What IS this?

Something is happening.... I have become ridiculous! I am 55 years old and acting like a teenager in love! Completely distracted, obsessed! I have a nice, sweet Acura that very comfortable, gets me everywhere I need to go, occasionally high maintenance, but loyal and reliable. A couple of weeks ago, I started somewhat idly looking at new cars. Then I saw the Tesla Model S, and was immediately "smitten!" I like nice cars, but I have never been a "car guy," never been passionate like this about a car! Since that time it gets worse every day! I find myself daydreaming, like the kid who is in love with that girl that he knows is "too good for him," just beyond his reach. I can't spend this much on a car! (My lust is for nothing less that the S performance 85, loaded) But I can't help myself! I have read every article and review, seen every video. Yesterday, on my way home from work, all I could think of was Model S! I get home and I can't wait to get online and see pictures and videos of her! She is so gorgeous! And I just can't help but imagine what she would be like in my hands, if she were mine, what she is capable of! What seduction! I can't even look at any other car anymore! She is all I want! I can't get her out of my mind! Help!

@imherkimer: Yes, I think you nailed the problem. Currently there is a string of 70 amp stations along the west coast from Vancouver BC to San Diego. I have twin chargers, and was able to borrow a Roadster-to-S adapter for a drive from Seattle to the SF Bay Area. Still, it took two days at about 12 hours per day to make the 800 mile trip. That's about eight hours of slow driving and four hours of charging (it would have taken at least three days, maybe four, if I had to charge at 30-40 amps). Even if you have the time for a leisurely trip, it's boring to hang around waiting for your car to charge. Thus the key is finding places to charge where you have something to do: eat a meal, take a hike, visit a friend, or best of all, sleep. When superchargers are installed, it will be more like what you are accustomed to. Until then, it's a different kind of travel.

By the way, I made the round trip Seattle to SF without spending a penny on electricity, so it does pay to plan ahead. Also, your 426 miles from Sheridan to Denver will likely take more than 11 hours. Your driving will be slower because that will improve your range, and driving fast will actually take more time if you count the charging. And your charging will also be slower, since even on a 14-50 outlet, you will probably not get more than about 25 rated miles per hour of charge.

Long road trips will be slower for a few years, until the supercharger network is built out. But as I said in my earlier post, I didn't expect long road trips at all when I first ordered the car. So for me, even slow road trips give me a benefit I never bargained for.

I haven't gotten to drive any kind of road, as yet, in the Model S.
So I am grateful for your sharing your experience.

So far from the perspective of this newbie:

I already knew that the experience of driving a well engineered electric car is just really different, and is some ways clearly superior to that of any ICE.

In one way, at this point in time, it is clearly not, and that is in the time of "refueling," since the gasoline infrastructure is in place just about everywhere, whereas access to fast charging is not.

But building out the vast number of gas stations over the decades, when you think about it, represented an enormous expenditure in money, materials, and man-hours. Building out the charging stations by comparison is cheap and quick and easy! And installing 250v 40a charging points in public locations from existing electrical infrastructure is, by comparison, awesomely simple, quick and, in many cases may require only one qualified electrician!

It made sense to build a gas station and profit not only on the sale of gas, but in the early days, also servicing the vehicle, and nowadays by selling drinks and hot dogs and cigarettes and stuff. And its big competition for "location, location, location" so that the real estate cost of petrol stations is often also quite significant. A charge point only takes up a parking space at an existing location.

Electricity, on the other hand is nearly everywhere already.
And the simple business incentive to attract customers by having a charging station at your restaurant, hotel, retail business, office complex and so on, will soon be seen as a cost-effective way to get exposure, get on the maps and the apps, and bring traffic (and in the case of Model S owners, already a demographic with a proven ability to spend some money!)It seems to me a nearly irresistible dynamic!

On another note: just overnight, the message on the wall in "My Garage" went from "Your order has been submitted to the Tesla factory." to "The Tesla Factory is building your Model S." My heart skipped a beat!

This is such a strange car buying experience! Suddenly I am rethinking everything! "Did I get the wrong color? the wrong options?" The obsession takes on new dimensions! Wondering! What is this wonder-car going to look like, feel like? Its like a pregnancy! (You can wait to tell everybody, but pretty soon its going to obvious!) I feel like my S has been conceived and is now being born somewhere in California as I write this!
Never have I purchased anything in this way in my life! Even the old "build your own computer online" model, when it first came out, didn't GRAB me like this has.

Buying the model S taps into so many different things on varying levels its astonishing. It IS disruptive, and I find the way in which it is disruptive to be thrilling. No purchase of a "consumer item" has ever been like this for me.

Also the buying experience so far has indirectly drawn a bright line under all those reasons that negotiating purchase of a car in recent years has been onerous and I have avoided it!

This IS changing the world! I can see that I am not the only one who has that sense.

I find this a fascinating phenomenon to witness and to be a part of. Whatever else it is Tesla is visionary, brilliant, inspiring and challenging on so many levels.

