Petition to allow Tesla to sell in all states-tracking progress

I signed yesterday and were up to 2400. I sent the link and a message to my friends and family, hopefully a few will sign it. I suggest all of us on the forum do the same!

Andrew Savin

Holy Tsignami, Batman!

27,570 at 3:10 PDT

27,778 @ 3:34pm pdt

27905 @ 3:39pm pdt

28,241 @ 4:05pm pdt

28,616 @ 4:36pm pdt

Moved up to #38 most signed (active and inactive this year). Within 10k of #1 most popular active petition. Still #1 sig rate...

... 460 sigs to move up to #37...

29,136 @ 5:28pm pdt

Now #37 most signed. Just 335 away from moving into #36!

29,529 @ 6:08pm pdt

Passed #36 and is now #35 most signed this year! Only 117 from taking #34! Keep it up!

I put a link to the petition in the comments of an article about Tesla and the direct-sales battle. Here's the link to the article:

29,716 @ 6:28pm pdt

Now tesla petition is #34!

29,813 @ 6:41pm pdt

Now Tesla's petition is #33! Moving up fast now!!! Awesome!


I can't figure out how to sort the petitions like you apparently are. I can only choose to look at "popular" petitions, in which case I get a jumble of petitions many of which are expired, or I can look at "all" petitions. But I can't sort in either case. How are you doing that?

Hit 30,000! Great job! (7:03pm pdt)

Most popular has the most Sigs. Goes from most Sigs to least Sigs. Most of the popular petitions ahead of Tesla's petition are not active, time has expired, so don't really get any signatures anymore. There are two active petitions (have time on them before they expire). One has made it to 100k and the other is stagnating around 38.2k.

Tesla petition is at 30k, second most in petitions currently active and aiming for 100k.

I can't find any active (or inactive) with a higher rate of Sigs/hr, so tesla is rising in numbers the fastest out of all petitions.

Only 8 petitions have actually made it to 100k this year, so it's not too common. I just reviewed a response to a petition that only had 70k Sigs, so I think they might be flexible on the 100k number.

Still, Tesla's petition is goin to hit the 100k and it will be very interesting how the WH responds. A lot of ears will be listening because this has wider implications for interstate commerce clause and states rights.

Okay, I see how you got the ranking...Thanks! Yes, Hopefully 100k by Sunday

30,243 @ 7:33pm pdt

#32 now! Keeps going up!

30,256 < 7:40 PM PDT.

So who's growing a petition beard?

If you were to divide the amount needed left by the amount of days left, the petition would need 10k more signers a day. Looking at the progress in the past week, it's looking up.

30,328 @ 7:45pm pdt

At #31! Can't be stopped!

@jk2014 we definitely need 100K sigs I think they responded to some petitions with less because at the time the threshold for signatures was lower

30,533 @ 8:16pm pdt

#30 now!

Tehy used to only need 25k signatures, but they did raise it as the site got more popular.

Gonna grow a petition mullet!

@Engineer, not necessarily true, if you see other petitions on there some of them only have a 25k, or 10k signature goal. Maybe it's for lesser petition or something?

Just seemed a bit unfair

@jonesxander remember that the online platform is new. Maybe there are certain issues that allow for a lower signature minimum, but I feel that they had to raise it as more people registered to the site.

30,782 @ 8:46pm pdt

Now #29! Excellent!

I'm pretty sure all new petitions require 100,000 signatures. The requirements used to be lower, but they've been raising the bar as it has been too easy for random/joke topics to get enough signatures and the whitehouse was required to put effort into responding.

31,014 @ 9:19pm pdt

Think we can hit 33k by midnight!

31,251 at 10 pm PDT

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