How is it?

Beside the fact that Tesla built an amazing car I want to know from the ones that took delivery of it, how is it? The ride, handling, performance, range, comfort, electronics and so on. In the beginning of any new car a person gets, everyone thinks it great but after a while they just want it to work and get them from point A to point B. There's a reason why Toyota Camry is number one selling car in the US - it just works. Of course, there's no comparison from a Camry to a Model S, hence is the reason why I'm getting one, but I would still like to know the opinions of the ones who got it already.


Let me put it this way; it’s the MOST amazing experience in a vehicle I have ever driven in my life! NOTHING can even come close, PERIOD!

Here is a list of some of my past vehicals...

-2011 Infiniti G35 convertable-spider (fully loaded)
-2009 Infiniti FX50s (fully loaded)
-2003 Nissan Murano SE (fully loaded)
-2003 Nissan 350Z (fully loaded)
-1994 Nissan 300ZXtt (fully loaded & modified to 400HP)

TikiMan | Thanks for your input. Most of my friends are telling me not to jump the gun and stick with ICE cars. However, I'm a risk taker and love new technologies. Like you, I had a lot of nice cars. 1) 2012 Porsche Cayenne Turbo (still own), 2) 2010 Porsche 911 Turbo, 3) 2008 Maserati Quattroporte, and 4) 2009 Ferrari 559. Can't wait to add the Model S to my garage.

No idea why your friends would be discouraging someone as obviously wealthy as you gooshjkc from taking "a chance" on a Tesla.

Archibaldcrane | My friends are the ones that are stuck in their old ways. They mean well though. The funny thing is when I told my friends I placed my order, they can't wait till I get it to try it out.

I suspect, goose, that they'll line up to get a test drive in your S and at least some of them will be wanting one of their own.

If you are accustomed to fine performance cars the Model S will not leave you wanting for anything.

Mercedes | I'm sure some of them will order one. On the hand, they're all pretty heavy ICE heads.

Captain_Zap | I got it mainly for my family. However, I need a little bit of juice for me so I opted for the performance version and all of the trimmings. It will be life changing, but looking forward to it. Always dreamt of the future just never imagined it would be in my lifetime. Now, in a few short months I will believing my dream.


Those are some super nice cars you own (owned)! I really don't think you will be disappointed even slightly with the Model S. It's the best of all worlds, and then some. The performance model is seriously quick, and will really take your breath!

I'll echo TikiMan's assessment. The S's drivetrain and handling and ride are so refined, and its performance is so dazzling, that it's hard to believe the S is made by a Silicon Valley startup and not some long-established German or Italian atelier. Why, it even makes negotiating stop-and-go traffic at rush hour a serene experience. Pointing it up a steep, twisty mountain canyon road...well, it brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.

No muss, no fuss: just go.

TikiMan and Stevez | By no means was I trying to brag that I owned some nice cars. I was fortunate for the Maserati and the Ferrari, which I got a great deal from my brother but I would not ever bought it new. I'm a Porsche guy through and through. When I first heard of Tesla, I knew I wanted one just never jumped the gun. Mainly for concerns that many have for EVs - performance, reliability, ride, handling, comfort. Now, after hearing from everyone and reading the reviews from articles I'm glad I ordered it, but only regret that I didn't jump the gun sooner than later.

I've had a '67 VW microbus, a '69 VW microbus, a Honda Civic Hybrid and my Sig puts them all to shame.

Okay, I've also had a slew of Infiniti's; 3 different Q45's, a G35, the old SUV model, and another one AND my S embarrasses them all.

My 3+ year wait was worth it. My deposit was made in August '09 and it has been a looooong time coming. For you folks still waiting, do be patient; I'd be very surprised if you are disappointed. If you are, I'm sure there are many who would buy it from you.

The Model S is the closest thing to a sporty high performance touring car I have experienced in ages. It has cool fringe techie benefits that are not cumbersome as an extra. The car is a bargain when I compare it to some other cars I have had. I consider it to be an early adopter discount since we are all making a contribution to its development in a way.

I'm wearing a big Tesla grin and my V-12 is starting to weep.

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