Dear Elon, 

Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday Dear ELON!
Happy Birthday to you!!  

We hope someone shakes your hand everyday and says "Thank You"
Thank you for your vision and perseverance! 
Thank you for your commitment to the planet for generations to come. 

Our wish is that your 'glass eating' years are ALL behind you and the years ahead are filled with fun multi-planetary exploration! 

We hope you know the fever is spreading and the Tesla Grin is changing lives! The thread below is one of my favorites. Tesla Psychosis- In a good way!

Have a Wonderful Birthday and enjoy your well deserved vacation next week with family and friends! 

With Appreciation & Gratitude,
Jackie and Phil
Model S owners 
TSLA stockholders
Future Gen 3 owners :-)

Happy Birth Day Sir Elon! It is a good day to die...on Mars!

I remember during my first 200 mile long-distance drive, I got emotional and wanted to give Elon a big hug! Wait, I'm a guy and we are not supposed to get emotional....This car is such a life changer. Enjoy your vacation and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELON!!!!

Happy Birthday to Elon!!

He has accomplished so much in only 42 years of life. I cannot imagine what the next 42 years have in store.

By the way, Jackie and Phil: thanks for starting this post!!

Hey it's my Birthday today.

Cool same birthday as Elon.
Happy Birthday!

Sig 127

Elon, Happy Birthday! Live long and prosper!

Mark Z - Signature P85

Happy Birthday, Elon! Looking forward to all you do in your next 42 years!

Happy Birthday, Superman!

I not look up to many, but you are definitely one of those whom I look up to.

*do not

Happy Birthday Elon!

Stay strong, you make a difference!

Greetings from Norway

Have a Universalicious Birthday, Elon!

(Usually I wish people a Photolicious birthday or a Modelicious birthday or whatever, but I can't fit you in a single category :) ).


Happy Birthday, real iron man!

Hapy Birthday to Elon..May you continue to disrupt many indisutries in the future just like Tesla, SpaceX and Solar City!!!! You're making the world a better place for all! Here's to another 42 years!!

Happy, Healthy Birthday Elon.

Thank You for your gift of
Brilliance and Perseverance
to all of us all over the world.


Happy birthday! Our hero.
Long live Elon!

Elon, yes Happy happy birthday. I might be late to the party lol, but here goes anyway.

Thanks for everything chum!

Yes. Happy Birthday, Elon! I am truly grateful for all that you have done and all you are doing. You have given me a hope and a passion that was missing just one year ago before I know of Tesla Motors and the electric car revolution that you are leading!

Yours is a birth to celebrate. Keep your moral compass; you probably cannot conceive of the number of lives you've touched. I can't wait to see what the future holds: electric cars predominate, solar power is possible for all, travel to Mars becomes a reality, hyperloops take us wherever we want to go...
You have done so much good for this planet and all life that inhabits it. I think you will have touched more lives than anyone else living or dead; and that is only looking at only your resuscitation and revolution of electric vehicles. I love you for that (and for your quirky sense of humor!) I wish you health and happiness.

Thank you Elon for showing us human kind still has hope. Happy birthday.

Thanx for the fish! (42)

Happy Birthday Elon! Your vision for the future is truly inspiring. My 15 year old son actually tweets quotes from you...he's a big believer!

Happy Birthday Elon!

Great job on everything!

Chuck and Jennifer Lusin

Happy birthday Elon. You're my only modern day hero! Thanks for having the vision and determination to change the world! And thanks for remaining approachable and not letting the wild success change who you are :)

Happy birthday!

It's the least we can say when you've changed our lives for the better, and are working to change our world for the better. There are few with the foresight, the fortitude, and the perseverance who can truly change the world!

Have a great day!

Happy Birthday Elon - I'll never forget your birthday as it is shared with my daughter who turned 15 today!

Thank you for changing our life in many ways.

Hope your day is as special as every day ours is in our Model S. Happy Birthday Elon!

Choots Humphries

Happy Birthday, Elon! And cheers to all the sentiments posted thus far. Not only are you changing the planet, but also our lives. Please, keep fighting the good fight!

Happy Birthday Elon, thank you for being passionate about your vision and hanging in there a few years ago when Tesla needed money to get through the tough times. Congratulations for all you have done so far and to many more prosperous and wonderous years ahead. Cheers!

Happy Day Elon,
Thank you for changing our world

Let them eat their oil, we will enjoy the cake!


Thanks for making a huge difference! Happy Birthday!

We here on the planet thank you and wish you a very green Birthday!

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