Sub Zero Weather Package and Parking Sensors now up on

No mention of retrofit. Also they have added other options and completely redesigned the "Design Studio" section of website where you pick out options. Options now are:

Carbon Fiber Wing - $1500
HPWC - $2700
Tech Package - $3500
Smart Air Suspension - $2250
Parking Sensors (req's tech package) - $500
Fog Lamps - $500
Ultra High Fidelity Sound - $2500
Extended Napa Leather Trim - $2500
Alcantara Headliner - $1500
Rear Facing Seats - $2500
Premium LED Lighting - $1000
Sub Zero Weather Package - $750
Parcel Shelf - $250

They also now have 3 styles of 19" rim: standard, "Aerodynamic and Cyclone" both of which are $2500 upgrades, Cyclone looks very similar to the 21's which are now called "Turbine"

In addition, you can chose 'standard' or 'performance' seating, the later being with the Alcantara like a standard P85 seat which is a $2500 upgrade. The 'yacht floor' is $500, while interiors now only piano black is included, everything else is a $650 upgrade except for carbon fiber which is now $800.

So I recreated my car, which I received in Feb, and with the exact same options, my car is basically $10K more....pretty shocking that prices are being jacked up as much as they are. they've gone to grouping things into packages more towards 'a la carte' like typical ICE car manufacturers. What was a $950 Sound Studio Package is now a $2500 Ultra High Fidelity Sound package - and there's nothing on the website to indicate what if any difference there is. Air suspension has been jacked up $750. The HPWC interestingly is unchanged, as the new 'package' includes the onboard twin charging - which is not longer a package. To get it, you must buy the HPWC.

Interesting stuff.


The tech backup camera was the HD option, all cars got the SD by default.

Elon is claiming/pushing for 25% gross margin by the end of Q4 on a per-car basis, exclusive of the (substantial) ZEV credits. This may be required to get there.

I posted this in another thread but I think it is worth repeating for those that already have an order in but their cars might not have entered production yet if they want to order the Park Distance Control.

I got this from my Experience Specialist just now:

Good news! I just heard back from my delivery specialist and I got this email below. He seems to say that they can definitely add it. I asked him for 100% confirmation via email or phone once he hears from the Configurations team. But he said since it hasn't entered production yet it should be possible.

I guess that is the dividing line of if it is or isn't possible. I'd be SO thrilled if they do honor my upgrade request as this was the ONLY thing I was holding out for.

"Great question! I just recently heard about our official release last night a few days ago, so we’ve been confirming the appropriate processes for this point forward. In order for our customers who have placed their order in advance, we’re going to try and accommodate each personal request. Your vehicle has not yet entered the production line, so we can move on this request! Please keep in mind though, if you change the order, all options will now be subject to the new pricing. Since I am on the delivery team, I am unable to make these changes for you- but I’d like to pass your interests along to our Configurations team so they can verify your new order.

I think the parking sensors are a great new feature, fantastic choice! I will send out a message immediately for this request, but while we are on the topic, please let me know if there are any additional new options you may also be interested in J

I apologize for the uncharacteristic delay in response, I wanted to ensure I provided you the exact correct information! Please let me know if you have any questions going forward."

So is this the August news to which Elon referred at Teslive?

Maybe not, as it was delivered only as a change in a sub-sub-page.

@earlyretirement Adding the PDC option is most likely going to cost you over $5K.

The key phrase in the email reply from your ES is "if you change the order, all options will now be subject to the new pricing."

@ stvt. $5,000? How do you figure that? I already had ordered the technology package. I asked him to confirm how much more it would cost and he said probably $500. Sure, if I didn't have the technology package but I already had it ordered.

How do you come up with $5,000 more?

In any event I asked him to confirm ASAP how much exactly it will cost to get it. Maybe it will be a bit more than $500 but I can't see how you are coming up with $5,000 more?

