Vote for Model S at Motor Trend Website

We are about to take the lead over the Honda Accord.


Put 'em in front!

Good Job guys, we are right now at 29,74%. 9% in front of the Honda Accord

30% vs. 21% now; obviously superior acceleration!!

BTW, Coda has 1 vote. At the moment, MS has 494.

Here's the Coda cockpit:

Oops, missed the "=" symbol:

34% vs 19%

35.4 to 16.3, 2258 votes.
The results display is messed up for the top few, but ATS seems to have almost as many as the Accord.

36.25 vs. 15.32, 2455 votes. Above is wrong; ATS is around 6.

Voted! Go Tesla.

The Model S is so far out in front that I have to believe it is getting votes from people not connected to the TM and TMC forums (that is assuming that the site has some form of protection against people voting multiple times). It would be sweet to see this car capture the popular imagination.

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