More Passenger Compartment Storage Space Please

Can anyone give the latest from the rumor mill on plans to give the MS some usable storage space in the passenger compartment? Map pockets in the doors, closable box on the floor beneath the screen, etc? I am a reservation holder who thought that the center console that has the front cupholders was for storage (btw, why no back cupholders in the same console?), but one of my friends told me it is a non-usable bump with HVAC vents in it. It would be nice if we had some semi-concealable space for phone charger cable, radar detector, purell, change for the meter, sunglasses, tissues, mcdonald's ketchup packs, etc. The glove box is, well, a glove box..... The way this car rockets,

[finishing off last statement] stuff will be flying all over the place.

I have no data on what or when Tesla will be doing something, but you can take a look at soflauthor's project:

Tesla has talked about an "opportunity console", but I think generally Elon is opposed to such things so I think you aren't going to ever get door pockets, handles above the doors, or much center console storage.

You may want to look at aftermarket products like the CCI from Soflauthor.

'opportunity console' and 'cci insert'; not necessarily two different things - or so the rumors have it

You may be right but I hope you are wrong. If the Tesla is to successfully diversify beyond the most zealous, they are going to have to appeal to a broader audience that has a lot of options. The Model S has to compete with fit and finish and amenities of some superb automobiles in this price range, cars that are not exactly slouches behind the wheel either, and have an easier and more available refueling infrastructure to deal with. I'm not saying that lack of a door pocket or a grab handle or a coat hook is a deal killer, but you start adding those convenience items up with other things that are missing here but omnipresent on luxury and near luxury (and not so luxury) cars today, like parking indicators, blind spot detectors, adaptive cruise control, etc.., and you are going to lose some sales (not everyone with $80K to spend on a car cares about electricity vs gas, and they are usually smart enough to understand that over a normal 4-5 year new luxury car ownership period, the savings on fuel are not going to really compensate for the price premium of a MS). These are not compromises to some pedestrian lowest common denominator vision of automobiles, but simply convenience features people want. Simply put, every sale Tesla loses to a BMW or an Audi means a Tesla that is that much less viable for the rest of us...

Sorry for getting on a high horse about this, but I want this company to succeed very much, and to do that, we must get beyond the market represented by died-in-the-wool Koolaid drinkers. Elon, PLEASE make some very minor compromises to your vision, for all of our sakes. You want your car to be user friendly like an Apple device? Give me some of these convenience items we are missing.

brooklynrab, I cannot agree with you more. Customer satisfaction is what Tesla should do, not personal ego. We want interior storage.

brooklynrab +1

People who use their cars for longer drives than commuting need to stay hydrated, chew gum, blow their noses, etc. Cup holders and cubbies to accomodate the way we live today are no longer luxuries. Same for the other stuff we use - design purity is fine in concept cars.

The great thing about the S is its combination of performance, design, and practical elements that are key to its awards and acceptance. Theres a reason most of the reviews say "great car, unfinished interior". Accepting the practical requirements for passenger comfort isn't just about seat, sound, and HVAC quality, all of which are great in the S - complete design also recignizes the fact that modern people have other needs that must be served with some accomodation in the modern vehicle.

In some respects, the Models S interior is like the Bauhaus design ethos so often seen in ultra-modern houses - great design, but not so good at recignizing the human element - the paper tissues and televisions that are never seen in Archtecural Digest have to go somewhere when real people move in. Steve Jobs was also heavilly influenced by Bauhaus design, and sometimes intentionally left out key functionality because they interefered withhis ideas about design purity. In most cases these details were added in later models, something that I suspect economic pressure will also force onto the Tesla executive suite.

Don't like the little bumper buttons associated with proximity sensors? Who would? But the answer isn't to leave out standard functionality available on all Prius models since 1993 just for the sake of design. The answer is to either re-create the technology to gain the feature, or compromise the design for practial reasons. Plenty of $100K cars have proximity sensors on their bumpers.

brooklynrab + 1
p_dave +1

agree with both on this topic.. Elon, please don't limit the customer base to us zealots as there are only so many of of!

