I am curious as to what type of people the reservation holders are. Let's share some personal information while we wait for our babies to come.
I am a 48 year old internist. I have been in practice in Gurnee Il for 20 years. Married, 2 teen boys. My hobby is building wooden ship models. I drive a Chevy Volt. Now you know!

40 Year old Car buff getting rid of a BMW X5...Married. 5 Young kids between my wife and me. 11,10,8,6,6. I have a 1992 Acura NSX as well. I am a mortgage banker in Charleston SC.

Should have said 50+. Just being facetious after all.


I am not in Chicago - but have family there. Any rust on the Del Sol?

23 - Just moved from Boston to California a few months ago for first job after graduate school. Currently work as R&D engineer in alternative energy power plant design.

No prob, Jingle.

SD, I traded my BMW 3.30 convertible. Great car, not close to this one.

55 tech consultant in SoCal. Was going to go for Nissan leaf and almost signed papers on site at dealers. A last minute search showed Nissan coming out with longer range battery, so decided to wait.

Then Toyota announced ZEV RAV4. Decided to get that instead of Leaf. Research said battery was provided by Tesla. Never thought I could afford it.

Oct 7th, went walking on 3rd St Promenade in Santa Monica with my puppy. Well, the rest is history!

Now, I am excited holder of reservation sequence # 12704. Hoping to see it July 2013??
Drives up to 90 miles on average a day and decided to spring for 85 to avoid range anxiety.

White, 85kWh battery, tech package, leather. Still trying to decide if I want to add air suspension or just go with sig version.

Got a new 2013 Prius while waiting for my model S. will give that to my son and sell his Accord when my model S comes in!

Not sure what you mean by "sig version". The signature cars were limited to 1000 in the US, 200 in Canada, 500 in EU, etc. About 370 switches, cancellations etc. over time increased the nominal max. reservation # by that much, but they've long been sold out.

For the first few months, ONLY air suspensions were shipped, so as to keep things simple. Standard suspensions are now available, but so far few are interested.

@Brian H:
Thanks for the clarification. Still learning. I saw signature as option in Design Studio and thought I could.order that. Disappointing to find it is limited and sold out.

I have seen thread on air suspension and quite frankly I am not convinced I need it, not to mention possibility of running into maintenance issues with it. Only reason I would consider it is if it will help me get the S faster.
Your feedback is much appreciated...


Take a look at performance 85kwh version. It includes air suspension and is as fast as signature performance.

ak-tually55, not sure if christine really wants a quicker car, or just wants to see it in her driveway sooner... ;-)

Hard to be exact, but blog polls suggest about half of all reservations to date are Performance. Many are from those planning the 40 base model or (60 "average" model) who made the mistake of test driving a Perf. Some want Supercharging and want to be able to burn watts on the freeways. Etc.

Elon expected the 60kWh to be the most popular in the long run. So far, not so. But the emphasis on early 85kWh delivery to get things going lured many, too.

Then there are those who just don't want to regret their conservatism years from now. Or months, weeks, or days!

Elon expected the 60kWh to be the most popular in the long run. So far, not so.

It is the real-life range. Anything less than 200miles is not very practical for anything else than city car. Even 300miles is still borderline of practicality (SC helps, but those are not everywhere) for single all-around car.

If 85kWh gives you 265 miles (apparently pretty accurately in RL) then 60/85*265 = only 187 miles for 60kWh version & battery degradation over years. IMO 85kWh is minimum, so it doesn't surprise me that most cars have that.

54 year old digital advertising executive. Other cars are Porsche 911 4S cab, Lexus RX450h (hate it), fulls-size Range Rover and Prius. The Porsche and Lexus will be replaced by the Model S.

My wife & I are 56 & 57 respectively, empty nesters. Both professionals living in the greater Seattle metro area. Reservation P-14409 placed on Thanksgiving day. Our baby will replace my wifes well kept 1996 E320 Benz.

Will you program it to limit the speed so she doesn't get scared, or drunk with power?


