What would your headline be if you wrote the first national magazine article about Model S?

Here's One:

Out of Gas: Tesla's Model S Changes Cars Forever

Tesla Motors: To Automakers "Charge"

Its here: Tesla's Visionary Car Delivers Today

"There's a new sheriff in town"

Turn On Your Engines Motors!

Hello, Future!

Tesla Model S 2013 Car of the Year

Tesla's Model S—Electrifying!

Shocking news: electric cars aren't all golf carts

Are gasoline cars now obsolete?

Gas? What gas?

First Tesla Model S charges off the production line

Tesla Model S: Leading the charge into the future

Tesla Model S: It's Electric!

Electricity with Style: Tesla's Model S

Passing Gas: In a Model S you'll be doing it all the time!

Gas is going out of style: Meet the Model S

@MandL: LOL!

Future S-Class on the road NOW!


Back to future - electric Ssssssssss

Super Silent Superior Speedy Sedan
hits the road!

Forget about Panamera!

Go Green, Go the distance, in Style.

"A dingo ate my baby!"


Car of the future here today: Model S

Ride to the future in the new Model S.

Tomorrow's Car Today!

I think these guys are on to something

The Big Three Auto Makers are Nervous

We all seen it coming, but only one company stepped forward

Tesla Model S road test: kills it and silences the ultimate driving machine.

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