The Tesla Model S Is The World's Most Expensive Beta Test

If this was already posted, apologies. I tried to search Volkerize but as we know private topics cannot be searched.

I find so much wrong here -- I've been an early adopter for the last decade. It's something many of us are willing to accept and deal with.

Be it a smartphone, or a car, I've had plenty of issues. Tesla is about to change the world, haters can hate -- it won't change a thing.

To all of you have received your MS already, as "beta" testers it is your duty to go out every chance you get and driver an extra 50 miles. I know it's tough duty but that is the responsibility of being "beta" testers.

And stop grinning so much!

@ghillair As a Tesla minion I was hoping for an assignment I wasn't already doing. You MUST smile back & acknowledge the people giving you the "thumbs up" sign & waving. I awaken in the morning and start grinning as soon as I realize I have to drive to work now.

Hahahaha...for just a half million dollars you too can get an electric MB! Oh, and the 0-60 is the same as the best yet 0-60 clocked for the Model S. For $500k+, I would rather have a Roadster, a Model S, and $300k to burn!

@nnt - since you clearly are a MB fanboy, why don't you go play on their forums? A car which hasn't been built yet clearly can't be the fastest anything in the world -- here you are talking about the Model S being too young, but it has already shipped more than the SLS E-Drive will *ever* ship.

+1 jat

Jar, what, you don't think MB can sell at least 20,000 half-million dollar cars? You must be a Tesla fanboy and anti-MB. :-)

@nickniketown why are you here? It seems you just like to argue... with everyone.

And your English reeks. Vocabulary and grammar are below grade-school level. You wouldn't get a passing mark in Grade 4. It's truly ugly to read.

Don't feed the troll. You just make this more enjoyable for him. Just ignore anything he has to say - he'll get frustrated and leave eventually.

Not "correcting", so much as clarifying. Not worth the bother in your case. Your writing varies from fairly clear to sloppy and nearly incoherent. That's arrogance, making your time (writing effort) too valuable to spend sparing others the need to untangle your ambiguity and confusion. How many times have you told us mpw about the 5 languages you speak? Are you fluent in any?

I don't mention the other 3 languages I speak because I don't use them enough to be fluent. Plus once upon a time I spoke some Latin, but that's decades gone. So what?

In any case, I expect that you natter about the same in all of them. The content and form are equally tiresome.

typo: mpw now

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Hm, the working HTML on this site keeps shrinking. Tiresome.

In somewhat keeping with the thread title I nominate nnn as the Tesla forums Master Beta. Appears to be pretty self-serving.

I fell out of my chair!
(also, I second the nomination)

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