Tesla Responsive Dash(board) Web App

I am in the process of creating a responsive dash(board) web app for Tesla owners. I won't be getting mine until Feb/Mar (P8460); however, I wanted to create this thread to get feedback from current and future Tesla owners of feature requests they would like to have on a single web app. I will start it off:

UPDATED with all the requests below as of 2013.01.07 @ 9:56 PM EST

  1. Weather - Desai
  2. Charging station locator - Desai
  3. Insurance integration - Desai
  4. RSS feeds - Desai
  5. Custom widgets - Desai
  6. Service records - steveflaherty
  7. Personal 80A HPWC charging station locator - JayBoy
  8. Social network (personalization, backgrounds, colors, other Tesla owners, etc.) - tashbrook
  9. Novelty widgets - tashbrook
  10. Available (free) charging slots at a charging station - bjm
  11. Flight statuses (TripIt integration?) - paul_villasenor
  12. Sports ticket - JoshG
  13. Stock ticket - JoshG
  14. Twitter feed - JoshG
  15. Sticky notes - JoshG
  16. Clock - goaliemanshark
  17. Instruction manuals - DrTaras
  18. Day/night modes - Desai
  19. Wiki - Ben Goodwin
  20. Calendar sync - patrick.meier
  21. Synthetic engine rev sound - Steve Proteau

I have created a signup/landing page for users who are interested:

Looking forward to the feedback!

DanD, no. Just a web browser.
("private", i.e., owners and reservation holders only)

I have created a signup/landing page for users who are interested:

@patrick.meier: I will see if I can setup integration for schedules using Exchange. However, until Tesla releases their API/SDK for the integration into the navigation - the automated routing will not be possible. What I mean by this is that I can probable create a listing of your schedule based on your Exchange account. However, you wont' be able to click on it to route to it. You may have to copy it and paste it manually until API/SDK integration is available.

@DanD: You are right - As Volker.Berlin noted too that Tesla hasn't released any API/SDK. I think this wont' be released until much, much later.

Just received a request to create a custom private app for a business. If anyone else has any requests for private apps - please post your requests on here as well or email

Best feature would be a synthetic engine rev sound through the speakers controlled by the steering wheel buttons. Just to mess with people.

Ooh! Could you make power folding mirrors too?

@Steve: Currently without the SDK we can't have the steering controls do anything. However, it can be done as a button in the web app.

@DouglasR: I am assuming you are being sarcastic from Steve's statement; but if they include this in the SDK - I will be sure to include it ☻

Desai: do you have an ETA?

@desai : was this all a joke? Any ETA?

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