I can't wait until a dual-motor AWD S is in my garage

I know there has been no announcement of this version of an S, but it makes sense that one is coming. Elon has stated that people are going to be very surprised how well the X handles. The dual motors can communicate and send torque to each of the 4 wheels within 30 milliseconds. This is far quicker than a mechanical system used in other AWD cars.

So imagine the benefits of adding a front motor to the S. First of all it will fit nicely in the "tunnel" part of the frunk. It will dramatically improve handling. Could it have the best skidpad rating of any sedan on the road? Rivaling some of the best sports cars? Also acceleration would seem to be much quicker. Could we see 0-60 below 3.5 seconds? Seems plausible. That is a car I would love to get on the track.

I have a buddy that works there. He's not a good liar. I pressed him on a dual motor AWD car and he didn't give it up, but I could read it on his face. It's coming. Might be a supercar version only, but it's coming.


The ideal setup would be four motors, no? That would rock.

I spoke with one of the senior folks from HQ at the recent "Tesla Tech Talk" and after discussing MS vs MX and my strong desire for AWD due to my driving circumstances I was told to expect AWD on the MS before the release of the MX. I was told that it's not a set timeframe yet but later this year or early 2014 was very, very likely. Good enough for me to sit tight and get what promises to be an amazing machine!!

I picked up my 60kWh at the factory in January. There was an original red (only made for the Signature series) car that was attended by about 12 people and slowing down the line - I was not supposed to see this. It had an engine in the front, as well as the rear. To me this means Tesla has built such a car and probably tested it somewhere. I have been waiting for some type of rumor or test announcement, but heard nothing.

maybe I just don't understand, but how do you know it had 2 engines? Did you see different frunk or did you see it from beneath?

That would be awesome. My only main issue with my Model S is that I miss AWD very much. I guess my next car will be an AWD Model S Performance Plus with the cold weather package. Please Tesla!

I live in Maryland and currently drive a Mercedes E550 with 4MATIC. Living in the East Coast I can't imagine owning a car without AWD.

If you look at E class and S class sales well over half all vehicles are sold with AWD and the new Mercedes AMG vehicles all have AWD by default. This is not some luxury but a necessity for people who have to live with snow and ice for months and have to go up and down snow covered driveways and hills on cold months.

I just can't understand why such an amazing car lacks this critical feature. I'm about to replace my car and the upcoming redesigned 2014 S class looks very appealing and I will likely purchase one with AWD but if Tesla offered the Model S with AWD I would instead purchase a Model S with AWD.

I live in a 1940s house and my garage would not accommodate the fance doors of the MX so MS is the only option for me and I've been so disappointing with the lack of availability of AWD in the MS.

If and when Tesla offers a MS with AWD I think they will be very pleased with the sales and discover why Mercedes now offers AWD across their entire model range and why AWD is pretty much standard on all their V8 and AMG vehicles.

Come on Tesla. Add AWD to the MS so I can buy my favorite car in the world!

Great. I read this 48 hours before my P85+ gets delivered.... Oh well. I can still drive the Tesla with snow tires most days, and I will have my Jeep available for when it is actually snowing....

Could have been a test mule for the MX AWD system.

I can see how ICE cars may NEED AWD because of weight distribution imbalances, but have you people (that haven't driven a Model S yet, let alone in the snow) thought about the fact that the weight of the Model S makes an very low center of gravity, and may be a lot more evenly distributed to make AWD less needed than in an ICE?

an = a

rdalcanto: I guess your feeling how I felt when I got my p85 and I missed it for couple of days for the plus +.

Do you think that the front engine could be retrofit onto the existing MS? Easily enough so it could be something that Tesla Service might offer?

Retrofit? No way.

+1 cloroxbb.

I also picked my car up in late January and they were in fact working on something we were told was "top secret" on a parallel line. I think it was red, and we could see the car very close up. It was in a state of assembly that a trained eye likely could have identified a second motor, but frankly to me (a consumer and enthusiast, but not an expert) it looked exactly like any other MS on the line. It is highly probable that this was in fact an AWD mule. Our tour guide was excited for us, as he kept telling us we were seeing something no one else had seen.

Was told by a Tesla Exec that an AWD Model S would not happen until after the X as it would defeat the purpose of Tesla offering the X with AWD as a lure to some customers. Also he said that they would have to redesign large portions of the car and the factory was running efficiently and that the primary focus was on getting the right hand model ready to go. Don't want to bring bad news but I hope this helps!

