HOV stickers CA (timing)

Did anybody get HOV stickers for your Tesla S yet ?
License plates took about a month, I was hoping to get the stickers
at the same time, but no...

If you get the paint armor, it covers the spot in the back where the back sticker goes but you still need to apply your own paint armor on the rear quarter panels yourself. It's a shame they didn't extend the paint protector from behind the back wheel wells far enough that you'd have space for the decal.

It took me almost 2 months. I got the car on Dec 22nd. I mailed the form and check on Jan 9th and received the stickers Feb 27th. The check was cashed on the 21st of Feb.

Adding to the frustration, I receive notice from the DMV that my plates were ready for pickup earlier in Feb. I made an appointment to pick them up for Feb 20th. When I got to the DMV, they couldn't modify the registration because some other change was made within the past 7 days (the HOV stickers?). When any change is made, they lock the registration for 7 days so no other changes can be made.

If you do get custom plates, you have to send in the HOV sticker form again to get an updated ID card. They can't print one out at the DMV for you or automate the process of updating the record that associates the sticker with your license plate. Your tax dollars at work.

2012-12-22: Received my car

2013-01-05: (Two weeks after receiving car) Received my plates and mailed in application with $8 check for HOV stickers.

2013-03-04: (Ten weeks after receiving car) CA DMV cashed my $8 check

2013-03-06: (10.5 weeks after receiving car) Received HOV stickers

Wow, take two month time to receive the stickers after mailing the application. No wonder CA DMV has not cashed my check after I sent in my application at the end of January. Keeping waiting...

CA needs to go the way of MA("EV" on plate) or Canada where they use green letters on EV issued plates

Tesla did my application at delivery on 12/15/12 and I received them 3/6/13, so it was 11.5 weeks for me. That's a lot of bridge tolls I could've saved on had the DMV been more expedient.

December 22 delivery and I am still waiting. The $8 check had not been cashed a couple of days ago.

After waiting and waiting, I realized that Tesla Motors never had me sign the REG 1000 DMV form. They looked it up and while the 3 month old form existed in the copy of their records, it had not been signed by me. My original check had not been cashed by DMV. Their suggestion: send everything to DMV as if it had never been sent by Tesla Motors.

I entered all the correct data for both pages of a new form by typing on the computer with a downloaded .PDF form. Printed it back to back and signed the bottom of the second page. Double checked and manually filled in any missing data that should have been printed! Put a small post-it-note on the top right corner to "Turn over for second page." Enclosed a full page registration copy. Of course, I included an $8 check. Put one Forever stamp on the envelope and then visited the post office for Certified Delivery. That sticker and postmark may have been an attention getter or perhaps the previously unfinished paperwork was in their system. The delightful surprise was to get the stickers within two weeks of the Certified mailing.

2013-01-15 Mailed application with check
2013-03-12 Check cashed
2013-03-15 Stickers arrived

The last time I was at the Fremont service center, I asked for some scraps of paint armor. I cut them to barely larger than the HOV stickers and applied them as low as possible on the paint. I used a water/ethanol mixture to wet the paint armor for install and squeegee. It can be removed more easily in the future if the stickers ezpire.

Car Received: 3/23
Plates Received: 4/16
CA HOV App Mailed: 4/17
$8 Check Cashed: 4/24
HOV Stickers Received: 4/27

Moving much faster - make sure not to mail the app until you have your plates (or you'll be placed in limbo).

BTW.... I drive the 10 FWY in LA...
HOV stickers do NOT help you in the FastTrak lanes...

you need to buy a transponder and incredibly you pay the same rate as an ICE

someone should wake up Jerry Brown


Just received stickers, 3 weeks after mailing application.

Definitely faster. If your title arrives before your plates, it will have the plate number and you can mail your app then.

If I buy vanity plates (which means I know my plate number already), is it OK to mail in the HOV sticker application right away? Or will I go into limbo because they know I haven't received my plates yet?

I had the same question as Xerogas if anyone knows? I ordered vanity plates a while back which probably should arrive soon. Can I simply put that on the application if my vanity plates happen to come before my normal plates from the dealership?

@Xerogas and @earlyretirement

I'm in the same position. My understanding is that if the HOV processing team gets to your application before your car is actually registered in the system with the vanity plates, they'll reject it and then you might not find out about the rejection for several weeks.

I was planning to just try it, but changed my mind and am waiting on my plates. It's been seven weeks and I haven't heard anything. How long have you guys been waiting?

so if you have a white'd stand out less? :)

how about some magnets and attach it to the sticker. so when u know when you have to drive HOV, you just slap them on and take them off later.

@colasec - ok that's what I thought. I guess I will just wait then. I ordered my vanity plates like 5 weeks ago.

@arc - magnets don't stick to aluminum. But I guess there is probably some way you can attach them maybe with some removable sticker.

BTW, I know a few people that used this to stick it to their back window. None of them have had problems at all. One Tesla driver that I know in San Diego even had a motorcycle cop give him a thumbs up when he passed him in the HOV lane he said.

Hmm, I already have my HOV stickers on, and no plates (and I have the regular non-vanity plates in my trunk, because I'd rather wait for the vanity plates to arrive).

Are you saying that I need to get new HOV stickers once my vanity plates arrive?

Quick hint is to call CA DMV and they will tell you your assigned plate number so you can file the application.
July 23,2013 delivery
August 5,2013 called DMV got plate number and sent in application.
Will update when I get actual plates and stickers

Car has to be registered with the DMV before they will issue HOV stickers. I got my 85 in a week and submitted my HOV application immediately. Tesla only submitted my papers a week later. Received my plates the day I got my HOV sticker rejection in the mail. So sent it back that day and got my stickers within a few days. They seem only interested in the car being registered and receiving $8.00 from you. Have been driving with a rear plate and put on my stickers as recommended. They really don't look too bad. Requested vanity plates April 26 and my postcard arrived Aug 1st. Have an appointment to pick up the plates at the DMV next week. I believe the HOV stickers go with the car and not the plates but will check with DMV next week. According to the web site if you sell the car the new owner takes over the stickers. You just have to submit a change of ownership form. I can't remember but they probably will want another $8.00.

@Xerogas - not new stickers but you do need to submit a form to change your current stickers to your new plates (and another $8). You don't have to do anything with the stickers themselves.

@panfireman I've been calling every few days. I also took delivery on July 23rd, but plates are still not in the system.

Why can't you still use the HOV lane without the stickers? All the CHP know it is a ZEV!!!!

Sorry, bdukov, but the law and CHP both state that if you don't have the stickers, you can and will get stopped and get a very expensive ticket. The CHP might not know or care what make/model of vehicle you are driving. Search these forums with and also at TMC for many examples/more info.

The stickers aren't for the CHP - they DO know what is and isn't an EV. It's for the public. Say you're driving your nice expensive-looking Tesla in the HOV lane alone and Johnny in his truck is ticked that he has to sit in traffic and you're passing him so he calls the police and reports a black car with a single driver using the HOV lane illegally.

Or maybe he flips you off instead. Or chases you down to chastise you.

We're dealing with the public here, folks. Anything can happen. The stickers should alleviate some of these issues.

Do the stickers allow you to use the carpool lane for on-ramps as well?

My CA HOV sticker timeline:
Aug 5 2013 took delivery (Van Nuys, CA)
Aug 15 plates arrived in the mail
Aug 15 mailed out application for clean air vehicle decals, with $8 check, CERTIFIED delivery
Sept 6 check to DMV cleared my account
Sept 7 decals arrived in the mail

bdukov, same time line for me also, took delivery Aug 3rd in Van Nuys, got my stickers today (I just mailed standard mail).

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