That's what I do when I pass a gas station in my model S. Anyone else experience this phenomenom?

Gas station? I have already forgot what those are... Do you mean a Quick Trip where I by bad coffee and munchies at an inflated price?

I stopped at a gas station just today to clean my windows and leave grinning MAO.

admittedly I do grin at times... this condition may last awhile.

stop for my monthly lotto ticket. thats about it.

That's where I stop to use the Redbox...

I heard that once people get their car, they quickly stop looking at gas prices gas prices. Not me, I smile with glee every time I see the $4.50/gallon prices here in CA.

Schadenfreud-er! Where's your compassion? Your charity? Your gratitude to all the surplus wealth that oil created that resulted in your exalted position? Be nice.

Not using them to top up with air?

When I passed the gas station the other day...I pictured cavemen pumping gas

Drive in, buy a chocolate bar, saying, "For energy!", and then leave.

I occassionally stop in for a touch-free car wash. Dat about it.

Walk in.... look around dumbfounded and say, "What IS this place?"

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