice-versa, I have been blown off. There were also countless minor issues with the process of getting my car to me. That said, there area no critical issues on my car, and in fact it works fantastically. There are a few minor issues that are relatively superficial, but nonetheless indicate to me that the complaints in this thread are believable.

Tesla has done a great job on the design and build, but anything after the fact (delivery, follow up, general customer service) are experiencing dramatic growing pains. I don't think suing is the right answer, and I do believe at the top levels they are very concerned about this, but there is not enough bandwidth to communicate to the customer in a satisfactory way. This is the downside of selling direct. You MUST fully replace the function of the dealership, and so far they have fallen short for anyone outside of the near radius of a store.

I hope that this changes quickly, as I fear they are in real danger of screwing up the ownership experience of the people who bought this car after the car of the year awards, which are NOT early adopters, and will have a very different level of expectations. As people have said, it is a VERY expensive car, and if you buy a very expensive car, the dealership will take very good care of you. This is table stakes, for the success of the new sales model. The follow on sales, and word of mouth is what will create the growth potential for Tesla, and if the experience is poor, you can be sure that sales will suffer. The clock is ticking.


Well said. You should email your comments to Mr. Blankenship and Mr. Musk for their awareness of the after sales issue and taking action to improve the matter.

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