Model S iPhone App available now

I know the Android app was available a few days ago. I just searched again on the iPhone app store and found the Tesla Model S App. You sign in with the same email and password as this website and it automatically links to your car. The menu includes Home, Controls, Charge, Climate, and Location across the bottom of the screen.

Home - shows current status, can sign in and out there.

Controls - vent roof, lock, unlock, honk horn, flash lights

Charge - switch from standard to max range, start and stop charging

Climate - shows current interior temp, turn climate on and off

Location - map view of the car location, direction to get to the car (goes to Maps app)

Thumbs up so far! search in the iTunes store for "tesla model s". Or, here's the direct link:


Like your list, but it could be summarized as: We should be able to do everything from the app that we can do from the car. (Except drive, see below).


The Google driverless car is not very far off, so what you ask for might not be a joke soon.

@mkh1437: I especially like your notification ideas (#1 and #4 in your list).

Please add front and rear defrost, so during snow storms we can get a head start.

+1 front and rear defrost!

+1 front and rear defrost!

I could have used that this morning!

Oh yeah, defrost/defog!

another "way to go Elon!!!!!!"

I concur, everything from the app as we can do with the car - esp heated seats!

Found it, great.

I was so hoping the app would allow me to track my car's location prior to delivery (scheduled for next Tue. 2/12/13), but no such luck! App tells me I need to enable Mobile App Remote Access from the vehicle's touchscreen. Oh well, 8 more days...

I agree, although if you think about it: In the Model S, front defrost is basically heat coming through the windshield vent...So if you have the windshield vent already selected in your everyday driving settings (as I do), then when you use the App to turn the heating on, that will defrost the front windshield. And having the heat on should eventually defrost the back windshield as well, just by virtue of the car's internal temperature rising about the external temperature.

But I know what you're saying...

SamuelZ | FEBRUARY 4, 2013
Please add front and rear defrost, so during snow storms we can get a head start.

Rod, you could always try and ask someone at Tesla (or the delivery guy, if you get contact information for him) to jump into your car and activate it...It's a longshot, but could have a huge payoff if they are able to do it :)

rod.berthold@am... | FEBRUARY 4, 2013
I was so hoping the app would allow me to track my car's location prior to delivery (scheduled for next Tue. 2/12/13), but no such luck! App tells me I need to enable Mobile App Remote Access from the vehicle's touchscreen. Oh well, 8 more days...

BTW the same app exists for my BMW ActiveE, difference is the start of AC is there called precondition (it will start the AC and hold at the temperature that I have set in the car)

For those interested, the iPhone app also works on the iPad. It's not iPad/native, but you can use the 2x feature and it looks pretty good. I wasn't able to test that out on the beta as they only allowed us to install on one device. I would guess the same would go for the Android build but I don't have an Android tablet to test it on.


+1 on the ability to adjust charging rate, defrost, rear camera, and alarm trigger.
Rear camera might take too much data, though...perhaps snapshots? You can press a button to take a snapshot and it gets uploaded to the app.

Having an Android phone (latest OS) and also Iphone 5 (latest OS), the iPhone app works much better and has fewer errors (for me, at least).

Interior temps displayed seem correct. It seems that the climate control might get reset to "auto" when using the app. Can someone confirm? I'll do some additional testing.

the iphone app is not beta, I installed on both ipad and iPhone

Love the app, wish it had some scheduling options but otherwise, been looking for it everyday for over a week

Excellent first version of the app. Look forward to using it, and future enhancements. Ditto on front and rear defrost, too.

I am not able to log into the app because it states "No Vehicles Linked to This My Tesla Account - Your vehicle may not be ready"

I am in the delivery window. I was hoping to get my VIN as others have but apparently I need to wait a few more weeks.

Works great! Honking the horn from the app is a real kick!

I would love to have access to the HD camera view, so I can honk the horn and flash the lights, if I see someone is hanging too close to my car.

I just told my wife that in the future instead of wondering where I am you can just log on and see where I am per the App. Who will be the first to be busted for not being where they state? Tiger would have hated this car.

Alternative to it self-driving home, a joystick or touchpad linkup so you could remotely drive it. And audio link so when pulled over you could inform the ossifer you are actually the Invisible Man.

Just downloaded it. Work great. Use the unlocking feature already. This came in handy when you got lockot.

The app works great for me but for some reason, I cannot get the down arrow in the Climate section of the app to work? I can press the up arrow and watch the target temp go up but the down arrow does nothing to change the numbers. The little animation on the down arrow works (I can tell it is being pressed) but the target temp does nothing. Only when I press the up arrow, then the numbers go up.

I know it is not device dependent because the app on my ipad does the same thing and I know it is not car related because i can go up and down when using the Android app.


This is amazing!! Just downloaded the app and I'm taking delivery tomorrow morning. WOOHOO!

so psyched to try this out. I love how I find out about this stuff from the forum, One would think Tesla would contact us.

How do I delay a charge if I plug in the car when I get home but want to trigger to start at 11PM ?

@abweiss I was been thinking the same thing. I've been a bit disappointed with Tesla's (lack of) communication. You would think that the mobile app release would warrant a press release, or at least a blog post, or a mention in the Bulletin Board, or maybe an email to the owners to let them know. I get that Tesla is probably running very lean, and they seem to be struggling with the sudden growth of delivering so many cars. But I definitely think they need to ramp up proactive communication to owners. Plus, tooting their own horn every now and then wouldn't hurt either!

I am sure there are some owners who are unaware of the forums and not plugged into the tech news world, who have no idea that there is now a mobile app for their car. That's a shame. You shouldn't have to be a geek or a forum junkie to get this kind of news.

@appljd Unfortunately, you can't. As someone else suggested on the Android app thread, I suspect that this would require a firmware change on the car. I guess the best you can do is just stop the charging via the app, and then start it when you want. But I agree, that is far from ideal.


For now, plug the car in, go into the house, use the app to stop charging, and then at 11:00 pm, use the app to start charging again.

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