Trust me, Cloroxbb. No way anyone is making it up the road to my house, 10-14% grade, covered in snow and ice, without Blizzacks AND AWD. But I've been thinking about it, and when it is snowing hard, I don't want to take a $100K vehicle on the road anyway. Better that someone slide into my Jeep and damage that....

I am excited about AWD S for the performance aspects. An AWD Model S would corner amazingly well. It would also have quicker acceleration

I am holding out for the AWD MS before I place an order. I am not quite sold on the MX. I definitely prefer AWD not only for the performance aspects, but also for the ability to cross mountain passes in the winter without having to stop and chain up (or buy snow/traction tires). Hopefully, we all won't have to hold out for too long.

Anyone claiming weight distribution or traction control is all you need to deal with snow has likely not driven a rear wheel drive car in snow and ice covered roads. It is an embarrassing and futile disaster. It makes you look like an idiot when you are stranded spinning your wheels.

No amount of weight distribution can defeat the laws of physics. If you live in parts of the country with wintry weather, it is a fact that you will have to deal with snow and sleet and after having owned rear wheel drive vehicles, I decided I'll never do that again.

Perhaps it is the California mindset of where the vehicle is built but AWD is a must for large parts of the country. There is a reason more than 50% of Mercedes vehicles are sold with AWD.

I look forward to purchasing a MS when it is offered with AWD but it looks like in the meantime I'll be looking at getting a S550 with 4MATIC to replace my E550.

Hey WEB SRFR, take a look at the Youtube videos of Model S driving in snow and ice in Canada and Norway. Performs very well, much better than gas cars. Of course good winter tires are necessary. The Pirelli tires offered by TM get rave reviews on tire review sites. Tesla also sells chains, and has a winter package coming on for N. European deliveries. Most of the reports have been very, very positive, even surprised, at how well the Model S performs in snow and ice, even without the winter package.

@imherkimer: the winter package does not seem to affect traction/tires

+cloroxbb You're right but not even all ICE cars need all wheel drive. GT-R and some Porsche have it but M's, AMG's, Corvettes and even F1's don't.

I'm sorry but AWD is NOT a substitute for proper winter tires.

WEB_SRFR - You really need to drive a MS or a Roadster in the winter before commenting. Or at least read the MANY reports from those that have. They are NOT like the rear wheel drive you're used to. Then again, just about any modern (5 -10 years old?) rear wheel drive car with proper winter tires will likely do as well as my 10 year old AWD Subaru. Yes, modern traction control systems are THAT good and the Tesla traction control is even THAT much better than the others.

Going back to my comment about how unlikely a retrofit of the front engine would be. I would assume such a vehicle would have to be tested in that configuration by the NHTSA. Therefore it would be highly unlikely Tesla would be willing to install one after the fact.


Rmanulkin- 4 motors is a bad idea. 4 motors, 4 inverters, four times as much power feeder, plus integration volume subtracted from battery pack, and throttle control to 4 points instead of one.

RWD is the simplest possible- one motor, one gearbox, and differential. Easy.

AWD in a model S would change the config of the frame/battery pack which would change the safety score, so hard to see how they could do it prior to homologating the Model X.

Would love to see AWD on the S and the rear wheel drive is one of the things holding me back. My current vehicle is a BMW xDrive, and I must say goneskiian, I had a brand new BMW loaner this winter with rear wheel drive and the difference is HUGE on icy roads, both cornering and straight.

They have also indicated they don't want to cannibalize MX AWD sales. First things first.

I was looking up something Tesla-related recently, and stumbled on a job posting looking for someone to help them manufacture the 'AWD version of the Model S,' or something to that effect. It sounded like it was happening soon. Can't find the posting now but I bet some googling could turn it up. It was pretty clear, really no mistaking it. I was going to post it to the forum but decided I was going Tesla-crazy and needed a break.

I had my S550 4Matic for one winter before trading it for the Model S. Granted I was using the stock all season tires, but in a mild Chicago winter, I would have either had to get snow tires to try them or get rid of the car before next winter, because I had several very scary experiences where the handling in snow/ice was ridiculously bad.

Reading the Chicago subforum here about people's winter driving experiences was enough to convince me that the rear wheel drive was going to be ok, and better than my last RWD car, the 750IL.

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