Tampa/St.Pete/Clearwater Florida

Are there any Roadster owners or folks with Model S deposits from this area?

"Yes I do, the GP #3747 they told me mid to late November??????"

Hi Bill,

Based on the calculated rates per workday those dates seem correct for a 160 mile battery pack. For a non-signature 300 mile pack I would think that September would seem about right.

By the way, I see that you are a celebrity. ;-)


Hi Larry

Thanks for that link


Hi guys,

Larry alerted me that we finally have some other Tesla fans in the area ;-)

Just a comment or two:

I think it's dangerous to try to calculate delivery dates as Tesla has a major incentive (public company now!) to under-promise and over-deliver. Production is the Sig Specials first and then the the Sigs, they combine for about 770 total U.S. right now and we can assume they will go to 1,000. After the Sigs come the Roadster owners (about 270 right now) and then the general production. Tesla has stated that they will prioritize the bigger battery packs first.

As far as Roadster charging is concerned I have had no worries or close calls in the 6 months I've had mine. You don't "stop to charge", you charge when you stop whether you need to or not. I go up to Tampa frequently and can easily get from Sarasota to there and back even at *ahem* highway speeds. However, if there's a power source available I will plug-in; even if it's only for 30 minutes. You give yourself a lot of freedom that way and can generally avoid a long charge. From here to Miami is about 235 miles and if I drive carefully I'm sure I could do it; but realistically I know I will stop somewhere anyway so I'll just make sure I stop for a break where there's a charge station.

Florida, especially SW Florida, is rapidly building a charging infrastructure. I know Tampa is doing well, as are Manatee and Sarasota Counties. AAA are installing chargepoints at many of their offices. Various tourist attractions are installing (or have installed) chargepoints. In Sarasota, for example, the city has installed 4 free chargepoints just off main street with the promise of more at places like St Armand's Circle and maybe even at the beach car parks. USF has installed them here and I know a couple of the shopping malls are already at planning stage. It's also useful to build up networks like this so that, in a pinch, you can call on another Tesla owner for a rapid charge. ;-)

Finally, I also installed a full PV system on my house and so we're completely solar.

Feel free to e-mail me if anyone wants more info.

Larry and I have talked up organizing a local Tesla owner/fan get-together if enough people start showing up here or on the owners club forum.


Hi all, just found the west Fl group, reserved a gp model s #5810 so I'll be waiting a while I guess. I am glad to hear of possible local Tesla store. I have looked into wiring and plan to do so myself. Live in st Petersburg here.

@xhawk, check with Larry Channin. He has orginized a get together of local owners and reservationist. First meeting on the 19th. Or drop me a line If you would like to attend, I'll try to hook you up.

Hi Klaus,

It was great getting together with you, Dave, Nigel and your better halves. ;-)

This morning I received emails from xhawk and two other forum members. So hopefully our group will be growing nicely. Its unfortunate that this particular thread is buried in the bowels of the forum structure so it makes it difficult for formum members to contact us.

I'm still waiting for Camille Ricketts, Tesla Manager Communications, to respond to my request to assist us in contacting Florida owners and reservation holders. I figure she's pretty busy. I've seen her on a couple of videos explaining the Model S features to automotive journalists.



Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Hey Nigel

When you bought the roadster did the Florida dealer hit you with a big "Dealer Preparation Fee"? I know all the dealers in this state charge it and on the higher end cars (BMW, MB Audi, Jaguar,etc.), it can be $1,000.00 or more.

Also, anyone hear of any plans from Tesla to let us see and drive an "S" in Central Florida in the next 6 months or so? Thanks.

Jack Klass

Hi Jack,

Happy Thanksgiving!

I asked Nigel that first question here:

I haven't heard anything about your second question. In the next six months I believe we will get a chance to sit in a prototype, but not drive a Model S.


The prototype is gone, Larry. But the Beta's are making their way to the stores. I would think even test rides will be coming soon as our Signature is due out in July (hopefully) and I would think reservation holders would have an opportunity to do more than look at a web gallery before taking delivery. Just my 2 cents.

Hi Guys
I talked with the dealer in Dania Beach:

- They're working with a wholesaler in case we want to trade anything in
- No plans for a service station in Central FL, not good news. I'm 265 miles away & it's all Turnpike. I
know Fisker has 2 dealers in Central FL, one in Orlando and one in Tampa. Be nice if Tesla and
Fisker could work out some reciprocals on service but that's probably like asking the House and
Senate to work together.
- No comment on dealer prep fees

I think they dealer is still in the process of figuring out how to handle things and the sales girl I talked with seemed to be pretty green at this point. I'm sure they'll have their act together once the "S" deliveries begin.



Hi Klaus,

By prototype I was referring to the Beta prototype. I agree that you will probably be able to get a test drive before delivery to the Signature reservation holders. I just question whether that will happen by May.


Hi Jack,

Did you just talk to the green sales girl, or did you get a chance to talk to Will, the store manager?

When I was in the Satana Row store in San Jose the manager told me that Tesla was looking at a store located somewhere between Tampa and Naples.

This Tesla presentation shows 13 planned stores in North America.

Refer to page 22. Notice that one of the red planned locations is in the general South Central portion of the state.


