GPS location of my car not very accurate

I just picked up my new model S yesterday and absolutely love it. However, one odd issue is that the GPS doesn't appear to be aligned with the map, so that it constantly thinks my car is off by about one street. Anyone else seen a similar issue and if so, was there a fix for it?


Might want to stop by service and have it checked out. I've found that the location is extremely accurate - even on the iPhone app where it will show the car exactly on the spot of my garage when it's parked.

lots of threads on this. could be the gps but seems more like related to 5.0 update. call service.

Just got our MS and GPS is dead on.

@Sberg, does your model S have the 5.0 software? Tap the Tesla T at the top of the 17" screen to display your software version.

Thanks everyone. Yes, I'm on 5.0 software and no updates are pending.

Also just picked up my car last week, have version 5 software and the GPS is completely unusable. I hope its software related and not hardware. Does anyone know if everyone on 5.0 is experiencing problems?

My GPS location is usually a block off (behind my house) when I'm at home. Keep in mind that GPS is not perfect. 95% of the time it is within +/- 25 ft, but that means 5% of time it's further off.

So many variables and so little time! The GPS satellites are always moving and so the accuracy will also shift depending on how many satellites are in view and their position relative to your position. Better GPS receivers can improve up this to some degree, and sometimes software can fake improvements. For example, if the GPS shows a car going through buildings at 65 mph, it's likely the car is actually on the adjacent freeway. The software then overrides the GPS location slightly to make it more reasonable.

I have 5.0 and my GPS is spot on. I can even tell which parking spot my wife is in when she "steals" to to goto shopping...

GPS seems spot on 90% of the time. Most of the 10% is when I'm parked in the garage at home. Car orientation is reversed and it shows I'm two car lengths away.

Still grinning! :-)

The GPS in our car delivered on Aug 31 SW ver 5.0 is crazy lost in the city. It's off by a couple blocks frequently, and the navigation gets further and further lost, until or unless we stop for a while. Then it slowly finds us again.

We use my wife's IPhone if we really need to find a new location, it's that far off.

We have exactly the same problem -- the GPS is really inaccurate, frequently about 1/4 mile off. Which makes it so that navigation is worthless, because the Tesla doesn't know where "Current Position" is. For example, we'll frequently be driving along on a freeway, and it thinks we're driving on side streets in a nearby neighborhood.

This basically means that we use our iPhones for navigation, instead of the beautiful build inscreen display.

This is a known issue with recent production cars. Much larger thread posted on this if you look down a bit. I am going to respond to that in a second (just got back from an appointment with Service Center).

Got my MS two weeks ago. GPS is abominable, occasionally dead on, oftimes wandering off by as much as a mile on a completely different vector, or moving on a vector that is different from its orientation. There is the occasional slow circle the car is showing moving in, pretty amusing when up == north is turned off.

According to the service manager, this is a software problem.

Or, he is trying to blow me off. Or both.

We're using Waze for now.

Here is a copy of my post to the larger thread on this:

Service Center Appointment Today:

I posted on this back a few pages -- had picked up my car about 2 weeks ago and GPS had problems about 20% of the time. It would occasionally just "spin" like a top and I would drive away from that location and it would literally show me spinning in a circle a mile or two back. It would at times also just have me a few hundred yards off to the side of the road traveling in fields, through buildings, etc...

I just got back from my appointment this morning. They originally wanted me to come in when a loaner would be available so today was first time open. I arrived at scheduled time and was told the following:

1. Is a known issue with recent production cars. IS A HARDWARE ISSUE with the gyro / accelerometer and its connection to the main screen / system.

2. They are working on a hardware fix and when that is ready will notify me (and I assume all recent purchasers) for an appointment to bring in the car and replace the hardware.

3. In the meantime they took down my VIN and are going to push to my car a temporary software work around that evidently helps with the problem. It is supposed to come this evening.

It must be exciting watching the map showing you doing 80 on residential side streets, and blowing through stop signs!

See the thread I just posted an hour ago about the fix for this...

I've had my car for about two weeks (on 5.0) and haven't had any issues with the map or navigation. I run mine with the map oriented to the car (not North up). Both have been dead on.
Is the hardware issue on all new production cars and I haven't seen it, or only on some cars?

In my case, the GPS location is completely accurate, but reverse address lookup is horrible - it thinks I am parked at the street behind my house.

I have had this same problem.

Here is a video showing how this problems manifests itself in my car:

Anyway, I finally got around to emailing about my problem. on Thursday night. Friday morning, I get a message in the Tesla that a firmware update is waiting. I let the car do the update and I'm happy to say that the GPS problem seems to be fixed. I've only don't limited driving around so far, but the GPS seems spot on.

More interestingly, Tesla sent me firmware version 5.6. So either they pushed it to me because I complained or 5.6 is being rolled out now to everyone.

I upgraded to 5,8, just assuming it was natural for everyone to do so (had my MS for just 2 months-so, I'm a newbie). However, I have noticed that ever since the upgrade, the GPS has a really hard time recognizing my location near my house (never had a problem before the upgrade. I frequently find my location 1-3 blocks away (just tonight it showed me going 90 degrees different than my real direction). As a result, my home link frequently does not show up. Last week my kids were LOL when they saw my car icon spinning around in my driveway when I was 1/2 mile away.

That is unusual. 5.8 had a fix for those that had that issue. Have you tried rebooting both the 17" display and the driver's cluster?

Not normal. I have two cars on 5.8 and the car location is accurate within inches. Both car and phone app.

I'm on 5.8 and the accuracy is amazing.

@tchsurg Agree with the above. As I said when you posted this in another thread try rebooting.

had same issue with 5.8. Reboot fixed it. Now more accurate than ever.

@tchsurg How did your reboot go?

He got lost. Memorial service Monday, 11 p.m.

Must be 3 forums away

After downloading 5.8 I have noticed that when using the navigation system the turn by turn verbal directions happen a little closer to the actual need to turn than I would like, especially in city driving.

@sccrendo Sorry to get back so late. Reboot went fine. Have kept up with all updates. Still have lots of issues with GPS. Last, while using the nav, it was off by several blocks. Still have lots of issues with it not knowing that I am in my driveway, thus home link does not show up (50% of the time). Not to be negative, but have found that I just don't or can't rely on it for navigation. Will stick with my iPhone. Will contact service also.

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