Looking for actual highway mileage results

I haven't picked a battery capacity yet.

Does anyone have actual observed mileage when traveling on the highway under realistic conditions.

For me, realistic conditions are:
70 - 75 MPH.
A/C running.
Radio on.
Outside temps between 70 - 95 degrees (I live in Florida).

I need to go 130 miles a day (65 to work, 65 back home). Work charging is an option, but I'd prefer to just charge @ night.

Will the 60kWh work for me? I'd like to save my cash and avoid the 85 if possible.

I'm looking for numbers on both the 60kWh and 85kWh batteries.


To deal with the range anxiety, I would say that we MS owners must plan ahead and know in your normal driving the limit of actual miles vs. rated range. In my experience, my 85 MS has only 231 to 242 rated range when MS is fully charged every evening. In the Bay area freeway/local situation, 231-242 rated range can only reach the maximum of 200 actual miles. If you plan a trip beyond 200 miles without knowing where you can find a charger, even if with a 85 MS, your range anxiety will definitely reach a very high level.

Eastwood: "A man's gotta know his car's limitations." Or SLT.

Deanhuff, I think (based on my driving experience with the S) that although it is certainly possible to commute 130 miles of highway driving with the 60kw will undoubtedly suffer from range anxiety. If you can swing it, go 85kw.

Or firm up the work charging setup. That is some commute. You must really like both home locale and job to put up with that.

Thank you all for the great information....

I've resolved to get the 85. My plan is to drive it for as many years as possible. In a few years, If the battery loses too much capacity to make the work round trip, I'll charge daily at work.

I've got another question.

Are there any numbers on battery degradation over time? Is there a dramatic difference between battery age and cycles?

I tested this recently in my 85P, on a trip from the Hamptons to New York City and back...The drive is almost exactly 100 miles each way, and used 130 rated miles both times.
I drove at 65 miles for the majority or the trip (on cruise control). Charge was full normal (not range), and driving mode was set to normal (not range). The route is flat, no hills whatsoever.
The temperature was cold, in the 30's, and it was moderately windy (although I don't recall which direction the wind was blowing.) I had the heating set to 70, and my seat warmer on for some of the time.
Had I charged in range mode, and set driving most to Range, I could have made it back and forth on a single charge...In theory! The numbers would have been so close it might have prompted a certain condition that causes anxiousness due to the uncertaintiy of the the ability to travel the projected distance that I needed to travel (Oh, if only there was some clever phrase to describe this condition... :p ). So, instead of worrying, I found a parking garage with a ChargePoint charger that was three blocks from where I was going...And, three and a half hours later, I had added about 70 miles or rated range, and was on my way home with not a worry in the world :)

Brian H,

Deanhuff's commute is almost the same distance as mine... And while I don't like either THAT much, the combo does allow me to buy a Model S. Plus, I would lose the cost of my Model S by selling my house (yes, I am that far under water).

BTW: I did go with the 85K as I plan on keeping this for a while.

Dania to West Palm Beach 70 mph yssterday with the AC on and I was running under rated power consumption (over rated range).

@lola - cool. I saw similar on the last run I did on I-95. Guess air density makes a big difference. Who'd a thunk it?

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