NEMA 6-50 Adaptor Available In Tesla Shop

Available for $45... Nice. $21 to ship... Not nice. Tesla, please come up with less expensive shipping options. We don't all need it yesterday!

I just ordered the NEMA 10-30 adapter today. It's available now, and may be in stock at your local service center. About $49.

@rockyb - For the Model S? There's no such thing on the TM website. Where'd you see a link?

I would definitely buy a 30 amp 120v adapter. I've been charging at RV parks and a couple times now I've taken the last 50 amp plug. Only a matter of time before I'm forced to use 120. A 30 amp plug would cut my wait in half! 30 amp is always available.

@nickjhowe - I simply called my service center (Rockville, MD) to inquire about availability of the 10-30 and they told me it's available, and ordered one for me. I would not rely too much on their website info as some of the info is really not current.

Thanks @rockyb.

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