HOV decals

Has anyone applied for an HOV decal from the Florida DMV? The Model S is not currently listed as hybrid or low emissions vehicle on their website.

I'm also trying to find out what they look like and where I need to apply them.


Take this document to the nearest tax collector's/ vehicle registration office:

I was advised that, once Tesla registers the car in my name, they will issue a decal when shown this form. You may need to speak to a supervisor.

Did it work in Florida? My understanding is that if it isn't on the master list maintained by the state DMV, then they won't issue the sticker.

I got a FL HOV decal last week when I had to go in to my local tax collector's office to renew my Driver's License. It was like pulling teeth! I should have printed out the form linked above and taken it in with me as they were not familiar with it. I googled for it on my iPhone, and emailed it to the person sitting across the counter helping me! Then he was able to find the form on his computer, but had to get two managers and a supervisor involved to finally make it happen and I left with my decal.

Do I, as owner of Model S, fill out above form OR does Tesla fill this out?

I didn't have any trouble getting an HOV decal and after I obtained that there was no trouble getting the I 95 Express Lane decal once I had the HOV decal.Just make sure that your Florida vehicle regisration process has been completed and your car is in the Department of Motor vehicles system.I filled out the required forms for the decals.

I picked up my HOV sticker this morning. Once I got to the counter I had my personalized plate ordered and my HOV sticker in hand in under ten minutes. I merely handed the clerk the HOV form that I had filled out and there was no resistance at all.

The form can be found here -

can the form be mailed to the DMV?

In one of the threads, someone mentions that you should remove your sunpass if using the express lanes. Is this true? I was hoping that the system would recognize that new decal or cancel each other out. It doesn't seem logical since a lot of people have the sticker version.

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