NEMA 14-50 installation: trusted electricians database

Pardon if this is a FAQ, but is there a Model S owners' database anywhere of trusted licensed electricians who have installed up-to-code NEMA 14-50 outlets at reasonable prices? (And inspected a house's breaker box and electrical situation for general safety and brought said situation up-to-date and up-to-code at reasonable prices?) I'm thinking of a searchable database listing Electrician Name & Contact Info, Services Provided, Cost Per Service, Ratings and Reviews.

This is the kind of thing any licensed electrician should be able to do with his or her eyes closed and one hand tied behind his or her back. They do this day in and day out, installing circuits, wires, and boxes for electric ranges and dryers (some dryers do not require special circuitry).

Now, doing it without ripping you off financially is another issue. To do this while the house is in framing stage, before the sheet-rockers get there, is really easy (except for shoving all that 6/3 or 6/4 wire in a box). But after the house is built, it requires a little more labor to cut the sheet rock, thread the wire through (I'm not counting drilling the holes in the frame which they'd have to do anyway), and then repair the sheet rock. That deserves a little extra money. But if someone wants to charge you more than, say, $300-$400 to run this, say, less than 15 feet from a circuit breaker box to someplace on the same wall, that's a rip-off.

Just don't call Solar City. They quoted me $5,000 for something my electrician quoted at $300-$500. Just saying…

Anyone tried for an electrician?

AZ. Solar City was $400.00. Effortless!

If people need one in Westchester, NY contact me, my electrican installed mine, $400, he's great.

Electrical work is very simple but calls for some sweat equity . Where do you live ?
If you are even a bit handy do it your self. Contractors will cost $70/ hour and up . We recently added a long run to our garage that cost about $1900 with 8 hours for the lead electrician and 8 hours for helper.

We're in Palo Alto, CA (down the San Francisco peninsula). We have small children and we've known for a while that we should get a licensed electrician to inspect the electrical safety of our old house. We just took a closer look at our breaker box and discovered that it's an FPE (yikes). Impending Model S ordering is finally bumping this to the top of our to-do list. The box is in the back of the house, garage in front, and we'll probably park the Model S on the driveway; it's around 75 feet from the box to the front of the garage.


When the electrician came to check my system to make an estimate, I asked him to check the breaker panel to see if it could accommodate the 50A circuit needed. I was dubious about it, since it didn't look like it had any available slots, even though it was a 200A setup.
Even 10 years ago I had a terrible time locating a replacement breaker for one that had failed. It wouldn't remain in the "on" position.

He took one look at it and said "I usually am reluctant to advise replacing a breaker box, but that's an old Federal Pacific." I think he may have had a look of horror on his face. In any case I told him to replace it.

My setup is almost identical to yours. He mounted the new breaker box on the outside of the house, used the empty inside box as a junction box, and ran 75 feet of conduit and cable around the back of the house and through the garage. I helped with some of it, but it still took him and his helper a day and a half to complete the job. It cost a good deal, but I think it was worth it.

@gill_sans, @David70,

I highly recommend illumeffects. Scott has done a number of jobs for me over the years. His work is first rate and his prices reasonable. He works all over the Bay area. I know he has installed at least two 14-50s for MS owners.

@David70, thanks for sharing your experience. The more info I get about StabLok FPE breaker boxes, the more urgent replacing it gets in my mind. Weird to me that these things have been known about for decades, yet there has never been a recall. 2,800 house fires a year in the U.S. attributed to StabLok breaker failure / FPE panel failure (those are the ones getting counted) yet buying a Model S is the way I've got to find out about this?

@DSurber, thanks for the referral. I'll definitely give Scott a close look.

In Richmond, Virginia, Patriot Electric 804.675.2275 installed 2 Nema 14-50 outlets in my garage - total cost ~$550. Email - They're great people IMHO.

Does this installation cost include materials or only the labor charge?

If you need someone in Nassau County, NY just contact me at my screen name for my electrician's name. Had it done for $550.00 including a 110v.

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