Petition to allow Tesla to sell in all states-tracking progress

I signed yesterday and were up to 2400. I sent the link and a message to my friends and family, hopefully a few will sign it. I suggest all of us on the forum do the same!

Andrew Savin

25,552 @ 12:54pm pdt

Within 560 of #2!

25,675 @ 1:00pm pdt

...447 from #2 spot

No need to correct my "am" to "pm". Quit obvious what time I meant.
With this pace reaching 100k will take appr. 3 days?

25880 @ 1:09pm pdt

Just 242 from #2 ,

Seems like its settling in at 25/min, 1,500/hr, 36,000/day... If this is maintained, could reach 100k by Sunday!

25k -> 26k took 53 minutes.
Still good for a 100k this sunday

26,039 @ 1:19pm pdt

83 sigs from being #2 most popular active WH petition!

26172 @ 1:26pm pdt

Tesla petition is #2 most popular active WH petition! (Excluding free snowden since its reached 100k). Yay!

... 12k to go to reach #1!

12k more sigs will also break tesla petition into top 20 most sigs of any WH petition for the year! So keep em coming!!

Goal is getting 38200 by 10pm pacific!

signed and circulated on whatever social media presence I have ;-)

#26,040 at about 3:30pm today ... looks like it is still doing over 20 per hour

26,501 @ 1:48pm pdt

Way out pacing #1 spot in sigs per minute!!!

Yeah - it's beginning to look exponential. If it continues like this we should hit 100000 by Sunday

I shared a link on my Facebook to the petition and then paid to promote the post. It should only cost about $1 per 100 friends you have and I figured it was worth the $6.99 to promote a good cause. Just FYI for those that would consider it.

+1 therealmach3

26,869 @ 2:12pm pdt

About 500 away from breaking into top 40 most signed petitions of the year!

I plotted it for a few days and even at exponential its 89k on July 5th. But you never know with media influence.

What's 25/minute get you in three days? Add that to 27k, what's the final number?

27,052 @ 2:25pm pdt

@jk2014 That's 36,000 a day, or 108,000 in 3 days.

Correction: That was 89k by the end of sunday.

Thanks, archibaldcrane. Add that to current 27k, and could land Tesla at #4 most signed petition of the year by 1Jul! Still have 4 days to go for #1 most signed petition of the year in the US!

I guess I'm looking at different data - still sticking with Sunday - unless people stop using their computers over the weekend

I just sent a letter to ABC 7 Los Angeles after calling them and getting the proper email address. I hope they call back and pursue this. Perhaps people in other areas can call other news stations. I plan on sending to another local station tomorrow if I am not contacted by ABC 7
I am pleasantly surprised on how fast it is moving today.

27391 @ 2:55pm pdt

Just jumped into the top 40 most signed of the year! Keep me coming!

(Auto correct fix)Keep 'em coming!

27,450 @ 3:03pm pdt

#39 most signed now!

+1 kimscar

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