Something very exciting coming...

Really exciting @TeslaMotors announcement coming on Thursday. Am going to put my money where my mouth is in v major way.

Read it online:

Care to speculate?

(Thanks Erik)

All this remind me of the old 1970's 'EF Hutton' TV commercials...

When Elon Musk tweets, people react!

@GoTeslaChicago - technically true, since equity sale proceeds go into the treasury of the company. But if the personal purchase is done concurrently with his decision as CEO to fund the SC upgrade with company capital, he is on high very ground to quell critics.

"Very high ground"

It's hard to argue with a CEO who puts his personal money where his mouth is.

I think the news will be good but less exciting than some of the ideas mentioned above. For example, he might announce:
Model S production/delivery has exceeded the 400/week estimate by a significant margin.
40 kwh battery development is complete (expected for end of March)
Additional SC plans.
New investment partners.

Another aspect of this thing involving investment in Tesla directly is the incredible regulatory/investment community hurdles that would be presented- not the least of which would be the tweet itself. No one, not even Elon, can ignore those hurdles or the consequences of facing them.

No. This is a quick to the mark action that requires no one else to approve. I still believe $25 million invested in super chargers would be a big plus for Tesla and a kick in the britches for Solar City. Remember, Elon has said that the super chargers would provide positive flow into the grid- that sounds like positive cash flow! And the northeast is now a fast growing market for Solar City- we're not just talking about sunshine city. Rive says they can go wherever utility rates are high.

Marriage of SpaceX and TM would have unpredictable, but probably beneficial, effects on both, and would certainly represent EM going "all in". Existing shareholders would probably see substantial "ground floor" benefits.

The marriage would require a stockholder vote. Elon can't do it by himself.

He could if he takes the company private.

He will build the Hyperloop which will be used to deliver Teslas quicker.

If he put his own (controlling) shares in the holding co. ...

You heard it here first - Apple is coming in as a strategic investor and launching an autopilot iCar!

Doesn't he and the board have majority vote? He owns like 30% and a couple board members are like 10%+ too?

The news better be all three of the following or the SEC will be on him 'big time'.

1) minor news (twitter worthy not PR worthy)
2) personal (not about a new car or adding production lines...)
3) positive (if it's negative, he will be charged with trying to manipulate the market)

Personally, I think he made a mistake and should have just let it happen. Geeez...


Put my money where my mouth is = figurative speech
Just a thought...

My bet is they have the results of the NTHSA tests and they are very positive - maybe even proclaiming the Model S as the safest car on the road.

Elon decides to take over the DOE loan with his own money

@vgrinshpun, @JZ13 - Between the two of you, this is perhaps the most plausible guess yet. He has stated publicly that the Model S was designed to get a 5 star rating all around. If you take his tweet figuratively, he would be "putting his money where his mouth is" by revealing that the actual results are, in fact, what he's been boasting...

Some people may not have heard the expression 'put your money where your mouth is'. It means that you've been saying something, and now you intend to prove that you really believe what you're saying - by betting your own money that the 'something' is true. For sure, Elon plans to place a bet (investment) involving Tesla. He is not just going to announce something such as profitability or safety ratings.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

I put my money where my mouth was when I bought a Model S.

Dragon was originally coming back on Thursday and is now due back on Tuesday...coincidence??

The dragon touched down safely yesterday...

Dragon came baack yesterday

Oops! I get "Science Daily" emails each morning and this morning I read the headline below without having my coffee yet. Being it's Wednesday today, I automatically registered it as next Tuesday. So sorry.

SpaceX dragon spacecraft carrying NASA cargo ready for return to Earth

Posted: 26 Mar 2013 10:51 AM PDT

More than three weeks after arriving at the International Space Station, the Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) Dragon spacecraft is ready for the trip back to Earth, now scheduled for Tuesday, March 26.

SO the space station received a Model S?? with magnetic wheels... no more spacewalks to make a repair.

Elvis is alive?

Better yet, Elvis just put down a reservation for a P85!

Elon = Stewie (from Family Guy). I'm a big fan of Stewie - remember his goal in life is "total global domination"

Picking apart Elon's tweet:

Really exciting: I don't know if a buy-back or some such financial arrangement would be considered exciting for the public

@TeslaMotors: I was thinking of Elon's ideas for an electric plane or hyperloop but this seems to restrict it to Tesla Motors only

Where my mouth is: I think this implies that it is a thought which he has spoken about publicly but not yet seen to have accomplished.

In v major way: This implies a very large investment, not just a large investment.

So I am thinking of a massive increase in production of the Model S. Rather than 25000 per year of the S, and then 200,000 for the Gen3, I am guessing 250,000 for the S soonish.

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