+1. A more conventional interior please!

I originally felt the same way about the minimalist interior and its lack of storage. Then I realized that this is a huge blank canvas that can be customized to my needs. If I want a center console, I can put one in. If I want a removable console for the back seat, I can put one in. If I prefer to carry a cooler that plugs into the 12V outlet and place it in the floor in back, that option is available to me. I know look at it as an opportunity to have what I want rather than have the manufacturer decide for me. Alright, I can't really put in door pockets very easily but I never use them in my current car anyway. Or, I can enjoy an uncluttered interior that allows me to focus on the road and the drive.

As for the luxury technology (adaptive cruise, parking sensors, blind spot alerts, etc), I can't comment intelligently. I don't have it now (2003 A4) and really don't miss them.


It is somewhat ironic that you use Steve Jobs as an example of an executive whose design philosophy interfered with the functionality of his products and had to be corrected by subsequent changes. Jobs built the most successful company on the planet. Time and again the company flourished when put his hands on it and declined when he pulled back.

I personally would like some additional storage and similar amenities in my car, but that doesn't mean that TM has erred by not including them. After all, I bought the car without them. Maybe I'll trade it in in a few years in order to get Model S 2.0 that has cup holders and coat hooks. Have you noticed how many people trade in a perfectly good iPhone in order to get one with Siri or some other minor tweak? There is plenty of demand for the Model S today, a car that will probably last a long time. I don't know whether TM left out these conveniences because of Elon's Bauhaus ethos, because of the budget and scheduling constraints needed to get this car out the door quickly and at its promised price, or because TM wanted to save some goodies to entice us back for version 2.0.

I do have a question about the existing center console, however. It is big and it sounds pretty hollow when you tap on it. Is anything in there other than a channel for the rear air vents? It does feel

Oops: last sentence should read "It does feel like wasted space."

Just picked up our Model S and can absolutely say that it NEEDS the things detailed in this post. Drives like a DREAM, but no place for my daughter's spare inhaler, a hairbrush or the Fastrak transponder. The glove compartment is small. And I REALLY miss my blind spot assist!

I don't mind accessories, or opportunity/after market items but the storage NEEDS to be there in today's world!

The safety issues/Blind Spot assist are something that should be on the Model X if they want me to buy it.

I am gratified that I am not alone and petty in my opinion on this subject. I would bet that if we did a poll of current MS drivers, that a majority of them would opt for a bit of functionality. I have confidence that if we all speak our opinions on this subject, that Tesla will listen. They are a bright group of people, and we are all pulling in the same direction -- for Tesla to thrive, not just to be an enthusiasts' science experiment.
Elon, even if you offered these basic things as a no cost option so that you can maintain the "purity" of your design for those who see things the same as you do, it would go a long way for us.

The problem is that many of us will find our own ad hoc solutions to these issues, and those solutions will likely not be as well designed and therefore safe, functional, attractive and consistent with the overall cabin design as if it were done properly by Tesla.

I was wondering if under the rear seats there was enough space to place a laptop. I could lean back rise the seat put my biefcase there and not in the truck where the whole world can see you. Unlike an ICE, there should be room there.

...and further to SHS's point, for $80,000, we shouldn't have to find our own ad hoc solutions, the need for which will only deter some potential MS buyers who feel they aren't paying that price to be hassled, or worse, who misconstrue style purity for indifference to customers.

Some appear to be writing as if Tesla needed to do more to appeal to more people. There's no evidence of that so far. It may come, but it's not yet...