@Volker.Berlin & @ak-tually55

My prius is a slug, worse than my gas guzzling '09 ML350 which I sold in anticipation of the Model S :-)
So I think the std S will more than fill my need for speed :-)

As for Brian H and Timo's comments about battery size etc, my average driving range of 90 would be more than sufficiently met by the 60kWh but for me, there were several other considerations in going with the 85kWh:

1) 90*365*8 = >262K miles.
I went with the 85kWh just so I can get the year/unlimited
miles battery warranty.
Otherwise, I would hit 125K miles before 4 years is up.
2) Just in case I want to drive car from Fremont to SoCal and
experience the superchargers :-)
3) Just in case I feel need for some other road trip!!

30 years old. Electrical engineer. Investor. Passionately against the systemic world-wide corruption that undermines democracy, promotes injustice, legalizes theft and rape and will ultimately assure the collapse of our civilization... but what can we do?

From New Zealand, married a Canadian girl in 2008 and moved to Norway, where we now have two kids. I haven't owned a car since 2005, but I did recently modified my bicycle to hybrid-electric with 0.36 kWh battery and a 250 W motor :)

I hadn't heard of Tesla until I test-drove a Tesla Roadster through work a few months ago. I bought TSLA stock and reserved my Model S shortly thereafter.

I live in France (apologize for my English - I take lessons), 45 years old, married with two child.
I drive a new Jeep Gd Cherokee (2011, diesel !) every day of the week 110 miles. My wife drive our second car, a french Peugeot 807 that replaced our old Chrysler Gd Voyager 4 years ago.
I work in IT as consultant and I did a reservation in november for a model s (EU P1542).
I search the way to add my place on the map (early adopters map) i saw in this forum but i don't know where it is. If someone can help me, thanks

@C Bretaud - welcome to the forum. Try this link for the map:

32 year old Semiconductor Device Engineer, married almost 4 years to my very understanding wife. I bought my G37 coupe a few years ago because I was too impatient to wait for the Model S. Other car is a Lexus CT200h which will be our road trip car. I'm getting the base model 40kWh to use for commuting. I own the stock as well.

@C Bretaud;
You should see massive fuel savings; have you done an estimate?

Since you're studying, here's an edit of your post:

I live in France. (I apologize for my English - I take lessons), 45 years old, married with two children.
I drive a new Jeep Gd Cherokee (2011, diesel!) 110 miles every day of the week . My wife
drives our second car, a French Peugeot 807 that replaced our old Chrysler Gd Voyager 4 years ago.
I work in IT as
aconsultant and I made a reservation in November for a Model S (EU P1542).
searched for a way to add my location on the map (early adopters map) I saw in this forum, but I don't know where it is. If someone can help me, thanks.

@nickjhowe : thank you for the link. It's exactly what i was looking for.

@Brian : Thank you very much.
My Jeep has a mileage of 24 mpg (9,8l/100kms). We pay near 7$ per gallon (1,4€/l, and I use 1,3$ for 1€) and I drive 30000 miles (50000 kms) every year.
My calc is that i will save more than 7000 $ every year just with gas.

46yr old engineer for Cisco. Married with 2 kids, and live in NC. When I made my Res in July 2010, I was hoping my 98 Mustang would make it, but it didn't :( i bought a '11 Prius that I'm giving to my Mom.

45 year old retinal surgeon, married for 16 years with one daughter and three cardigan welsh corgis.

OK, I need more coffee. I just read that "45 year...married to 16 year old with one daughter" and though "that's early for having kids".

Your subconscious has a dirty mind. Or vice versa.

36 yo dentist in Portland, OR. #14175. Married, no kids. 3 small dogs. Another Fairlady fan. I have a 2009 370z Touring Sport, and I am going to miss her. My wife just got a Nissan Leaf (we are going 'all in' with EVs).

Going all in as well, my wife is #967 for the X.

That's an interesting possibility; I wonder if MS sales will give a compensating boost to Leaf second-car purchasing (to compensate for all the first-car purchasing it grabs!)

47 years. Freelance database engineer in The Netherlands. Married, two kids and a grandson. Two cats and guinea pig. I drive a Volvo C30 and my wife a Renault Espace.

Model S is very much on my mind at the moment. Lucky for me my wife also likes it.

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