Tampa/St.Pete/Clearwater Florida

Are there any Roadster owners or folks with Model S deposits from this area?

I'm a new owner waiting for delivery.
Arni Nashbar
Bradenton, FL
SP model S

Welcome. Do you have a VIN yet? I'm in Lithia, south of Brandon. Sig owner.

I was poking around and just realized I started this thread in June 2009! It's so interesting looking back in time. My Model S comes tomorrow morning!

Got the delivery of my Model S yesterday. Going to test the range today, heading to Palm Beach, Then Miami and back to Sarasota this weekend. Will let you know how it goes.

Just posted my reservation and heading to California tomorrow for a week vacation incl a test drive :)

How many S Models are driving around in the Tampa/St Pete area ?

Klaus, German Name, are we from the same country ??? And I am curious how Janis trip is going. Where will you charge ??


Joe, Born in Wiesbaden, 100% kraut. I saw 11 sitting at the Tampa service Center over a week ago and the have all been delivered. Two more showed up this past week. Ben has been pretty busy making deliveries.

@joer00 - Not sure how many are driving around Tampa/St Pete yet, but I know they are out there. I haven't seen one in the wild yet myself, but several people I know have made sure to tell me when they saw one. Hopefully it will be + one more within the next few weeks (mine), waiting on my VIN now.

@Klaus: Where exactly is the Tampa Service Center located?

Never mind, located the Service Center.

@bobinfla, just north of highway 60 on 301. There is a low row of office buildings on the east side of the road.,+Tampa,+FL+33619&h...

This will get you to the right corner at least.

Try this one. goole maps put it in the wrong place.


Made it back from Miami (to Sarasota) in one charge, avg of 55-60 mph. Took US-41 all the way to Sarasota. Had 30 miles of rated range left when finished. Trip took close to 5 hours, but it's nice to know that I can make that trip without the need to charge.

On a side note surprised by the lack of charging stations in Naples.


Great to see another Sarasotan with a Model S. I'm the founder of the Florida Tesla Motors Club and live in Sarasota. We have almost 80 households that are members. If you are interested in joining our club, please email me at


Hello from X2394. Just joined the Tesla fan club from St. Pete. It may take a year or two before the X will be in my garage but in the meanwhile I look forward to getting all of your lessons learned. One question I have is regarding expected battery life and replacement cost. Can anyone point me in the right direction on this? Also the most recent Lithium battery incident on the Boeing Dreamliner raises some serious questions regarding maturity of this technology. Has Tesla ever taken a position on this aspect.

Look forward getting your feedback. Walt ..... Aka Sepp Von Bayern.

insurance companies still seem to be wrestling with how to deal with E-cars. Two of the companies I have been dealing with in the past in the US (I currently live in South America) do not have a clear policy. One (Geico) will only consider providing insurance if a)a long standing Geico customer and b) if also a conventional car is being insured with them along with the E-car.

Can any of you already driving a Tesla share any lessons learned or which insurance companies are offering competitive insurance for E-cars.

thanks -- Sepp von Bayern

@Sepp - progressive quoted me a price of an additional $9.34 a year to swap out a MS for a 2006 Avalon


Some of your questions are addresses on Tesla's Facts web page at

Batteries are warrantied for 8 years.

"An additional warranty covers the battery and varies by capacity. The 40 kWh battery is covered for 8 years or 100,000 miles, and 60 kWh battery is covered for 8 years or 125,000 miles, whichever comes first in both cases. The largest battery, 85 kWh, is covered for eight years and unlimited miles."

It is believed that after 8 years the rated range will be 75%-80% of the initial rated range.

With regard to replacement costs, the fact page states:

"A Battery Replacement Option will be available for purchase soon. The option allows you to pre-purchase a new battery to be installed after eight years for a fixed price: $8,000 for 40 kWh batteries, $10,000 for 60 kWh batteries, and $12,000 for 85 kWh batteries."

What the actual costs of replacement battery packs in 8 years is anyone's guess.

