Passenger door won't open

For some reason, the passenger side front door will not open when pulling on the handle. We have the tech package so the handles extend automatically. All other doors open when pulling on the handle. Could the door sensor be bad? FYI, I have reset the computer thinking it might be a software issue. Now I am thinking the sensor is not working.

Do yo have any recommendations?

It happened to my right rear door. I think it is the sensor has problem. When I touch any door, I would hear the unlock sound as it happens to all doors. But sometimes, the right rear door does not unlock itself. It seems like a build quality issue. I will request service repair if it stays like that.

Repair is likely necessary. Doesn't sound like a software fix will work, though the "fuse" reset might do it. Call Service.

The fuse solution worked for me. It takes 5 minutes and I did it myself. I haven't had a repeat of the issue since. The tech told me that if pulling the fuse didn't work, then to bring it in because they would probably need to replace the handle.

Had the same problem. Left passenger door would not open. No light. For two weeks. Waiting for a new part. Read this thread. Reset drivers computer screen 2 times and suddenly my door opens. Thanks guys.

This has happened to me several times with the rear drivers side passenger door. First time I was at Fremont service center but the door self corrected. Service adviser told me since he couldn't see it there wasn't anything he could do (early April ). Now it's May 1st and its been stuck for 4 days. Even after opening from inside and closing the door it wouldn't open. Called service left message, haven't heard back as usual do I'm going in on May 3nd, but now the door works.

I just had this happen to me for the second time in 5 months, but i'm pretty sure i know how to recreate it. I think it must be something like an uninitialized variable or race condition. I got out of my car, locked it with the fob, then immediately unlocked it with the fob. Since the handles won't auto present unless you go out of range and come back, i had to manually unlock it. Once i did that, the passenger door was stuck. I rebooted and it cleared. The set up was the same the first time, but it was the driver door and i don't recall what cleared it. Like i said, i think it's reproducible, but i don't really want to try.

I had it too. Fuse reset works, but wasn't fixed until handle was replace. Perfect now. Ranger came and did it in an hour. Perfect service.

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