No car will be perfect to everyone, and every mechanical construction, every machine made will be prone to have issues from time to time, and require some diligence and maintenance. I expect some occasional challenges and problems. See how Tesla handles it.
I am amazed and in awe of their boldness and willingness to put so much on the line to make this happen.

Tesla strives to re-engineer the whole process of purchase, ownership and maintenance, while designing and manufacturing from the ground up, a whole new and absolutely peerless automobile! For me it inspires, awe, and respect!

Its a human world, and people are complicated and difficult to please sometimes, also full of rivalry and intrigue! Effective human organization is always a mix of art and science, there will always be mistakes and setbacks and personnel issues!

As for Telsa's "experiment," lets see how they do! I for one will hope that reflections and criticism on these forums will be helpful. (What other car company does this?) Whatever way I can I would like to "help" in the revolution that Tesla is inspiring.

Seems to me so far that Tesla has been spectacular.
(BTW that does not say PERFECT)

There are some interesting dynamics at play, but looks to me like the "momentum" can only grow, and quickly!


Your reflection is truly insightful and, apparently, more prevalent than I originally realized.

It brings to mind that song from Wicked (with apologies to Steven Schwartz):

What is this feeling so sudden and new?
I felt the moment I laid eyes on you.
My pulse is rushing
my head is reeling
my face is flushing
What is this feeling, fervid as a flame?
Does it have a name? Yessssss,
Tesla! Unadulterated Tesla!
For your screen
your speed
your handling
Let's just say I love it all.
Every little pick-up in the pace
Puts a silly smile upon my face
And I will be driving, driving you my whole life long!

4 months in and the feeling doesn't go away. I think about the car hundreds of times each day, and will make any excuse to go drive. Want me to run a mundane chore that I used to try to get out of--no problem!

Find a way to buy the car. You won't regret it.

My spouse confronted me yesterday because there was 100 extra miles on the car. It was sunny out and... and...

My car's mileage was never monitored before. I hope this battery performance and charging curiosity passes soon.

@Captain_Zap - She doesn't have the smartphone app yet, does she? Cuz if she does....

I switch the app off. ;-)

You do indeed have some serious problems and need help. Your attachment to material objects should be directed human interaction. I saw a show on TLC with some guy sleeping with a stop sign. Maybe you guys can form a AA group and he can be your stop and you will be were he go...

Poet S!
Pro Se!

Haven't seen a white MS around Sheridan yet, but I did see a darker one on Brinton Rd. I'm kind of shocked Tesla showed up here so fast seeing as Hammer Chevrolet couldn't sell one Volt in over a year! Hope you're enjoying your ride--I'm thinking about pulling the trigger as well. Your description of obsession could have easily been my own words.


LOVE reading this thread! Love the honestly of emotion. The 3/26 post echoed many of my thoughts! You're out driving & to busy to post aren't you......we know. :-)))

This car by itself is just amazing, but to combine it with the revolutionary path we travel on as the pioneering first owners takes things to a new intoxicating place that is just hard to describe, and I've enjoyed as many of you try to put it into words!!

The Nexus from the Star Trek movie comes to mind......

Wife of ppape.

Hey Bighorn! Nice! We must be neighbors!
And, since I live on Brinton Road,
yes, likely mine is the S you've seen on Brinton Road.
Have you driven one yet?
my email:

and ppape, thanks! And I so agree, more that just an amazing car, Tesla S is a revolutionary, opening the way for others to come in the future.

I know I haven't been back to this thread for awhile, so in the spirit of an update: after agonizing over choices a bit, ended up switching colors, upgraded to the tech package, and submitted my order mid April..... on May 10 I got an email saying the factory would complete my car on May 10! Delivery button and 6 days later it was coming off a very large truck in the middle of Big Horn, a very small town. Wow, after waiting, it seemed to arrive quite quickly!

And now, oh my, my, this most amazing car has arrived, and it has been flawless! I pinch myself. Everyday, every little drive to do whatever is amazing! Every day I enjoy it more. Acceleration is fun, yes, and it goes fast, but I find that going slow it is just the best! No need to hurry, got to make this last! The ride is so incomparable, the sound is very nice, the handling just ultra-responsive, every part of the car is quiet, smooth and able. One pedal driving is something so different, very relaxing, definitely gives a kind of "zen" feeling after awhile because its just so responsive to everything you want or need. Makes you want to just keep driving!

Yes, its true, I am visiting these forums less frequently. I have been out honey-moonin' around in my S, taking some long leisurely back roads in the springtime here in the Bighorn Mountains area. Can't get enough of it! With a Model S, driving is just dreamy!

The Tesla "syndrome" hasn't gotten any less!
As so many posters have commented here, it just grows stronger when you get the car!

It's some kind of magic carpet ride to Cloud 9.
Whew. Best. Car. Ever.

@GettingOldFast, Hey "Fast", Captain_Zap is the she in that family. She was referring to her husband. She's so funny with so many of her comments.

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