Obama Wins

So now that Obama has won the election, what do you guys think this means for Tesla over the next four years?

$50/share. Model X. Model S dual motor. Gen III sedan, Next Gen Roadster, Roadster Supercar (sub 3 second).

I'm curious what this will do to the stock price tomorrow as well.

Same as if Romney won. Tesla will continue to make the best cars in the world. They will deliver new cars to cover new markets and go one to be wildly successful.


MB3 I hope you're right. I guess I was concerned that there would be a negative market reaction with a Romney win, as well a potential for less support from the government. Maybe things like it being harder to get favourable interest loans or even the removal of the $7,500 tax credit for buying EVs, which would defiantly hinder the process of being adopted by the masses.

Now that Obama has won, somebody should get him up to speed about Tesla. After all, this is the company that is best positioned to show the world that electric cars can work. Tesla will be a major player in helping to achieve his goal of 1 million electric cars -- maybe not by 2015---but shortly thereafter

Tesla doesn't need any more support from Gov't. They probably didn't really need it before, but it helped speed things along. They have and always have had a great vision and have a plan to get it done. I will watch ... and learn.

now that Romney has conceded, someone should offer him a test drive, he might be interested in buying a couple after a test drive. he might even think it a good investment!

For patriarch civilization, it may be counter-intuitive that women rule!

Thanks to women, more women voted for Obama and over-compensated for the male species.

The take home lesson is: treat your ladies nicely and you may keep your car . That's not too much to ask isn't it?

$10,000 Tax Credit - please!

I think this was a huge win for Tesla. I believe federal incentives would have been dropped day 1 otherwise. I also believe that the loans may have been called...all personal speculation. This is a huge win for newer technologies and making a path for early adopters who can help push the technology for EVs, etc. It is way past time! This will also have to be a good thing for Tesla stockholders, as the future looks possible now for getting to the next generations of vehicle offerings that are more affordable. So thankful that the election went this let's see what Elon Musk and Tesla will do to help spot more Model S' in the wild!

His one and only green success story!

Oh, Bummer!!

@Tam, when Obama was selected there were Hillary Clinton as possibility also at one point. Would you have voted her? Or someone else that has high political status that is also woman?

Here in Finland we had woman as President for two seasons (Tarja Halonen). I have no complaints, she ruled just as well as men, no difference whatsoever.

Patriarchy is just relic in the minds of (old) people in modern world. Gender doesn't have any real meaning in high tech civilization. In low tech ones woman rights might be suppressed and I think that will keep those civilizations low tech (it's hard to gain full potential when you suppress half of your population)

I too figured Romney would have pulled the $7500.00 tax credit and was wondering how that woluld have effected current reservation included. I have a projected del of Jan/Feb.

No more snide remarks that 90% of the country didn't understand, AND no more pairing of Tesla with the inferior Fisker.

I feel Romney would have pulled the tax credit but that's was not my main concern.

I am very confident he would have appointed an EPA person to gut or lower standards thru lack of enforcement or strong arming states which have higher standards.

sorry if my memory of the details are not perfect but here's an article on the subject.

I know that's what Dumbya Bush did in 2000. His EPA appointee denied California's right to have a higher standard for cars than other states. It was overcome. I think CA had applied in like 2002 and finally sued in 2007..... and it was a Republican Governor that sued so I am not making this a Dem/Rep thing just the person Romney would have followed that line IMHO.

"FIVE YEARS after the California legislature passed its stringent tailpipe emission standards; two years after the state applied for a waiver from the Environmental Protection Agency that would allow the new rules to take effect; one year after sending a second letter to President Bush explaining the urgency of EPA action; and six months after warning the administration that the state would take the EPA to court if no decision on the waiver was reached by the end of last month, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) did just that. And he was right to do it. "

There are many parts of the US that are still quite low tech.

TSLA 31.84 +0.69 (2.22%)


Romney: 'Tesla is a loser'
USA Electorate: 'Romney is a loser'

It's nice to see TSLA as one spot of green on my sea of red this morning. Market down 2%. TSLA up 1.5%.
Time to squeeze the shorts.

Stock Market: 'Obama is a loser'

@Brant +1.

@stevedar, you have a very short attention span?

~ Prash.

I repeat, oh bummer! For the rest of the world, not just the question of some tax benefit, this guy is weak, kow tows to Muslim kings, and generally is weak. I don't think Romney was much better, but he might have at least started the process of saving the USA from becoming a complete Chinese client. Aside from Tesla, what is actually made in the USA? Even Tesla has far too much made outside, like the electronics module - made in Taiwan. Battery cells made who knows where. Come on, USA, time to get manufacturing again. From that perspective, Apple is a disgrace.
Disclaimer- I am an Australian. We, regrettably, had wall to wall coverage of the election and associated campaign - it could almost have been our own elections. We also outsource most of our manufacturing. We are all going to regret this.





@dborn - I really struggled whether to reply to your rant, but I guess an injection of facts won't hurt, will it?

Despite what many people believe, the US is stil a manufacturing powerhouse. It was the worlds #1 manufacturer in 2010, and at 20% of world manufacturing it was only 1% behind its 1990 level. Per capita it lags Japan, but in absolute terms is larger than Japan and Germany combined.

To paraphrase Mark Twain, "The reports of the death of US manufacturing have been greatly exaggerated."

Damn right. "Tell Vladimir that after my re-election I'll have a freer hand." Sure thing, Dumbo.

Because you know Russia is the US's largest geo political threat... Right....

@dborn good news, so far Obama has actually reversed the loss of manufacturing and manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

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