Supercharger Locations

Since the announcement of Superchargers on Sept. 25, I've not seen any mention anywhere about detailed plans or installations of Supercharger stations outside the first few that are still prominent on the web site.

In the Motor Trend announcement they were talking about Milford Ct. and Wilmington DE. Did those happen?

It's time to start thinking about 2013 vacation plans and it'd be nice to know if the East Coast will have stations (or anywhere else for that matter).

I think it would be a good idea if they would install a supercharger at each service center. They could top-up a customer's car when it's in for service as well as top-up out-of-town customers who may be on trip.

Would be rather surprised if they don't each have one! The convenience and efficiency for the Centers alone would be enough to justify the rather modest cost.

I'd like to see some superchargers (in their longer-term plans) between Denver and some of the major ski resorts. Also, looking at their conceptual long-term map, it looks like the east-west coverage across the country will be pretty good. North-south, not so much -- unless you're on either coast.

Living in SE Minnesota, I would love to see a supercharger positioned to make the drive from Minneapolis (or Rochester!) to Chicago possible. A SC near Madison, WI would accomplish this.

Tesla is indicating ( that the Milford, CT and Wilmington, DE superchargers exist. Can anyone in the vicinity of these places check them out to verify? These strategic sites will open up the bulk of the eastern seaboard to the Model S.
If you find them, please list them on the following websites so that others can find them as well:
These are the most complete websites I know of for finding EV charging stations. is owned by a Tesla Roadster and Model S driver and is owned by a long-time Ranger EV and Nissan Leaf driver.

@Bennett R - the plan calls for two north-south corridors (each coast), and three east-west corridors with other SC stations filling in holes.

@nickjhowe - right, that's what I was observing from their map. However, if you want to go north-south anywhere but on either coast, good luck!

Anyone know whether the charging stations at Nissan dealerships i) allow cars other than Nissans to charge there, and ii) are compatible with the Tesla's charging ports?

Varies from dealership to dealership. I've heard of nissan leaf owners not being allowed to charge at a dealership because they didn't buy their leaf from that specific dealer

@Bennett R - North-South should still be OK, regardless of where you do it. The goal is to have coverage of pretty much the entire US at 150 mile intervals. It is a matter of when not if; the N-S corridors will be first, followed by the three cross country trunks, followed by fill-ins. Although TM has also said that they are currently constrained by finding locations - they have the ability to build much faster than they currently are.

@bennet R - when i was considering a leaf a few years ago, I called the nissan dealer in DE where I work (live in PA) to see if in a pinch i could use the charger. the answer was no! and that was for a nissan.... so i was kinda stuck....with a 70 mile round trip, I could not rely on the leaf every day. so I ended up with the tesla (should be an owner in less than a month)

I stopped in at the I-95 North service area in Milford today and there they were. Two beautiful new super chargers. I plugged in and watched the charge rate climb to over 150 miles per hour. That was probably because I was just about on full charge. This will make my trip from Vermont to New York much easier. What a nice Christmas present. Thank you Tesla.

Jason2--Do you live in Vermont? If so, I'm in Middlebury; where are you?

I stopped by the Delaware rest stop today... there are four Tesla charging stations on the Southbound side of the main building. When I arrived, there was a pickup truck in one station and the others were empty. Can't wait to stop there with my Model S (maybe Feb or Mar).


Was the pickup parked illegally? FOB disadvantage: you can't key someone! >;(

I was there on Wednesday at the Delaware site and they are clearly labeled no parking and tow at owner's expense. No one was parked there (except my VW station wagon). I did take pictures, but what I did not see is a solar panel anywhere. What did TM say about that?

Hi noel.smyth,
I came to that same conclusion about the Leaf and I ended up with what I really wanted the Model S. I also live in Drexel Hill and I work in Delaware.

The panel arrays are distributed where it's possible/most advantageous for Solar City. The principle is/will be that the total returned to the grid across the whole network will exceed the maximum draw by Model Ses in a year. That takes into account geography, season, etc. It doesn't necessarily apply at a given location or moment in time.

Would love to hear from the first person to make it the 200+ miles between DE and CT superchargers. That's a lot of miles on the I95 / NJ Turnpike with a speed limit of 65 and average traffic speed somewhere above that.

How fast did you go? Did you have the heat on? Music? What else? Did you top it all the way up in range mode? How fast does it charge that last 20%? 10%

It seems it's now possible for me to make the run from Baltimore to Hartford in a day, but I'm not sure I want to be the first person to try it.

@MandL, I expect you could do it with appropriate energy management. Unfortunately, it forces you south to 95 rather than taking 84.

My Tesla Model S and I live in Miami and I am dreading the fact that I will have to take my wife's gas guzzling Infiniti QX56 to Orlando for a meeting next month. Having the next Supercharger Station be in Orlando, Florida is such a no-brainer since it will serve people going north and south. C'mon Tesla - Mickey Mouse is calling and he needs a Supercharger!!!

Picture and article on Milford, Ct Supercharger.
There is one on each side of I95 (north/south)
Here is the link to the article.

Looks like a lot of curbs to deal with--too bad they're not a little lower!

California to Arizona. I'm guessing Chiriaco Summit. Located on Interstate 10 and about 155 miles from Lis Angeles. All three battery packs could possible make it. We will see, but its time to connect the two states and slowing head to the East Coast. Lets see how we start the trek for cross country Super Chargers. Go Tesla!

TINO F- one issue- the 40kWh battery cannot be supercharged.

I need one in Lansing, MI ASAP

@Tino - While I love the idea of building the cross county supercharger network, there's a flaw in your plan. I think starting on the east coast and stretching towards the west would be a better idea. Just saying.

Are Tesla service centers a source of free charging? If so are they drop in sites or do you need a reservation? Are their hours of operation posted somewhere?

"free" isn't the issue. "Fast" and "findable" is.

Any rumblings re. More California stations? Santa Barbara? San Diego? Palm Springs?

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