My mobile app never says the car is locked

Whenever I lock my car, by double tapping the middle button on the key fob, the lights flash on the car, but the door handles take about a minute to retract. Is this normal? I have disabled the Walk-Away option for now.

When the door handles eventually retract (with me standing maybe 20 meters away and watching), the mobile app always says that it is not locked. If I tap the Lock button on the app, it spins for a couple of second and then says that the car is locked.

Is this all ok? Should the app be telling me that the car is locked? Should the handles be retracting faster? Is there any way to just make the car lock when I tell it to lock, like any other car? It's really disconcerting walking away from the car on a public street or garage with the doors unlocked.

Double click to unlock.

Single click on fob to lock. Handles will retract almost immediately.

Make sure that you don't have your second key inside the vehicle as this will prevent the car from locking.

Are you logging into the app before you lock the car (or watch it auto-lock)?

I'm not 100% sure since I'm using the Windows Phone app, but I'm pretty sure that the iPhone and Android apps don't constantly update the lock status. On the Windows Phone app, it refreshes every minute or so, or you can manually force a refresh.

However, if for example, you open the iPhone app right after you exit the car, it will show the car is unlocked. When the car locks a moment later, I don't think the app will instantly change to reflect that.

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