Hi Larry
Thanks! I got the green girl, Maria, who was relaying my questions to her manager and giving me his responses. Love it if the additional location was in Sarasota but Ft, Myers, for me, would still be better than the Miami area.

Hi Jack,

I believe that Klaus also had a similar conversation with a Tesla rep and the rep stated that a planned store might be in the Tampa area. That should work for you and those of us in Sarasota.

For purely selfish reasons Sarasota would be nice though. ;-) Nigel tells me that there are a number of other Roadster owners there. So far we have three Model S reservation holders in our newly formed Tesla club from Sarasota, Nigel, Dave and me.

I am optimistic that we will see another store on the West coast of Florida, hopefully in the not too distant future.


Thanks, Larry
I'd be really happy with either Sarasota, Tampa or Orlando. I called Tesla HQ and asked them a few questions:

1- Why are there fewer exterior color choices on the Signature than on the standard "S"?
A- Those are the colors they're concentrating on in the spray booth first. The standard "S"
colors will come on board later.

2- Any update on when the interior choices, options and packages will be offered?
A- Nothing new. Same as the website says, later on in 2011 but we're getting closer.

Also, they still have about 200 Signature reservations available which they expect to fill rapidly once they announce the offerings and pricing on interiors, options and packages. I might upgrade myself once I see what I load up a standard model will be v. a Signature.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Hi guys don't forget about me up in Orlando, I don't get to look at the forum that much to busy working trying to pay for my MODEL S , I do check my e mail often ( billtrop ) would enjoy getting together with you all next time

Bill & Ginger Tracey

Hi Bill,

Thanks for your interest. I sent you and Ginger a private message.


I had the Tesla S ordered and just upgraded to the Signature; I'm up in NW Florida in Santa Rosa Beach. I just took delivery of the first Nissan Leaf in our region and I love it. Soon we will be an all electric family, almost. I can't bring myself to lose the BMW X5 diesel just yet. Can't wait for the Tesla!!

How could I forget; we are installing PV solar panels on the house next week so we will be cutting out the oil AND coal AND nuclear industries for our transportation needs. Gottta Love it!

Have you added your reservation to the map?

Hi Dave

Welcome and congratulations. I was thinking of upgrading to the Signature also but was waiting for the accessories, options, etc. to be announced. I checked a few weeks ago and was told they still had about 200 Signatures left. What res. are you? If it's getting too close I might just bite the bullet now. Also, are you going to go thru the dealer in Dania Beach? That's a real haul for you to get to.


Hi Dave,

welcome to the forum.

Are you the guy that organized the Hands Across the Sand movement? Great idea.

One man draws a line in the sand against oil drilling: Dave Rauschkolb is hoping opponents will join hands on Feb. 13


Well, just ordered my vanity plate. "85 KWH". Hope they don't change the battery packs before I take delivery of my Model S.

Hi Everyone

Just upgraded to a Signature. Going to Denver in the a.m.for Christmas and have an appointment with the Tesla store there to show me the chassis, battery and schematics of what they have on the S. I've never seen one in person so at least I'll get a little more of a comfort zone with the technology.

Maybe we can all get together sometime early next year. Merry Christmas everyone and I hope 2012 is your best year ever.


Hi Jack,


Regarding getting together next year I sent you a private message.

Happy Holidays.


I hope Jack is right about Tesla taking a trade in on the purchase. Trading in a car reduces the sales tax that you have to pay on the Model S. The value of your tradein is subtracted from the taxable total on your new car purchase. Florida sales taxes on vehicles are high.

That's exactly why I asked. They weren't really clear on how this will work, especially if you have the S shipped directly to your house from California.

I stopped at the Tesla store in Denver yesterday and saw the full scale mock up as well as the display chassis and engine. I'm really getting psyched now. The S is absolutely stunning in person.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!


Hi Jack,

Now that you've seen the chassis its time you get a chance to sit in a beta. ;-)

Charged_Up, who lives in the Miami area, reports that he's received word that the Model S beta prototype will be visiting the Dania Beach store between January 26 through February 5. Right now there's nothing official posted on the Tesla Event webpage beyond this year. If this pans out perhaps we can attempt to organize a meet up with other Tesla owners/reservation holders on the East coast.

Of course before we do that it would be wise to find out whether Tesla plans to have the beta visiting nearer to us. This August Nigel assisted Tesla in arranging for a beta to visit the Sarasota Yacht Club. It would be great if they could plan a repeat visit.

Happy Holidays to you and all the other Flordia folks!



Hi Larry
I talked with several people @ Tesla last week and they said they were pretty sure the Beta would be in Dania Beach around the 26th, maybe a little later. I'll give them another shout next week. I'm a
So gpoing to call the dealer next week and see if they have any further plans on handling trade-ins. tesla told me dealers would not be allowed to add anything on, like dealer prep fees, to their stated prices. I have an Equus Ultimate I want trade in if I can. I guess answers to all our questions will trickle in over the next few months.

I would be interested in going to Dania Beach if the Beta is there. I have company in that week but the guest would love to take a trip to see it too.

@Dave, if everything goes as planned and I can find a place to fast charge the car between Houston and New Orleans (there is a McDonalds in Lake Charles with a J1772 plug, but hopefully more in the next 6 months), I plan to drive my Model S to Pensacola over Christmas 2012 to visit family. Would love to meet up with other Tesla owners while I'm there in the Pensacola area.

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