Is there anyone in the Seattle area who has taken their Tesla to a detail shop to have an Opti-Coat or some other brand applied to protect/enhance the paint?

I would appreciate input.


My four day old car is currently at NW Auto Salon, near Alderwood Mall, getting Xpel ultimate and G-techniq. They've done dozens of Teslas. I know that Metropolitan Detail in Bellevue does opticoating, as does "Benchmark" just east of I-5 off 196th. Metropolitan has done tons of Teslas, too.

I decided against opticoat for no huge reasons; I gather it shows scratches on dark cars (mine's gray, so not all that dark), and is a little less "deep" appearing, in terms of wax-like result.

I will plug Polished Image Detailing in Tacoma. They have Tesla experience and did a great job of paint preparation, Opti-Coat Pro application, including the 21" wheels, and applying a high luster top coating. Also opted for the Opti-Coat window application which sheds water like Rain-X, but lasts at least a year. Thought the price was very reasonable. Contact the owner, Brian Churchill, at 253 900 5884

Brian's phone is 253 906 5884

I had my car Opti-coated by Polished Image Detailing in Tacoma the day after taking delivery. Brian was very professional and good to deal with. There was one issue that I still think about, but haven't yet decided what to make of it. Here's the situation: I dropped off my MS85 at Brian's shop on a Saturday morning in December and plugged it in right away. Brian looked over the car and told me that he would be washing it and then doing a 1-step polish as the paint appeared to be in good condition and then would be doing the opti-coat. He also said that he would be taking off the wheels and coating them. He called me on Monday around noon and told me that my car would be ready at 2PM. When I picked up the car, I asked him how long the entire process took and he said something like 15-20 hours (I can't remember exactly, but it was on that order). I didn't question it at the time because I didn't have any hard evidence to speak to the contrary, however, I was monitoring the status on the car via the iPhone app throughout the weekend. I noticed that the car remained plugged in the entire weekend and wasn't unplugged until Monday morning. So, when he told me how long it took, I was surprised because I would assume that the first step in the process would be to wash the car, but I feel rather confident that the car couldn't have been washed until Monday morning as it was plugged in (and didn't move). So, if that were true, then the maximum amount of time he could have worked on the car would have been about 5 hours instead of the 15-20 like he had said. In hindsight, I should have asked him to explain the steps he took in the 15-20 hours to see if it in fact did start with washing the car. But, I'm left with a feeling that he wasn't completely honest with me and I accept that I could be wrong. I only mention it in case it's helpful to anyone else doing business at Polished Image.

Regarding opti-coat, I do wish I had done a little more research before getting the car coated. I do think it's a pretty great product at keeping things from sticking to the paint. You likely won't need to wash the car nearly as often and it should maintain a clean look longer than if not coated. However, I did fool myself into thinking that it would help with light scratches. Even though the coating is permanent and "hard", it won't protect the car from scratches. No matter how careful you are, driving it for a couple months is all it will take before you start to see (very small as in the size of a grain of sand or a little larger) chips on the front bumper and hood from road debris. In hindsight, I think I would rather have chosen a product that would help with small chips and scratches more than I would prefer a product to keep the paint clean. I've heard a lot of great things about Xpel wraps and am considering getting my hood and front bumper wrapped to protect the car from further chips and scratches.

I realize this may not be exactly what you asked for, but hopefully it will be helpful in your decision making process.

Resistance to scratches is a major reason I went with G-techniq instead of Opticoat. Nothing, of course, is perfectly resistant; but from what I could learn, the latter is better. Having had my car only long enough to have washed it once, I can't really say much from experience yet.

Opticoat Pro in Beaverton Oregon $498, 1 day

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