Also, make sure you guys when you are configuring the costs you note that the price on the screen already backs out the $7,500 federal tax credit but on the invoice if you've already ordered doesn't include that.

I couldn't figure out why it wasn't coming out to much more then I had a "duh moment". The invoice on the car I already ordered didn't include the $7,500 tax credit and on the website it does. My car with the SAME configuration that I had earlier is well over $7,000 more now for the same things.

@ stvt

Also, remember when I ordered my P85 a few weeks ago I already ordered the Tech Package which was $3750 then. Now it's $3,500 for the tech package. Sure, they have $500 more for the PDC but I can't figure out how you are getting "$5,000 more"?

I already had the tech package.

@earlyretirement You're not repricing ALL the options...meaning your old configuration had options bundled together like wood trim with leather. The new options split them and it could be interpreted that you can get the sensors at $500, but every other part of your order would be repriced as well...and that effectively makes the sensors a $5000 change.

I'm in my confirmation window and need to figure out exactly what my options MyTesla I can change my options based on the old website and pricing...which means no pdc.

@earlyretirement You are going to be subject to the new pricing if you change your order. Go configure the same car and see where you end up. You have to pay extra now for many items that were previously included. I had an S85 order on hold waiting for the new options. The same car, before adding any additional options, is now over $5K more than it was last week.

My bad you guys are TOTALLY correct. Tesla just called me now. They said I only can do it reconfiguring the ENTIRE car! Yes over $5000 more. This seems silly to me. I don't get the warm fuzzy feeling about Tesla. It would be no big deal to just add it since my car hasn't started production.

She said they are working on a retrofitting solution and I got on a waiting list. I told the girl this seemed shady that they couldn't just add it on to a car that didn't enter production yet.

I understand the need to profit as a public company but this seems silly for people that ordered and they haven't entered production yet. I will wait for the retrofit option. In sure that wont cost $6000!

I got an 85P/Pano/Pearl/Grey/Piano/Air Susp/HPWC+Dual Chargers/Tech Package/19"/Child Seats/Upgraded Sound/Parcel Shelf. No netting in the Frunk. Price paid was 107,020 before taxes and credits. Superb build quality. Ordered on Jun-18, delivered on July-30

I would like to have Parking Sensors. Can I add them? I read the comments, but I am totally confused about this issue.

My vehicle is in production and was offered the parking sensor today subject to re-pricing of the entire vehicle. I appreciate the opportunity to get the new options, especially since my car is technically already being put together, but the cost of those parking sensors would have been $8,500. That made my decision for me. I'll wait for the retrofit.

Exactly Ampedrealtor. The frustrating thing for me is my delivery specialist gave me wrong information at first. He said it would only be $500 when I specifically asked him. Better for him to have told me he wasn't sure.

Oh well. Nothing we can do now.

I am sure Tesla will come with some retrofit option that may or may not cost the same. Since the software has it already built in the earlier model S. All they have to do is add the physical PDC hardware. It wouldn't make sense if they wouldn't let the early adopters add the new options.

I ended up reconfiguring my car to get the Parking sensors and the Cold Weather Package. I wanted both those options more than I wanted other things. I gave up the Sound Studio (mainly ordered it to have XM) because I usually just listen to Slacker or Spotify or Audiobooks on my iphone. I had also originally configured with the twin chargers with no HPWC (figuring I may want it in the future) but decided I didn't really need that. I did not add the Fog Lights but swung for the Interior Lighting. I kept the Suspension and Pano Roof (yikes that went up a lot). After these changes I was only higher about $500. Then I went and switched from white to Pearl White....adding another $1500. So today was expensive but I'm still happy with my changes. I'm also happy they said this would not change the delivery date (scheduled for 8/23).

@earlyretirement Can you confirm what I think I'm reading from your last comment.. that you have found out if you add park sensors that you will have to reprice the whole order to the new price/configuration list? My DS told me that this is the case and will not allow me to add park sensors without the complete repricing to today's prices. We did some shuffling of options around, dropped the HPWC and dual chargers.. went to Piano black, etc. to save and added park sensors and lighting package and came out about $450 cheaper than or original config we submitted.


