Solar Panel installation in South Florida

I am looking for recommendations
Has anyone had solar panel installed just for the model S in South Florida?
Which company/electrician did you use?

Sunbelt Solar Energy in Sarasota installed mine 3 years ago.

If you haven't done this yet, give bluechip energy a call. I am having them do my house as I write this. The silicon wafers are made in China, but the panels, frames, and inverters are made right here in Lakeland, Florida!
Please contact Jack Osborne at (407) 463-1151 and tell him that Jordan sent you.


could you please describe your installation a little in detail? KW,number of panels, cost, etc.

Thank you.

I am also interested in installing panels and the approx costs.

Also how do you guys store the energy as loading of the car usually goes when the sun is down !

Ikea is starting to sell complete solar panel system in Germany and I assume like always they will have a cheap price. Maybe worth to import.


What is the basic cost?

I have solar on my house in Orlando and have done quite a bit of research on the topic.

To recharge about 50 miles you need about 14.2kWh of electricity (per Tesla's calculator).
In Florid you can count on 4 to 6 hours of sun per day on average. You have to derate the system from the "sticker value" on the panels to account for losses that occur. A typical factor is 77%. (

So if you figure an annual average of 5 hours of Sun, with 77% derate, you would need about 3.7kW system to offset driving your Tesla 50 miles per day.

Also, you will want to "grid tie" your system rather than use a battery back up. This is basically using the utility company as your battery. Batteries only make sense in remote locations or with unreliable utilities. During the day your will spin your utility meter backwards and an night you will use the electricity from the grid.

The cost should be in the ballpark of $4/Watt installed. So, the system will run about $15k out of pocket. Keep in mind you will get 30% back as a tax credit--be sure to ask for it when you do your taxes. So you net cost will be about $10k.

Also check the website for any local rebates.

If you are going to install solar and can afford the upfront costs, I recommend installing 5kW or more to offset up to 80% of your house electric. The return in savings on your electric bill is better than any savings account at a bank.

Be sure to get a least 3 quotes. You will be surprised to find some companies charging over $6/Watt and getting away with it.

Good luck.


I realize that this is an old thread, but thought I would comment.

I live in central florida, Winter Park to be exact. I have a 14kw solar system on my house and I love it. I would not recommend doing any type of storage at this time, there is new technology coming as far as batteries, and am waiting for them to be more maintenance free and cheaper. Hopefully Tesla will help out in this regard. Their new battery plant will hopefully take advantage of the demand for storage banks for the home. Sony I believe has one, but it is very expensive. I am free to show my system to who ever wants to see it, I have built a LEED Platinum home with many innovations that are simple. The tesla we own is only one step in achieving independence.

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