Supercharger Locations (existing/planned) - CONFIRMED - not rumored or speculated…

My intention with this thread to is offer confirmed (evidence based) information on existing and new supercharger locations. There are plenty of other threads offering speculation…

update - Dec. 19th, 2013
lots has changed since this post was originally started - I recommend looking at any of the other excellent posts that have taken up this quest…

this thread however should still be dedicated to factual tracking of potential/newly functional SC sites…

Permit 13ELE-00000-00137 - Santa Barbra SC Super Charger Location - Building/Electrical Permit/Commerical or Industrial/New

Work Location:
555 McMurray Rd
Buellton, CA 93427


Reid Johnson
Tesla Motors, Inc
3500 Deer Creek Rd
Palo Alto, CA 94304

Project Description:
Tesla Motors Charging Station
Installation of (8) Charging Stations for
Tesla Motors Located at the Marriott Hotel

Pea Soup anyone?


permit status on the web site says "under review" - so this isn't quite a done deal yet - and if it's still under review - I would be surprised if it was completed by end of June.

this is the site you can use to search for yourself.

from looking at the photos I'm hoping they put the chargers at the more southern end of the vast parking lot - better for walking to other places - things nearby in order of distance

Carl's Jr
Burger King
Andersen's Pea Soup

other than the first two items - it's quite the walk from the charger's to anywhere…but it is super close to 101 - so get off - charge - leave…

Anderson's is awesome!

anyone knows the confirmed location in San Diego? I also hear there is one in Oxnard?

Sorry for the speculation on this thread, but if you take the low res map of future locations as gospel and blow it up, the only new SC near San Diego for the SD-LA corridor is in Dana Point, which is actually southern OC. I haven't heard any other definitive information about SC locations in SD.

I've previously reported that I heard from a worker at a Supercharger station a couple weeks ago that they would be working in San Juan Capistrano, Oxnard, Buellton, Atascadero, but no exact locations. Lloyd from TMC reported there will be one at Paso Robles Inn.

Town Center at St. Lucie West in Florida:

@dortor - you can update the original post by clicking Edit. Can you add the confirmed locations to the original post?

Thx! Nick...

Centralia Washington. Go to this page,

and put "Tesla" in the Property Owner Business Name box.

Also, very good evidence that superchargers will soon be installed in Burlington Washington. People have spoken to the contractor.

Another one planned for Woodburn Oregon, even though the dot on the map looks like Salem. Again, people have reported speaking to the contractor, who is building all three. Woodburn will probably be ready in the fall.

Planning application in Fort Myers, Florida at Town Center

Google Map

nick, dortor;
Edit is available to OP -- when hovering pointer over the Tesla logo. (Crucial 1st step!)

@Brian - hence the reason I asked dortor to update the OP, three posts above yours.

My point is that finding "Edit" is non-trivial. Unless you know to hover over the logo; how many people do that even by accident? It's a "Crucial 1st step", as I pointed out.

On my browser, the edit is in the upper left corner; hovering over the logo does nothing.

Woodbury, Oregon is mostly known these days as ...the biggest factory outlet setting in Oregon, as I recall?

updated original post…now includes an overall map…

Normal Illinois, in the Uptown center parking garage. Confirmed by city council minutes.

@james babb - Everything in the report looked good until "5. Tesla drivers will pay regular parking deck fees." Pay to park for free to charge wouldn't inspire me to stop there unless I was desperately low on juice.

Paying for 20 or 30 minutes parking wouldn't deter me. However, the setup certainly looks different from other supercharger stations: only two dedicated stalls, inside a parking structure, etc.

Currently existing SC's or new SC's? Where is tongue-in-cheek-BrianH when you need him? :-p

Folsom, CA
US Route 50
Folsom Boulevard Exit 23
Folsom Premium Outlets
13000 Folsom Blvd
Folsom, CA 95630

Harris Ranch
I-5 Exit 334
Harris Ranch Inn and Restaurant
24505 W. Dorris Ave
Coalinga, CA 93210

Gilroy, CA
101 at Leavesley Road
Gilroy Premium Outlets
Gilroy, CA 95020

Barstow, CA
I-15 Exit 178
Country Inn and Suites
Barstow, CA 92311

Tejon Ranch
I-5 Exit 219B
Petro Shopping Center
5602 Dennis McCarthy Dr
Lebec, CA 93243

Los Angeles, CA
I-105 Exit 5
Hawthorne Municipal Airport
3203 Jack Northrop Ave

Hawthorne, CA 90250
Milford, CT
I-95 Northbound
Between Exits 40 and 41
Milford Travel Plaza
1 CT Turnpike N

Milford, CT 06460
Milford, CT
I-95 Southbound
Between Exits 40 and 41
Milford Travel Plaza
1 CT Turnpike S

Milford, CT 06460
Newark, DE
I-95 Turnpike
Between Exits 1 and 3
Delaware Welcome Center and Travel Plaza
530 JFK Memorial Highway
Newark, DE 19725

@stevenmaifert According to the web site for the parking garage - the first hour is free, then $1 per hour

Also in the City Council minutes was some talk of reimbursing Tesla owners for the parking fees.

The initial setup is 2 superchargers wired to 4 spaces, but Tesla can expand if usage demands it. The lease is for 5 years, with two options to extend for 5 years at a time.

if you click on the map link I have in the original posting "heading" of this thread - you will see I have both existing and confirmed planned SC's on the map.

Only the OP can see the edit. It used to require hovering but they've changed it.

It would be nice if people could confirm when each location gets upgraded to 120 kW capacity, and if all the ports are upgraded or just some.

Anyone know yet where the Orange County CA supercharger is going to be?

Rumors are San Juan Cap or Dana Point or San Clemente. I'm surprised no one has spotted construction yet or permits thru online lookup. According to the TM SC map, it's supposed to come online this summer.

bump - map is still up to date - anyone found anymore confirmed locations?

Per Diarmuid O'Connell in a Boston Globe interview, Sturbridge, MA on the Mass Pike is a forthcoming location.

"How long does it take to charge?

It really depends. If you’re using your household circuit it takes several hours. If you use one of our superchargers, which we’re installing on major interstates and arteries — we’ll be doing one here on I-90 in Sturbridge — you can recover 150 miles in 30 minutes or less."

Makes sense in that Sturbridge is about 70 miles or so west of Boston. Not sure exactly where in Sturbridge- there is an eastbound service center/rest stop in Charlton about two miles east of Sturbridge. I thought the rest area would make sense- as there is an entrance off Rte 20 as well-, but it would not be available for westbound travelers. In Sturbridge the exit leads to I-84 and Rte 20, so it is a hub of sorts, but there is no obvious spot directly off the highway.
Maybe some scouts in the area can do more digging?

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