It's Time to Build Your Model S

Apologies if there's already a thread for this, but I just got my notification

It's time to have some fun designing and finalizing your Model S. We have made the entire process available online from anywhere with an internet connection.


The days of having to stop into an auto dealer to buy a car are over. We have made the entire process available from anywhere with an internet connection. You can design your car, request paperwork and even sign your paperwork from the comfort of your home. If you have not designed your Model S yet, you can start right here. If you already designed your car and are ready to request paperwork, just click here to continue the process.


We want this process to be fun and easy so if you have any questions we're here to help. If you prefer to walk through the process with an experienced Product Specialist, just give us a call at 888.771.2505, email us, or stop by one of our stores.

This is a very exciting next step and we look forward to sharing it with you. In just a few short months, you'll be one of the very first drivers on the planet to experience the fun and exhilaration of Model S. Let's get your car on the road!


Tesla Product Specialist Team

Now off to make some choices... P779


I have been checking this thread several times a day for a while now so I will return the update favor:

P14,660 finalized today at 1:30 p.m.

85kwh, dolphin grey, 19", solid roof, tech, black leather, obeche gloss, air suspension.

estimated deliver was Feb-Mar 2013!!! I was shocked at the time frame. That was a really quick turnaround since I reserved in Nov 2012. Im sorry to all those who reserved long ago, I imagine your frustration but it seems to really come down to the options dictating the wait and not the place in line.

Now its time to start scrambling to get the money in line. Does anyone know if you can opt to pick it up at the factory to save time and delivery costs?

Picking it up at the factory gets you the car earlier, but it cost exactly the same.

For those interested in comparing the blue and green colors, we drove to the Menlo Park store in December specifically to see the green color before we had to finalize. It was a cloudy day, but a bit of sun was poking through and green car was there as well as a blue car, our top two color choices.

As you can see in the link below, the green is a very interesting color. When we first drove up, it appeared gray, then perhaps black, but once you got up close, it was definitely a very dark green. I think that the MS as rendered as green if your choose that color in the design engine looks ugly, but both my wife and I really liked the green when we saw it for real.

Photos of the two cars are here.

There is some kind of SNAFU. My reservation number is 12,100 and accepted orders above 13,000 are mentioned above. Until I saw this thread I wasn't aware of a "Finalize" button. I've been waiting for some kind of notification -- email or phone message. Then, I found the button! On the Design page. But it didn't work. It took me in a circle, back to the Design page. After several tries, I noticed that the December price change had been applied to the design I "finalized" last September! I got a reassuring voice mail from a config person but the price increase wasn't reversed as he said it would be.

@mallynb: You'll have to keep trying. Based on your number you probably got invited to configure back around Dec 17th, and the four week deadline has just arrived. I got my finalize button on the 19th (#12535), but never got any notification. Given your explanation I find it hard to believe they won't give you the old pricing, but it might take a bit of coaxing of the automated systems.

Just got our problem diagnosed by Tim at TESLA. There was a typo in our email address linked to the account number. Good job Tim! 2012 pricing is reinstated. We started the order process. Looking forward to a delivery date estimate in a day or two.

Just got the "finalize" email today. Reserved mid November. Canada P480.

put down deposit Oct 6 2012...was waiting and waiting for some communication that I could finalize.
Was never aware of a "finalize" button.
Thanks to those who suggested I call Tesla.
Turns out they had mistyped my email address and i was actually cleared to finalize Jan 7!!!

Thank you to all on this board who suggested I call and that I probably was already cleared!
Waiting for My, with tan leather.

Now if I can just hold on til delivery!

Yeah I just looked closely at the document for the final configuration (not delivery) for my dad and it says delivery estimated Feb-Mar 2013! Wow, that's quick, reserved in Nov 2012. 65kwh.

Bump. Did anyone get a build/finalize button/email today?

Got the "finalize" button tonight! Reservation 15005 (I think I'm the first over 15,000!). Green/tan, 85 Std, pano, tech, sound, air, twin charger. Delivery is Feb-March. Guess I had better get the electrician in shortly...

Finalized last night P14041 Performance Black on Black all options except child seats. Time to get my garage ready.

Received the "Its time.." email at 4:20 PM PST. P15,049. Will "finalize" after dinner. When I get an ETA, I will repost.

P14,739 got the mail a couple of hours ago.
Finalized with 40KWh and delivery date is a vague "Early 2013"...that would be nice...

Lot of plug install jobs hitting the electricians' markets, and the flow will only get larger.

No email. But the saw the finalize button just over an hour ago!
P85kw, black/black, pano, air, 21" grey, no child seats, tech pkg, sound

oops. P15170

No email for me either, but received the finalize button. P15283.

Wow, they are flying through res #'s lately. I wonder if this is because they just want to lock-in as many people as they can or if they are having a high number of cancellations. What kind of delivery estimate did the recent finalize people get?

E-mail came one hour ago for #15,327. I want the car delivered around June 1st. I am not sure when I should finalize.

Wow, they are flying through res #'s lately. I wonder if this is because they just want to lock-in as many people as they can or if they are having a high number of cancellations. What kind of delivery estimate did the recent finalize people get?

The only official word we got was that Tesla would try to get all of the pre-2013 orders finalized by the end of Jan. 2013. The more finalized orders they get, the easier it is to batch the production--making it really difficult for anyone to know when you will get delivery.

Suspect they want to get solid numbers/orders etc from as many customers as possible before earnings call in Feb.

This is ~300 RES# in 1 day. Yes, flying!

There was an article I think in consumer reports online or maybe it was a different company but I just read it last night and they said that Tesla is up to 20,000 cars for 2013 expected production at this point. The article directly indicated that they are now in "full production" but it is not clear if the reporter is correct.

There was a December e-mail that everyone with a reservation before 12/31 will get invited to finalize in January... last reported reservation was 17,849... so more the 2 thousand to go and only 10 working days left.

@drp: All Tesla said is that they are currently producing at a rate of 20,000 cars per year. Since that was their stated goal the reporter probably translated it as "full production". However, Tesla also said they could ramp production of the S+X up to 50,000 cars per year on the current assembly line. So while they are currently producing at a rate of 20,000 cars per year, that doesn't mean they aren't planning to build more than 20,000 cars in 2013.

Hi Greg

Exactly. That is what I am saying. It is to point out to those of us who are wondering how quickly we can receive our vehicle that it is likely going to be sooner than we think..

15343 - got my email this evening...

Reservation#15430. Email and "Button" both late this afternoon.


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