Tampa/St.Pete/Clearwater Florida

Are there any Roadster owners or folks with Model S deposits from this area?

Put my deposit down for a Model S (P73).  Live over in Lithia just south of Brandon.

Cool, you'll have mine before me, I'm P445. Steve.

I'll keep you posted on my progress.  Can't wait to start picking out colors amd options.

Steve, are you planning on attending the opening of the South Florida store on the 17th? I already put in my RSVP.  It'll be nice to finally see the Roadster up close.  Maybe the Model S as well.

Klaus, I will not be able to make the opening of the Miami store this month.  Hopefully you'll get to see a real Model S prototype but I don't think there are many in existence.  I saw in another post that many of the displays are simply models, not working prototypes.  There have been some great posts of ideas and suggestions for features & capabilities.  I hope the Tesla staff is actively reviewing this forum.  If you get some pictures of the store and/or vehicles, please feel free to forward them to me at

Just got back from LA visiting relatives and couldn't resist visiting the Tesla showroom. Kelsey Grammer's black Roadster was there while he was out of the country apparently (Italy, I think). Did the same thing while visiting Germany in the spring. Stopped in at the Munich store. The staff at all the stores have really been upbeat, courteous and open with any information that I may have missed on this site. Hope that continues after the delivery of my Model S. Still no news on when and if there will be a store in our area.

Anyone else going to see the roadster on February 5th?

Went. Saw it. Bought it.


Congrats. Hope to have mine (Model S #S280) by next year. Already have yours delivered?

Got my Roadster delivered on Earth Day, about 10 days ago. The only drawback is not being able to get 3 of us in the Roadster, so we will add a Model S next year.

We are actually in Sarasota, but this "thread" seemed the closest geographically. Any other Roadsters out here already?

Going to be a 2 car Tesla family, eh. That's great. I live out in Lithia, just south of Brandon. Hope to see a Tesla store here Tampa) before we pick up our Model S. I had P73 before the upgrade to the Signature. Been waiting a long time for this. Hope it's worth the wait.
Would love to plan a get-together once I'm electrified. Know any others in the area?

I once saw an orange Tesla driving in Sarasota, but have no idea if it was local. Otherwise, never seen another one round here. Service Ranger came on Friday to check a couple of things and do a firmware upgrade, told me he had never been to Sarasota before.

Only know of a couple in the Naples area.

Hi Folks,

We're in Sarasota as well. Yesterday I saw the 2009 Model S prototype at the Sarasota Yacht Club and provided a reservation deposit for the sedan.

Today I met Klaus and his wife at the Yacht Club to chat and take some photo opps.

Are any of you planning on attending the factory tour in Fremont, CA in October?


Here's few more photos of the sedan prototype.

Maybe its a bit early, but for any Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater/Sarasota Tesla enthusiasts who wish to start forming a "local" club, perhaps we should exchange email addresses. Here's mine:


I'm a Model S reservation holder in Sarasota. (P)2624 Nov. 2010. I also went to the Sarasota Yacht Club on Saturday to see the 2009 Prototype. Good thing this is the last stop for the 2009 Prototype. It's starting to show a little wear from all the "touching".

Looking forward to attending the factory tour on Oct. 1. See you there.

I just put a deposit on an "S". Been told I probably won't get it till early 2013. Hope they put a dealer or service area in either Orlando or Tampa. I'm in The Villages.

Welcome Jack. Over in Brandon here. Tampa seems like a good bet right now. Hope to be one of the first to get mine in 2012.


Thanx, Klaus. I'm in the early 5,000's, so not much hope for me to get one any sooner. Love to see yours when you get it.

Hello everybody
My name is Bill Tracey I live in Windermere Fla (Orlando area ) I am Res #
G.P. #3747
S # 559
Would like to stay in touch my email is and my ph is 407-468-2432 Klaus I had the pleasure to meet you and your wife at the model S event at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando
Hopefully we can all meet soon

Bill & Ginger Tracey

Hi Bill
Did they give you any kind of delivery estimate on your car?
Jack Klass

Hi Jack nice to hear from you, they told me late summer, I hope so I can't wait, I have been so excited since the ride event.... Stay in touch

Bill Tracey


Hi Bill,

"I am Res # G.P. #3747 S # 559"

Do you have two reservations, a general production and a signature model?


Hi Bill & Larry

My reservation is #5260 general production. The "guesstimate" I've been given is 1st quarter 2013. I sure hope it's sooner and by then that we at least have a service center in either Tampa or Orlando.


