I feel like a stalker. I saw a white Model S driving on 112th near SE 8th in Bellevue about an hour ago. It was so beautiful. *sniff* It still had the temporary tag in the rear winshield.

I feel stupid because I actually did a double take. I didn't really get much of a change to look at it because I was driving in the opposite direction. Man, I love the LED lights. At some point, sightings aren't going to be a big deal, but I'm thinking that this is the first time I've seen a Model S in the hands of an owner (though I guess I don't know for a fact that it really was a customer owned car).

Had a Red Model S about run me over in a crosswalk near the Space Needle. Most people would have flipped him off, I gave him the thumbs up. My Black, Pano, 19" has 3000 miles in 2 months and I have had that startled person in the crosswalk thing a few times.

I really think the window set-up makes it hard to see people in crosswalks when you're turning into them, and they don't hear you until it's time for them to flip you the bird.

Seems like you're stretching to for an excuse there because it's a Model S.

Saw a dark...think grey or green Model S with dark wheels at 3:13 PM on 156th Pl SE north bound from SE 272nd St. Love it!

I saw a white one today at the interesection of 110th Ave NE and NE 10th in downtown Bellevue. I was driving my green S in the opposite direction. I didn't notice until we were both entering the interesection at the same time, so I didn't know if the lady driving had noticed first and tried to signal me or anything when I wasn't paying attention. I tried to wave as we passed, but she didn't notice or she is too dignified to wave, lol.

I also so a silver one yesterday at the intersection of 114th Ave SE and SE 8th St. It was clean and had temp tag (no plates) and so it might have been brand new even. I was on 114th stopped at the light at the intersection with SE 8th. I tried to flash my highbeams at the driver as he drove by on SE 8th, but he didn't notice.

I went to Daniel's Broiler in Bellevue today (March 14) for lunch, and parked in the garage. The garage is huge -- I think it is shared with the Hyatt and lots of stores. After lunch, I had trouble finding my car. When I finally found it, I tried demonstrating to a friend how the door handles extend automatically. Only they didn't. At which point, my wife pointed out to me that it wasn't my car. It was a different white Model S, probably pearl white, but I didn't wait around long enough to make sure.

At areound 10:20 am, I saw a gray Model S heading south on 405 while I was on 405 N, on the north side of the Kennydale hill. I didn't really have a chance to wave or anything like that.

Saw a new Gray in Sammamish while driving home today. I waved but not sure if they saw me or not.


I saw a pearl white in my garage last night... :D

I pulled up next to a black one at the corner of 23rd and Jackson in Seattle yesterday, but couldn't get any love. Looked like someone was giving a test drive...the driver was distracted and had the Tesla grin/was laughing out loud.

My sig-red ran across a sibling at the Chipotle's in Redmond today. Couldn't get the drivers attention as he was leaving the lot.

Just drove past 2 near the 520 offramp in Redmond tonight. There are more and more on the roads lately!

Passed 2 in quick succession on E. Lake Sammamish Pkwy yesterday. One was Black and the other Silver. Thought that was pretty great having 3 Model S' within a block or two of one another.

Yesterday I was walking across the street in front of a grey Model S stopped at the light. It was new, because it had the temp tag. I didn't wave or anything, because I thought it would be weird. Also, didn't have the DLR's on. Come on, man! That's the Model S signature, you have to have it on!

Tonight at about 6:30 I was walking my dog on Capitol Hill, and a blue or black S was driving east on E. Aloha between 16th E. and 17th E. I waived, but of course the driver probably had no idea why.

We drove by another sig-red last night and my son asked me why we don't have a special wave we give. he said that Jeep owners have one (which I didn't know about) and that there should be a Tesla "Wave" we give to eachother...

@olanmills - how was a brand new Grey Model-S a signature? I don't think that grey was an option for the signature owners.


I'm trying to master the Tesla "wink". When the turn signal is activated the DRL's dim briefly. So far I have only mastered the triple blink wink. I need to do some trials to see if I can get it down the single wink. Apparently, you can turn on your turn signal, let it blink once and then turn it off. I haven't had the chance to master it yet.

