Performance Plus package

Anyone notice the performance plus package.
Upgraded linkages etc.


@torst1 - to each their own. I think the badges are cool. My observation is that most who have removed their badges usually have the lowest version of that model of car. i.e., I regularly see the base 3 series bimmer with the badge removed. It's almost as if they don't want anyone to know they have the starter model. But you can tell by looking at the tires, trim kits, etc. that it is the base model.

Well whatever keeps the smile on your face. It is your car.
Keep it any way you like. For me I like the no badge route.


Interesting, Came from Tesla UK and the name sounded english, but "information are pending" seemed wrong to me (Information is pending)…
Anyhow She was quick to react and always been a great help. Nothing but kudos to the UK Ownership Experience Advocate(s)...

This would be a lot more desirable if they paired it with sport seats, so you wouldn't be sliding around while using all that cornering capability.

Eelton: Could not agree more. Maybe the upcoming "right under your nose" announcement?

Yea it clearly says "wider rims" in the rear. My friend at Tesla did say that it improves 0-60 by half a second. Just wonder if they will give you any credit for the current rims on your car.

@gmcnabb Does your friend have any detail on the actual size of the rear rims and tires? I am really going to have to find a way to get this upgraded on my existing P85 :-)

I haven't heard many people complain of wheel slippage on good roads so why would wider tires lower the 0-60.

Unless the ESC is so unobtrusive that it is limiting power to prevent slipping and people aren't even noticing it.

I always see the ESC trip when I punch it. Another 10-20 on the width and as others mentioned lower profile will certainly help the 0-60. I was stunned to see no stagger on the MS. I'm with lola too high-end bushings do remarkable things for a cars feel. But they wear out faster so I suspect that's why they erred on the side of endurance. Lola's pics from the mall display also show that sway bar is puny.

UPDATE as of 4/8/2013 - 7pm Eastern

Tesla just reversed their pricing decision for those of us who finalized under 2012 pricing with vehicles that are still open to order modifications who wish to add the performance plus package. Previously, Tesla had stated that while they would honor 2012 pricing, the performance plus package would still cost $6,500, effectively asking us to pay for 21" wheels twice (21" wheels were included in the 2012 performance package.) After a bunch of back and forth with Tesla today, I just received verbal and email confirmation that for those of us in this situation, the performance plus package can be added for a discounted price of $3,000. I've added it to my order.

If you're in this situation and had previously been told the plus package would be $6,500 and want the perf plus package, I'd call/email immediately.


Told I can't add it because car is being built. If they won't rebate for the existing wheels, I'll fight. If I lose, I'll keep them and put snow tires on them. They should have done this in the first place for the Performance model, like the difference between the Roadster and the Roadster Sport.

How can they add suspension modifications to a car already on the line? If it's deadly urgent, sell the car you get and place a new order. It only takes a month or two to get delivery now.


The discounted price of $3,000 for people waiting for their cars with 2012 pricing is simply not true. Just got off the phone with the Tesla order specialist and they are not able to honor that price. They said the cost is the full $6,500 for the performance plus package.

They told me full $6500 too, NO discount.

Demand both paid-for sets of 21s. >:)

For those wanting more details as to what is included in the P+ look below. As for a discount, there doesn't appear to be one since you're getting a complete new set of 21" wheels/tires. Also the cost for retrofit is 9500.

I received confirmation today regarding the upgraded performance plus. It will come with the following items:

2 x Rear lower control arms with revised stiffer bushings
2 x Rear upper links with revised stiffer bushings
2 x 21" x 8.5" front wheels with 245/35R21 Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires
2 x 21" x 9" rear wheels with 265/35R21 Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires

This confirms that you will get a second set of wheels and tires. The price is $9500 installed including an alignment and TPMS sensors.


I can see how on the retrofit, you'll get a complet New set of tires and rims. I understand Tesla wont take Your used in return.
I Guess the $3000 extra is for these tires/rims.

However, I dont think you'll get double up when you order the performance plus at $6500 on a New car? They would be better off lowering the price, than forcing doulde set of tires?

Then, I should on my standard Performance plus get 19" and the 21"?
That would be excellent though, as I need a set of Winter tires.. but I dont think this will be the case?

I hope they still offer the upgrade after a couple years when my tires would need replacing anyway?

Was kind of hoping they would go wider on rears. Would love to see 305/30r21. Probably bumping up against the limit in width clearance. Or maybe 30 profile is too problematic with TPMS.

I would also wait for the sensors to go in before my Model S' butt got any bigger... :)

Also, thanks for confirmation that retrofit refers to current owners as we suspected. This car is so great already but it is awesome that they are making mechanical upgrades as well as software upgrades available.

Does anyone know what the rear camber specs will be with the new setup?

Maybe a bit off topic, but anyone know if Tesla has quoted a price that only includes the suspension upgrades? I think at least half the cost is the new combo with tires/wheels.

@EMDoc, I have e-mailed the ownership team with exactly that question! Will post when and if I get a reply about it.

@BYT - Just heard back from ownership. Looks like they won't let us do the suspension bits separately! At least not yet..maybe we need to be more vocal about it. The 9500 doesn't even include the newer dampers or front/rear stabilizer bars! The only thing I would do at this point is replace the following as stated by Kublai:

2 x Rear lower control arms with revised stiffer bushings
2 x Rear upper links with revised stiffer bushings

I will ask my service advisor if he can order these separately and just add them to the car. I see no reason why we must upgrade the tires/wheels.


Re: the comment above "I haven't heard many people complain of wheel slippage on good roads so why would wider tires lower the 0-60" ... my tires slip all the time if I floor it with my P85 and 21s. Am I the only one? Then again it's still pretty cool out, I'm looking forward to the nice hot sticky rubber summer...

There seems to be some changes done to the Performance Plus package:

1. Looking at the Options and Pricing page, the 21" wheels no longer "included", but now "required". When the package is selected, the pricing page automatically adds $3,500 for 21" wheels in addition to the $6,500 for the package.

2. The Options and Pricing page states that choosing Performance Plus package improves range by 8 - 12 miles. I do not remember seeing this before. I am also wondering how this package improves range when Tesla range calculator states that 21" wheels reduce range??

Elon send another follow-up mail. I'm extremely impressed with this. It is refreshing to see such an approachable, passionate and responsive CEO!

Sorry for the error. Should be fixed soon.

Perf plus is over and above the 21" wheels, so pretty expensive, but very worthwhile. Probably the best upgrade since Model S start of production.

I'm sold :)

Has anyone driven the car with and without the Performance Plus package to know if it really makes a difference? I got to test drive a Model S Performance that did NOT have the suspension upgrade, and while the car was awesome, I want more of a sports car feel in the handling.

When I drove the 85 side by side with p85 there was a noticeable difference. It is hard to decide if this upgrade is worth the price though. Haven't seen any specs on how the handling is improved (lateral g forces etc). Any thoughts.

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