With regard to the Dreamliner I don't think enough of the facts are in to make an intelligent judgement. We are not just dealing Li-On batteries, but different Li-On batteries with different chemistries and characteristics. We are also dealing with custom-made battery management systems to charge and manage the temperature of the packs. So there are any number of issues that complicate a reasonable assessment. I believe the batteries that Boeing uses are being safely used in other avionics systems, so it may be a matter of a flauty design of the battery management system.

Regarding auto insurance I have had no problems whatsoever. I have Allstate Insurance. There was no issue in adding a Model S to my policy and the rates were very competitive.



Erbame die Hesse komme ! Still remember that song? Just got the signed papers and I according to Mark I just missed you in the derive center. If you get down there again,please let me know, it would be great to meet.

I am born in Mannheim but lived in Frankfurt before I moved in 97.


Sorry for the typos,send it from my mobile:)

Hi Joe,

Sorry I missed your earlier question about the number of folks in Tampa/St. Pete driving around. I don't visit this forum very often. I hangout at the Tesla Motors Club forums at and more than half of our membership are registered there.

In answer to your question, by now you should have your club membership list and you'll see that we have more than a dozen members in the area of which at least a quarter of them have received delivery of their Model S.

We are planning to have a meetup at the Tampa Service Center very soon. Mark the manager informs me that he has received permission to have an opening celebration. As soon as he firms up the date I'll formally invite our membership. It should be very soon.



P.S. Anyone full or part-time Florida residents interested in joining the Florida Tesla Motors Club please contact me at Our membership statewide is now close to 100.


Yeah thanks I could login to the club. Also got my finalize paper,immediately signed them and got a delivery time of Feb,march which sounds to good to be true.

But I cross my fingers:) If anybody knows somebody who wants to buy a beautiful 2012 Audi A5 please let me know. I love the car but it's time to say goodbye:)


I will be driving mine by Juneish. deposit in december and the feed back is May to July.

Got my 'S' two days ago. Love it!

Sometimes it is worth reviving an old thread rather than starting from scratch. Kinda fun.

I live in Riverview, at the edge of Lithia (@Klause- I think that makes us neighbors!) I've been doing a lot of local vacationing, and have been rather disappointed on the lack of charging stations at the areas I am most likely to spend a fair amount of time (and money) at. I was thinking that maybe a few of you who have been around the block a few times, know which places would be good for a person looking to charge while taking advantage of the fun stuff to do in the Tampa Bay area.

Disappointments thus far:
1. Closest advertised charging station to Clearwater Beach is 2 miles away, at the court house. It is way too far to walk with all the fishing and beaching gear. DO ANY OF THE HOTELS HAVE A CHARGING STATION? DOES THE TROLLEY PICK UP PEOPLE FROM THE COURT HOUSE TO TAKE TO THE BEACH?

2. Stopped at Fort Desoto camp grounds this weekend. Despite approx. 1/3 of the sites being empty- they were 'reserved' so the ranger would not let me charge). He said the closest place to charge (at a fee) was a Walgreens 5 miles up the street. Ironically- he knew the answer because "I get asked about finding a place to charge all the time"... sounds like a great place to have a charging station then!

3. International mall. If the international mall had charging stations, it would become my go-to Tampa Bay shopping destination. Nothing in walking distance either. Security did inform me that another nearby mall (?Westshore or Westgate... something like that) DOES have chargers.... guess I will have to check it out and see if I can make myself like it as much as I like the International

4. The planned Supercharger is in a GREAT location- movies, shopping, restaurants, Starbucks, etc. Ironically- there is more to do there than time NEEDED, since the supercharger is so wicked fast.


Hi Angel,

Here's a Google map I prepared listing Hotels in Florida with Charging Equipment.

Just zoom into the location that you are interested in.

I should point out that one of our club members owns the Hyde Park Hotel in Tampa and it has 5 NEMA 14-50 outlets and a J1772 charger for hotel guests.




This is great! I see one of the hotels in Clearwater has a charging, so I might venture there tomorrow.

I don't know anything about Hyde Park... is that a shopping, beach, or otherwise Floridian to-do type of destination? If not, maybe our fellow club member -slash- local hotel insider, knows some of the unadvertised hotels in the area...

Tampa neighborhood, not particularly touristy, but convenient.

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