It is getting to the point that I am seeing at least one Model S on every outing. I'll see 3 in a span of less than an hour at times. The Model S is already far more successful than the BMW I adored. I would see a BMW sibling on the road once or twice a year. Half the time it was at a car show.

I have had trouble letting go of that BMW. I looked for a very, very long time to find a car that had the responsiveness that I craved. The Model S was the first car that came along that could compete with my BMW. My conversion to the Model S was completely performance based.

I think my flagship BMW is now ready for a museum.

@joepruitt, sorry I didn't mean that it was a Signature Model S. I meant that the day time running lights are part of the unique look of ANY Model S.


Also, today, there was a white Model S parked at The Bravern in the driveway loop by Neiman Marcus. It had a fireman's sticker on the rear windshield. One of the valet guys was taking a picture of it.

I don't get it, somehow, when I try to wait at those locations with my Green Model S, they know and the valet guys scold me because if you work at the Bravern (which I do) you're not allowed to wait there for pick ups/drop offs, etc.

At 6:51 PM tonight on the way to meet friends for dinner I noticed (as we drove by) on Campus Drive a silver Model S parked on the west side of WinCo. Noticed that it had Oregon plates. Love seeing more and more Model S!

In a single drive east on 520 last week at 6:30 or so I saw 3 (grey, white, ???) heading the opposite direction. This was all while just on the bridge! Way to go Seattle.

The could possibly be new cars for delivery. The cars are detailed in Bellevue at Metropolitan Detail (and the paint protection is applied there too, if ordered), and then I'm sure at least some of them are driven over to the Seattle service center if people are taking delivery there.

Finally saw one on the Seattle side. Black, no front plate, northbound this afternoon on Sand Point Way just passing the gate to Magnuson Park.

While waiting for the bus, I spotted a gray Model S this morning on Capitol Hill at 16th and Aloha. I gave the driver a thumbs up, which he returned. I wonder whether he lives nearby.

I saw a black one on NE 8th in Bellevue yesterday. I tried to give her a thumbs up, but she didn't notice (or pretended not to, anyway). I wasn't driving mine. I am currently driving a loaner from Metropolitan Detail.

Sightings are getting more common and I don't make apost for every one I see. It's kind of mundane now. I think I won't post any more sightings unless there's anything particularly notable.

Sorry olanmills, that might have been me. I'm still not use to the reactions from others, so I rarely notice or look for it. The only 2 times I did was 1) when a lady with her baby in a bjorn jumped into the street in front of me and gave me 2 thumps up and a very active wave 2) when another MS passed me, then let me catch up to exchange a wave(never figured out who this was).

@PattiT lol, that first encounter seems scary and dangerous. I people aren't jumping in front of Model Ses too often!

Just picked mine up on 03-27. Up until then I still hadn't seen one in the wild. 03-28 about 8:30 AM; I was driving SB I-5 near Boeing field, and spotted my first one. I caught up to the unbadged silver car and had my two passengers wave at him.

@joepruitt and I had an impromptu weekend meetup on Saturday. Our daughters played against each other in their opening weekend softball games. I saw Joe's car as he drove into the parking lot, and then I heard his name announced as the coach of the opposing team. I knew it had to be the same guy as @joepruitt on these forums!

It was great meeting you, Joe. Once my multi-coat red arrives in April/May (so close!), I would love to have a meetup, especially since I will miss the one in Bellevue this weekend due to Spring Break plans.


@dsecrist - Great meeting you too on the way out. Sorry it was kind of rushed... Maybe you'll have yours by the time our girls play eachother again.

I'm missing the Bellevue meetup as well as we are heading out for spring break too. It's unfortunate that the meetup was scheduled during Lake Washington's spring break.

There are quite a few Model S's in Sammamish now. We can probably get a regular Saturday morning meetup at the Starbucks going for those interested.

Dan, Friend me on Facebook @ and we can sync up when you get yours.

Saturday morning?? Hmph.

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