Nissan Produces Capacior With A 10 Minute Charge!

Where are the nay sayers from this message board? Check out the link.

A decade to commercialize? There will be lots of other options at least as fast before then. And "as easy as filling at the pump" will never happen, in that handling huge amperage requires very careful handling and big honkin' connectors.

From the article:

Batteries charged using the updated system were complete in ten minutes, with no significant effect on storage capacity or voltage, the reports said.

The key words here being "no significant effect on storage capacity or voltage"

The problem with today's ultracapacitors is not how fast they charge (they charge much faster than lithium ion cells already) but how much charge they can hold. I don't know how large a bank of ultracapacitors would need to be to make a Roadster go 200 miles but I think it's around twice to three times the size.

Anyone know how much larger a modern ultracapacitor is that holds the same energy as a single cell from a Tesla battery pack?

There are many other developments from, e.g., Stanford and MIT, that will boost LiIon performance and capabilities to this level. 10 years will make this just another "me, too" product.

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