Oregon Public Charging Stations

We live in Oregon and received our Model S in Feb. of this year (2013). We live in Roseburg and want to travel south to Medford and eventually into California to the bay area. Can anyone suggest safe charging stations we can use and any hotels that have charging stations? Thank You

Probably a little too close to you to be useful, but Seven Feathers Resort & Casino in Canyonville has a good selection of charging stations: J1772, NEMA 14-50, and Roadster.

The Mill Casino RV Park in North Bend OR has NEMA 14-50.
They charge $15 for 4 hours.

There are many resources online. Start with this

and make sure you get ahold of charge-finding apps like Chargepoint. Also make sure you sign up for all the various services for charging in the wild (Blink, etc)

I posted this after a trip from Corvallis to Arizona and some of the details might be of help.

The first day I charged in Canyonville (didn't really need to as I now have confidence that I could make Ashland), Ashland (see post for what worked best for me in Ashland), and at the Mt. Shasta KOA overnight.

The next day I charged at Heritage RV Park in Corning for a few hours and then on to Oakland.

If you want any particulars, such as kWh used per leg of the journey, let me know.

It shouldn't be too many months before you can make the journey on Superchargers.

In Oregon I've had good luck with Recargo. They have a Tesla-specific webpage - I think it's

@Epley - Thank you for that map! I'm getting ready for a road trip from Seattle to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks, so this is extremely helpful!!

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