LTE and Tethering Update

Surely I must have missed a thread or two, but Elon tweeted the following eralier tonight:

"Tesla software knits together Google Voice, Slacker, Gracenote & others and streams over 3G (will be LTE later)" and "Over the air upgrade coming in a few months to allow tethering (and other things)."

Bummer about the "few months" before tethering, but great to know LTE is legitimately coming.

That probably also means a monthly usage fee is coming soon. Just my guess

When asked on Twitter "…Is LTE a software or hardware upgrade?" Elon replied “…Requires hardware unfortunately.”

On thethering:

@elonmusk: @SeanChin @RaimisJ Over the air upgrade coming in a few months to allow tethering (and other things).

Hopefully such a hardware upgrade will be one of the perks of those of us holding onto our service contracts.

shs I think you are on to something. I think that LTE will be part of the upgrades that you get with the service package. Those that decided not to purchase the service package will be spending some cash.

I hope all this talk about tethering isn't just referring to the tethering your phone to the car, I want the other way around. I want to tether the car to my phone.

Would be nice if some day you could upgrade the computer to a full intel processor and graphics card. I'd gladly give up some drunk space and 2k for a beefed up computer option with LTE and a solid state drive.

This car reminds me of an airplane. The fuselage could be 40 years old but it's got a brand new avionics kit.

drunk space :-) hee hee hee!

I would be happy if I could just get audio from web pages. I am am subscriber, and while I don't need to watch games while driving, I would like to be able to listen to the audio streams and listen to games. The fact I can pull up the web page but not hear the stream is frustrating.

Can you get those on XM though?

Is the car's 3G connection through AT&T? The reason I ask is that at home my cell phone coverage is very weak and AT&T gave me a Microcell to enhance the signal for my iPhone when I am there. However, for the Tesla to use it, the Microcell needs to have it's "phone" number registered to it.
How do I get that number? Need this for any Tesla software updates sent over 3G.

drunk space: is that where you stash your buddies when you're the designated driver?

Hsadler, it is AT&T, though others have gotten the "phone number" from Tesla Ownership but have not successfully tied it to their microcell. Worth a try though! On the other hand, an update is expected in the next couple of months to allow the car to connect via your home Wi-fi.

Yeah, I upgraded my house wifi system to have a strong signal in the garage for this reason...

Note to self : move Apple Airport closer to garage - rec room will just have to suffer.

@hsadler or you can get an airport express, which you can hook into your existing wifi network and will extend the range for you. It is basically a repeater and will take the signal from your main airport and put it out from its location, so you can have more coverage.

I've posted this before but I think it's worth saying again. I plan to get a mobile wifi router and put it on my verizon data plan. leave it in the car and charge it from the USB port. That way I can have it integrated with my existing service plan, get 4G, and have a wifi hotspot in my car to hook up tablets, etc. Maybe turn it off at night when garaged to use the wifi landline.

@davidcjones - Can you get your on your smartphone? You could watch the games (not recommended while driving) and BT the sound to the ModS audio system. Works great with the Sling Media on my home satellite system. Watch and/or listen to my home TV from anywhere as long as my phone can get a data connection.

"you can get an airport express, which you can hook into your existing wifi network and will extend the range for you."

I see a string of Airport Expresses (Expressi ?) throughout the town.

LTE? Really? Wooooooooooohoooooooooooo

@riceguy who has gotten the phone number for the car's 3g radio? I've called multiple times and have been denied every time. I have the exact same scenario - crappy AT&T coverage and an existing microcell for this reason. Any tips or pointers on that?

Of course, I was also told that having 3g connectivity where I charge overnight wasn't necessary for updates but I missed two updates and had to call Tesla to have them force-push to my car so I'm suspicious that not having 3g connectivity where I charge is keeping me from getting updated regularly.

My fault...lots of folks were talking about using microcells at TMC forum, but all have since been denied the number by Tesla. Sorry, that sucks!

I doubt it takes this much time to develop a connectivity package. It may take this much time, however, to figure out ways to defeat most competing methods of connectivity as mentioned above, to maximize revenue.

Or, why start charging for 3G when you are about to upgrade to LTE (let's hope!)

How about sticker shock?

Don't expect the LTE hardware upgrade to come for free... Just as we have to pay or the new suspension bits or other hardware changes, (or a cell phone upgrade with your carrier), I expect the upgrade will cost about the same as a new cell phone out of the two year upgrade cycle with wireless carriers, or about $650. Add a couple hours labor for installation and configuration, and I expect to pay about $1,000 to get an LTE upgrade.

Here's what I was told by Ownership:

"Annual Services will cover any hardware replacements that are designed for fleet-wide implementation."

So, the cost is the $600 annual service but you may get other upgrades if available. I'm sure Tesla will find a way to introduce a material hardware upgrade every year to bring cars in for service.

"Annual Services will cover any hardware replacements that are designed for fleet-wide implementation."

I would be hopeful that an upgrade like LTE hardware would be included, but I also wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't.

I really think it just depends on what the upgrade is. For example, I imagine that if there is a known quality issue or if it's something that's been talked about before, like the sun visors, that replacements like that will be included.

At some point TM has to cut it off for fiscal prudence reasons. I could see a good-faith upgrade on the move to LTE, but even there the cost to TM would be at least ($250 for hardrware + $300 for installation) * 15,000 existing cars bythe time they get it done = $8.2 million. Given their current and projected profitability picture, this is quite material. I don't think we get upgrades forever (or even with the annual services fee) despite Lou's Ownership quote. What if there is a "better" battery pack in the 2014 models? It will be fiscally IMPOSSIBLE for TM to upgrade our older cars, no matter what we pay in annual fees.

Does an lte radio cost that much???

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