ICE equivalent of the Model S

What would you say is the ICE equivalent of the Model S, standard version with the 85 kWh battery?

I live in Sweden and I intend to let my company own the Model S and let me drive it. When I do so I have to pay tax for my right to use the car for personal driving. Here in Sweden, every car is assigned a taxation value that's used to calculate how much tax you have to pay. The taxation value depends on the price of the car. To promote the use of electrical cars in Sweden, the law says that if you're using an electrical car you should first find out a comparable ICE car and use the price of that car instead when calculating the taxation value.

So, what car would that be? This should be a car that looks and functions just like the Model S, except for the EV drive. It should be a sedan of equal size, standard and have the same amount of options. I suppose that the power of the engine should be similar as well, but not necessarily the acceleration.

For most other EV cars it's probably a lot easier to find a similar ICE car since the car manufacturer usually has an ICE version that's exactly the same, but since Tesla don't make any ICE cars the Model S has to be compared to an ICE car from another manufacturer.

I don't think you can compare the roadster, which was a speciality car made in limited production. The costs of producing it from the Lotus base were much higher.

There just isn't going to be a close match. I still stand by the BMW 535 as being reasonably comparable in engine power, size and level of luxury. Choose the options that most closely match the options in the Model S. The model S definitely compares to a mid-range luxury car.

Actually, I do agree the Audi A7 is probably a closer match, because the BMW is definitely a bit smaller.

I would go with Audi A7 too, even that it doesn't really compare to Model S. If you do want really comparable car then maybe 2013 Audi RS7 is the closest car to match Model S, but it is probably more expensive than Model S is, not less (price not yet available). For storage space to match you need a station wagon or small van to compare.

There just isn't any ICE car that matches Model S. Like someone already said, it is in its own class alone.

He wants a match to the cheapest American car possible. You're not helping.

There is no comparable ICE - that's the point

Yeah, yeah. So you get as close as you can considering NON-DRIVETRAIN features, and go with that. Chevy Impala.

I'd go with the Volvo S80.

Does the Chevy Impala have 19" wheels and air suspension (the 2014 Impala has 19" wheels as an option, but they haven't announced pricing yet)? If he can get away with it, fine, but I doubt it. The Model S is clearly competing with other "Premium" cars, so I don't imagine they will let him use a car from an entirely different segment. The Cadillac CTS maybe, but it's definitely smaller than the S.

Anyway, we've offered our suggestions, he needs to see what they will accept.

The base model Audi A7 3.0 TFSI has faster acceleration (0-60 in 5.2sec vs MS 5.6sec)than 85kwh non-performance Tesla Model S but lower hp (310 vs MS 362) and the same torque (325 lb-ft). Much better fit and finish even on the base model A7, so it's a good compromise.

Sorry, 0-60 in 5.4s per Audi. Lower was published in a review.

I would compare it to a locally made car as it would be cheaper due to no import taxes.

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