Yes, you are understanding that correctly. At first my "Senior Delivery Specialist" told me it was possible since my car hadn't yet started production. (My delivery isn't scheduled until August 24). I got two various emails that were a bit conflicting so I emailed to ask him if it would just be $500 more. He confirmed but then sent another email saying it's better to talk to the configuration department.

Then about less than 2 hours later I get a call from Tesla asking if I want to confirm my change. She tells me that unfortunately I would have to pay the increased rates. I was confused but she explained that although I had ordered the Technology Package already and although my car hadn't yet started production yet, that I'd have to pay over $7,000 to get the Park Distance Control.

I was dumbfounded. I had to ask her twice to confirm that. She sounded like she was getting over the head all morning from customers in my situation. She said she would be willing to remove some options if I wanted to get the price down.

She EVEN went as far as saying that most people don't need the HPWC and that it might be a good idea to remove some options?? Huh? I upgraded to everything except the + on my P85. Everything else I went top of the line so for a representative of Tesla to try to talk me out of the expensive upgrades all so they could upsell me on the more expensive price of the PDC baffled me.

This is NOT how you do business with people. I COULD understand if I didn't already place the order, or my car already started production, or if I didn't order the technology package before and now I'm trying to. But that is NOT the case! I already confirmed the tech package. All I want to do is add the PDC for my ALREADY ordered car that Tesla confirmed has NOT entered production yet.

This seems like a reasonable request. This really leaves a bad taste in my mouth, especially raving to people how Tesla's business model is better and how the dealerships are sketchy and not trustworthy.

Quite honestly, I'll have to seriously reconsider my opinion of Tesla's model vs. the dealership model. I don't have the warm fuzzy feelings about Tesla or their business model like I did before.

This is really not the way to treat customers that have already have confirmed orders, already ordered the tech package, and have NOT entered the production cycle yet.


Agreed... Suggest we email and CC with our thoughts.

@ AmpedRealtor - I totally agree and sending off an email to George now, whom by the way from all accounts is a totally ethical and stand up guy.

Like Mr. Musk, I'm a fellow Entrepreneur and been involved with several successful companies. It's not only great products that separates a good company from a GREAT company but excellent customer service and always treating your important clients as a valuable entity.

I think there are MANY things that Tesla clearly does right. But the mark of a good Tesla enthusiast is one that not only is quick to point out all the great things Tesla is doing but is as quick to point out when Tesla is making the wrong decisions.

No one is asking Tesla to lose any money on this and to be honest, I'd be willing to pay more than the $500 upgrade fee. But really the thing that bothers me is the way they are handling this. I mean, I had a girl from Tesla actually trying to talk me out of things I already ordered for the car so that they could up sell this. Just not a good feeling and a worse feeling even then dealing with traditional dealerships.

FYI. My Delivery Specialist just emailed me to "apologize for conflicting information in previous emails".

I forwarded that email along with this email to George. I hope he responds.



I want to preface this email by telling you what a wonderful job you are doing. From all accounts, you are an ethical, reasonable and fair guy. It's clear you're an extremely hard worker and I really admire how accessible you have been with your valuable customers. I'm a big fan of your company, Mr. Musk (and I have friends/clients that went to University with him in Canada and personally know him) and your amazing cars.

I'm sure you have received several complaints about this Park Distance Control upgrade issue. I am attaching my email correspondence with my Senior Delivery Experience Specialist. My VIN# is 17334 due to be delivered on August 24. As you can see from my order, I already ordered the Technology Package and I find tremendous benefit to upgrading and ordering that package.

When I noticed that you are offering the Park Distance Control option for $500, I immediately emailed my SDES and you can see our email chain below. While I can appreciate that this is new and there may have been some communication issues with the staff and members of your team, I simply can't wrap my head around the thought process as it pertains to valuable customers who have already placed orders and already upgraded to the Technology Package whose vehicles have NOT entered into production yet.

