Stock price just broke $70

Looks like the street is finally turning their doubt into positive expectation on Tesla :)

Engadget Article

Hovering just under $70 in after hours.

Should be a good day tomorrow!

how likely is it going to stay that high though ?

Good question.

I would expect some sell off as that's a big jump.

I doubt we'll see it back down in the 50's, though I'm no expert (by any stretch of the imagination).

And now, after the Consumer Reports review and pundits jumping on the bandwagon, and short sellers squeezed to the max, it ends the week at $76.76.


Short sellers not close to being squeezed to the max yet. If that were the case, would have taken off like a SpaceX rocket.

Looks like another surge. It was up 1.30 a while ago, and just checked back and it's now powering through a gain of $3.50. About 1:45, hours to go yet.

More squeeze please:) @Brian H no wonder you're in such jovial spirits! Wait that's jocular isn't it?

Went back down in after market.

"Tesla motors files common stock, debt securities shelf"

looks like this is causing it. someone please fill in this noob investor.

Ah. Got it.

And went back up to about $90 after hours. Started today about $83. Not tea bags!

yeah. That is amazing. Tesla announces a stock offering and the price goes up after hours. I guess we will see how thing shake out in the morning.

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