Hi Jack,

Nigel and I have been collecting contact information to organize a Southern Florida Tesla club to both have some fun together and to also hopefully influence the selection of the next Florida service center.

It goes without saying that these guessimates are open to a large variation based on which battery pack option we select. Based on comments made by Elon we can expect production in 2012 to be between 5,500 and 6,000, and in the worst case this production will occur over 6 months. So based on 20 workdays per month this is a rate of between 46 and 50 cars per workday during 2012. The 1,200 Signature reservations (1,000 U.S. & 200 Canada) will be filled first then the U.S. general production reservations. So in the worst case if you decided to go with a 160 mile battery pack, 6460 reservations would be ahead of you. This equates to between 6.5 and 7.0 months or the first quarter of 2013 if deliveries start in July 2012.

However, if you select a 300 mile battery pack you could receive delivery in 2012 even if you don't go with a Signature model. In the Tesla Motors Club forum there is a poll in which 54% of the 136 respondents said they would go with the 300 mile pack. I think this is probably optimistic and there will likely be a lower percentage of 300 mile packs ultimately. However, if we use this worst case it means that there would be about 3,488 reservations ahead of you. This equates to between 3.5 and 4.0 months and delivery before the end of 2012.


Thanks, Larry

Great info. Didn't go with the signature model as that's going to be about $100,00 and have every option. I might not want some of them like the sunroof because it doesn't have a shade panel and, as you know, that can make for a pretty hot car in the Florida sun.

I'll definitely get the 300mi battery. If there's no other service center in FL other than in the Miami area, I couldn't get there without recharging. I'm still really in the dark about recharging opportunities while you're on the road and the 300 mi battery allows me to go 130-145mi and return without recharging. I'll probably go with the 21" wheels and the upgraded interior plus some other options we don't know about yet and still end up in the mid - high 80's.

Do you know anyone who has a roadster and has experience recharging on the road? Also are you having a 200 line installed in your garage? Thanks.


Hi Jack,

With regard to servicing, if something needs repair under warranty (which will probably be at least 5 years/50,000 miles) the ranger mileage charges will undoubtedly be waived. I’m not sure, but it might be possible that the ranger mileage charges for a routine annual check-up might also be waived while under warranty, (the check-up would still cost $600).

Nigel, who lives in Sarasota, has a Roadster, and since he upgraded his reservation to Signature from a Roadster reservation he will likely be the first in the area to get his Model S. Nigel would probably be the expert on charging stations in the area, but there’s a public charger in downtown Sarasota. So if you had to drive to the Dania Beach service center you could charge there having a meal and seeing the sights in Sarasota while the car charges. I’m guessing you would be more than half discharged driving from Orlando at realistic highway speeds, so it would take a few hours to charge to 100%. From Sarasota to Dania Beach is over 200 miles. You could probably make it without another charge if you kept your speed under 70 mph.

With regard to your expectation of a half-way trip range of 130-145 miles, I think that will prove to be overly optimistic at realistic Florida highway speeds. For example, when the Roadster is driven at 80 mph the range is only about 63% of its EPA range. Or if this performance were the same for the Model S the half-way range would be only about 94 miles. When driving across Alligator Alley to the East coast you'll be the only one driving at a mere 70 mph. ;-)


Hi Larry

Yes I do, the GP #3747 they told me mid to late November??????

Thanks Bill

HEY Jack Klass.... Love the VILLAGES that's my next home in 3-5 years we are up there at least once a month for early dinner maybe we could meet sometime.

Bill Tracey

"Also are you having a 200 line installed in your garage? Thanks."

Hi Jack,

I'll undoubtedly run a 240 volt line to a central location on the garage ceiling, but I want to get a lot more details regarding charging options. Until yesterday I had a reservation on a Chevy volt as well as a Model S. I couldn't convince the little woman to go with the Volt so I cancelled the reservation. Anyway I wouldn't want to be forced to install two different chargers in the garage in the event I were to buy a different pluggable at some time in the future.


Hi Guys

thanks for the realistic range expectations at higher speeds. I can't remember the last time I kept the needle at 70 on I-75 or the FL Turnpike. Good move on canceling the Volt and keeping the res on the "S". I'm definitely going to have a 240 line installed in the garage when the time comes. Hope you're right on them picking up the service mileage tab on warranty and scheduled maintenence charges while under warranty.

Looks like my "guesstimate" if Spring 2013 fits with what they're telling you with your res #. Next time you're heading to The Villages, let me know in advance and we'll get together.


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