Wow guys, the reason I am buying a Tesla is because it is not an overly bloated car made for the masses! It is built to be a drivers car and exciting features. BMW used to be the "ultimate driving machines" until they started to build for the masses and their profits have skyrocketed but even the M's feel soft. Go drive one and you'll see. I have a Navigator that has parking sensors and I appreciate it on such a huge truck only so my wife doesn't ding or dent the vehicle! Otherwise if you really are purchasing this car for the correct reasons it is a 4 door sports car all electric and I usually stay ahead of traffic with my 400+ hp Audi and no need for blind spot sensors since you really should be aware of everything around you on the road. Maybe you all should take defensive driving classes since that will teach you to always be aware of your surroundings to avoid others! If you take this safety precaution then you don't need lane departure and other safety gizmos however there are too many people driving while distracted that these things seem like they should be standard safety.
Just my two cents.

When you are a startup, you have to be razor-focused on getting a viable product out the door. Often, what you choose to leave out is just as important as what you choose to put in. You can't afford to offer lots of options for customizability because you probably aren't doing any one thing particularly well, and you spread yourself too thin.

So while personally I want lots of storage spaces in the car, handles above the door, fabric choices besides black, etc, I fully support their choice to pick one way of doing it and execute well on that. I will buy a CCI or make my own if I am not happy with the result.

Later, when they get to the GenIII and need to satisfy a more diverse audience or possibly even after they exhaust the early adopters for the Model S, they will need to cater to individual choices more.

Apple hasn't had trouble selling computers, tablets and phones with the "if you don't like it this way, don't buy it" approach. Granted, eventually they are losing out on market share to Android partly because it is more open and customizable, but that doesn't mean that they can't sell plenty of iDevices at a substantial premium.

I'm getting my Model S in March/April. I want TM to succeed because I believe in the vision of electric vehicles, like the idea of the jobs TM is creating, and want to be able to sell my car in three years (and probably buy the current version S).

However, I'm convinced that if it becomes a big success, BMW, Lexus, etc. will create direct competition, and you can bet they will make great vehicles that contain the tech features and amenities of their ICE cars.

I'm fine that my Model S is lacking in some features and amenities that I'm used to, but I think it would be unwise of TM to neglect these items in the next generation Model S.

"If I know Elon Musk", there's probably a few wee rabbits under his chapeau, nibbling the lettuce growing there. There will be some new ground broken at the "right" time, which will leave the competition sucking air.

"Right" better be fairly soon then, because they can't afford to lose the women. My last conversation:

Me: Could you see yourself in this car?
Her: It's great looking but there's no place for my stuff.
Me: Storage options will be coming.
Her: I want my Audi.

"Right time" rather....

We took another couple in for a test drive recently and her reaction to seeing the interior and the space between front seats was "What a wonderful place to put my purse". So the interior works for some.

Brooklynrab +1
P_dave +1

I totally agree. I reserved a car in Europe, but my final decision about buying the car will depend on how it compares to other cars on the market like BMW and Porsche. I have really gotten used to the parking sensors of which I used to think some 10 years ago they were gadgets. The rear camera in my current car is useless most of the time since I don't live in California but in Belgium. After driving for 2 days (these days after a few minutes after the car wash because of the very wet conditions for the past 10 days) you can be certain that the cameralens is completely dirty from driving on wet roads and it is impossible to see anything on the computerscreen of my car.
Adaptive cruise controle: I started to love this option on my current car.
As for the storage space: please I am on the road quite a lot and do prefer to be able to store tissues, gum, charge mobile phone, etc. in a nicely designed console from Tesla matching the rest of the interior rather than some retrofit amateuristic thing that disfigures the beautiful interior. For as far as Tesla reads and listens to these forums: thank you for taking these thoughts into consideration and taking action on these genuine concerns

A Tesla CCI is not expected for at least several months per ownership experience. I was encouraged to check out soflauthor's highly regarded CCI candidate.

Does anyone know if there is a screen protector available for the 17". Not exactly storage space, but close.

Just did a quick google and here's one for $4 on Amazon for a 17" widescreen display. Not sure if the touch screen will be affected.

Is the Tesla Display 16x9?

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