Petition to allow Tesla to sell in all states-tracking progress

I signed yesterday and were up to 2400. I sent the link and a message to my friends and family, hopefully a few will sign it. I suggest all of us on the forum do the same!

Andrew Savin

This is nerve racking. Don't know if there are still a lot more out there to sign or if we are thru the big wave of people. It appears that my attempt to talk to KTLA 5 and ABC 7 in Los Angeles fell thru. Sent the required emails as requested on Thursday and no return contact. Trying to figure out new groups of people to get added to list. We all need to approach this as if we are not going to make the 100,000 until we cross the line.

66,856 @ 6:56 PM PDT - 308/hour

66, 886 @ 7:00pm pdt worries's already approaching 70K with six more days to go. It will surpass the 100K mark easily. The truth is this petition will probably not bring any real change at the federal level because the issue will be seen as a hot potato of Federal vs. State Rights issue. But having 100k petition signatures in a short period of time should have positive positive effect at state level where the issue will likely be settled.

It's probably just slow for the weekend.

Tesla petition is now one place closer to the top.
67,042 8:35pm MDT

67, 042 @ 7:35pm pdt

#12 most popular wh petition of the year! Still #1 most popular active WH petition! Keep em coming!

11,000 on the day so far! Awesome for a Saturday!

67,148 @ 7:56 PM PDT - 292/hour

67,434 @ 8:56 PM PDT - 286/hour

67,664 @ 9:56 PM PDT - 230/hour

67,889 @ 10:56 PM PDT - 225/hour

Looks like we're going to finish the day with 12,000 signatures. Great Saterday numbers!

68,201 @ 01:30 pdt

68,404 @ 04:30 pdt

68, 658 @ 6:00am pdt

I signed it, total 69,045.
30,969 needed.

Seems like it lost steam...
Let's push some more.
Almost 70K

Signed. I think we'll make it, and frankly it's already gotten the attention it was designed to get. It reinforces the unique independent customer driven power of Tesla, not to mention confirming one of the most powerful aspects of the business not by advertising but by word of mouth. No car company has ever done that.

69,364 @ 8:20 am PDT
Still at 5/minute. Don't know what to expect on a Sunday!

Tesla = the car of the number crunchers.

From reservation numbers to VINs to pricing to battery degradation to White House petitions, nothing lights up the comment count in this room like something to count and analyze. LOL

69, 878 @ 9:30am pdt

@bobinfla LOL - very true!

Almost 70,000 people who signed the petition. That's a respectable number, if you keep in mind that there are many people who still have never heard about Tesla Motors.

Still more than 30,000 to go, and time is going fast. Via Social Media is a good way to get more signatures. And people should talk personally to people who spend very little time on the internet to reach those people as well.

I think this can be done.

Just hit 70,000! 9:49 pdt

Tobi_ger can you send the Green Car Reports article to
I called their Press Dept. They are interested.

70, 158 @ 10:08am pdt

Rate is steadily picking up again...

70, 303 @ 10:27am pdt

Any lawyers out there that can comment how the Tesla situation can fought on the basis of the US constitution commerce clause? How could a presidential response to a petition be used in a federal court case?

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