Petition to allow Tesla to sell in all states-tracking progress

I signed yesterday and were up to 2400. I sent the link and a message to my friends and family, hopefully a few will sign it. I suggest all of us on the forum do the same!

Andrew Savin

14708 @6:44am pst...

Moved up to #4 most popular active WH petition the nation!

... 700 behind #3... Keep it up!

7:29pm pst... Starting to outpace #3. 690 behind now! Keep it up! Thx to Phil Lebeau for petition tweet this morning!

15,000 @7:53am pst... Gained another 100 on #3... Only 590 behind now! Cool stuff!

+1 +5 +
personally goal reached of 5 more to sign
now aiming for 5 more!

I've recruited at least 5 so far. And several of them are working on recruiting their own 5.

15,380 @ 10:10 am PST

Correction, PDT. ;)

15,888 @ 1:16pm pdt

Closing in on #3 most popular active petition... With 240 signatures of passing it for the spot! Keep it up!

@Andrew18: Can you please edit your original post to include the link to the petition? That way people who are reading on later pages can have easy access to the link. Thanks!

16,017 @150pm pdt

Now within 160 sigs of #3!

16,110 @2:14pm pdt

Within 100 of #3! Keep up the sigs!

16,208 @ 2:42pm pdt

Within 32 of #3! Almost there!!

16,283 @ 3:00pm pdt

Tesla takes the #3 spot! Third most popular active WH petition in the country! Next stop #2!

16,600 @ 4:23pm pdt

#2 most popular active petition is stagnating around 26,100... Just 9.5k away!

@jk2014: where are you seeing the most popular active petitions? When I look at the website and click on "open petitions" > "popular", ours is listed as #46.

44 are not active anymore, time has run out to get 100k. I guess the WH leaves up the petitions for the year active or not...

So are you looking at the same list, and just clicking on each one to see whether it's still active? Impressive!

17,000 @ 6:27pm pdt

Tesla petition is currently outpacing all active petitions with sigs! Keep it up!

17,252 @ 7:17 pm PDT
Back up to almost exactly 5/min.

I note several with more sigs:
Ban teaching creationism
Pardon Snowdon (over the 100K target)
Obama to resign
Repeal the Patriot Act -- just passed this one by a dozen or so sigs.

Ban teaching creationism - 37,798
Obama resign - 26,055

17402 @ 8:00pm pst

There are two actively perusing 100k right now, tesla petition is out pacin them with sigs!

...Two above tesla in total Sigs...

17504 @ 8:15pm pdt...

18,064 @ 11:50 pm PDT

Looking better, might reach 100k at this pace?

18,209 @ 4 am PDT

@Brian...............Do you EVER sleep???

18552 @ 6:23am pdt

7.5k away from #2 most popular active petition. Keep the Sigs coming!

Forward to people who might sign, but don't read this forum too. And remember to have them forward.

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