I had a member of your Configurations/Inside Sales team call me today to inform me that although I have upgraded and ordered the Technology package, and my car has NOT yet entered into production, that there is no way for me to upgrade to add the Park Distance Control for the added $500 fee. She said that I would need to "reconfigure my order" to pay the increased prices that you came out with yesterday.

George, I could understand if this was a matter of me not originally ordering the Technology package and now trying to take advantage of adding it now after the fact. Or if my car had already entered production, (which my Delivery Experience Specialist has confirmed has NOT happened yet). But this is not the case. I can't understand the thought process of not allowing me to upgrade to simply add on the Park Distance Control since my car has NOT yet entered production.

I have already signed the Tesla purchase agreement, and I am fully committed to purchasing the vehicle and have the funds to purchase it. I don't find my request unreasonable to simply upgrade to add on the Park Distance Control. I realize that later you might have an option to add on a retrofit option to add on the Park Distance Control but it will be much more expensive and also it doesn't make sense because my car hasn't yet entered production yet. It would be a win/win situation and make sense for Tesla to add this to my package now before production begins. Maybe there could be a compromise and you could make it available for some extra fee vs. the $500 but I'd appreciate some feedback from you on what the possibilities are short of paying $6,000+ more simply to add on PDC.

I consider myself a very objective and fair person. And from everything I have seen and read about you, I am confident I can say the same about you. If there is some compromise that makes sense for people that are in my situation it would be greatly appreciated and we would continue to have a great feeling about a great company that values their customers more than the almighty dollar.

I'm quite confident there aren't too many people that are in my unique situation. However, I do know they exist out there and from all accounts, we all feel the same exact way about this issue.

The worst thing to me is I was someone that truly believed in your business model vs. the traditional dealership model. I have been singing your praises why Tesla's business model was better vs. the traditional business model. I have even signed various petitions to assist Tesla's cause in Washington DC as well. But the way that I am being treated in this unique situation doesn't leave a good feeling with me.

Your Configurations specialist that called me today even was trying to talk me out of upgrades that I already made and ordered telling me things like, "most Tesla owners wouldn't need these things so it might be a good idea to reconfigure your car to remove these unnecessary items". Quite honestly George, this felt like extreme up-selling to me of a great car that I already configured to get me to pay thousands of dollars to simply add the Park Distance Control. It was a far worse feeling vs. any slimy experience I've had over the past several decades buying cars in a dealership. That perhaps is the saddest thing about this experience.

I hope you can come up with some compromise and I'd appreciate the simple courtesy of an email back about this issue. Time is of the essence due to the fact that my car hasn't yet entered production and I really believe this matter needs some resolution. I want to thank you in advance for your time and attention to this matter.

Could any one (existing owners ) contact tesla and clarify this point. Previous owners who purchased service plans, should be able to add these new options for the incremental price only, ex: PDC for 500$. Because the service agreement says hardware upgrades. As these options were not offered at the time of purchase to previous owners, if they could retrofit these options Tesla should only charge the hardware fee($500 for PDC, cold weather $750). Because the service agreement says hardware upgrades, I hope that's what they meant. In future, they should be able to do the same for 4G LTE chip when they include it in the upcoming models.

Please correct me if I am thinking wrong. Also I am not an owner, one of my close buddy was feeling bad that these options were not available when he bought. My understanding is all these new options are retrofittable in the previous models unless there is a redesigned internal structures. I saw some tesla engineers profiles on LinkedIn and few people had mentioned that they worked on integration radar systems in the Model S. May be they have redesigned some structures, I am not sure.

I think you're thinking wrong. :)
The service agreement may only mean hardware like e.g. improved/fixed compressor for A/C or something. But adding new extensive hardware features is certainly not expectable. There's also no guarantee that any new options will be retrofitable.

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